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List of my fanfic

Master list of my fanfic. For now, almost all are SG-1, though there are a few crossovers with SGA, Teen Wolf (and slightly Star Trek: TOS), and NCIS. In addition there are a few Teen Wolf fics. No pairings except where noted.

[ Stargate SG-1 (+ crossovers) | Teenwolf (+ crossovers) ]

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TITLE: Alone
RATING: PG-13 or R (for some gore)
CATEGORY: Apocafic, drama
WARNINGS: Lots of major and minor character deaths. Violence. Some amount of gore. Description of less-than pleasant human-to-alien transformations.
SUMMARY: Sam wakes up in the infirmary with no memory of what has happened. She finds the corridors and rooms of the base empty, and she fears no one else is left alive at the SGC. She will soon learn something that makes her wish that had been the case.
CHARACTERS: Sam, Jolinar, Teal'c
PROMPT: Sam. She wakes up in sickbay after some injury that left her unconscious for a couple days. She finds the SGC is completely empty, with no signs of fighting.
NOTES: Takes place early season 2, shortly after "In the Line of Duty" - maybe just under a week after. In this AU, Sam has been unconscious after the attack by the ashrak.

Written for Apocalypse Kree! 2016 on Livejournal.

1. Awakening


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Fanfic, Stargate SG-1, Together, PG-13

Title: Together
Characters: Sam, Jolinar
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jolinar survived in Sam, and they have been prisoners of the NID for many months. When the opportunity to escape finally comes, the planet is under attack by Sokar.
Season: late season 2. Perhaps March 1999.
Category: Drama, apocafic
Prompt: Jolinar|Sam, they were prisoners of the NID when the Goa'uld attacked
Notes: Tok'ra I&II did not happen since Sam|Jolinar was prisoners of the NID. Various other episodes happened differently, and Sokar decided to attack Earth. Sam|Jolinar have been prisoners of the NID for 8-9 months.

Written for Apocalypse Kree! 2016 on Livejournal.

Warning: This story is completely open ended! I may or may not continue it, but for now it is just the beginnings of a what-if.


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My fanworks, 2016

Links go mainly to AO3, and sometimes to DW and/or LJ. Way most are Stargate SG-1, with one of them being a crossover with NCIS, and three being Teen Wolf fics thrown into the mix. There are also a link to screencaps (even if that isn't fanworks).

I notice that almost everything I've written during 2016 has been for a challenge or gift exchange of some kind. I have a number of WIPs that I have barely worked on, so I will attempt to do this differently in 2017 - more fic that isn't linked to challenges. On the other hand the gift exchanges have helped me write things I wouldn't have written otherwise, including for kinks, tropes, and pairings that aren't mine. This has been quite educational and sometimes difficult, but I think it has helped me to write better (or so I hope).

I also notice that most I have written is smut, and there has not been so many long, plotty fics, which I am actually feeling like writing right now. So maybe a better mix between PWP smut and long plotty fic in 2017 (at least I am trying for that). Of course, the main reason I  haven't written long fics is that I have had a lot to do at work/worked longer hours, and that isn't changing, so we'll see how it goes :)

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Tok'ra writing fanfic

Currently, [personal profile] ratcreature  is offering drawbles (a drabble-like drawing), inspired by your interests. Go take a look at the ones made thus far - they are amazing! 

I got this one from Tok'ra + writing fanfic:

That's just fantastic!

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