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List of my fanfic

Master list of my fanfic. For now, almost all are SG-1, though there are a few crossovers with SGA, Teen Wolf (and slightly Star Trek: TOS), and NCIS. In addition there are a few Teen Wolf fics. No pairings except where noted.

[ Stargate SG-1 (+ crossovers) | Teenwolf (+ crossovers) ]

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I am trying to find a fic I read several years ago. It is a crossover between Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5, and Star Trek: TNG (I think, since Picard is in it). No other fandoms as far as I know.

It is fairly long, and gen as far as I remember.

What else I remember from the fic:

  • The Vorlons are in it. I believe they somehow help our heroes from Star Trek/Stargate get home

  • Enterprise-D beams up some symbiotes the away team has found in a lake. They are Tok'ra symbiotes. They get hosts on the ship (volunteers)

  • The Stargates are in the same universe as Star Trek takes place in, but they go to the Babylon 5 universe through some gateway

  • The SG-1 team is there, as are a few of the named Tok'ra (Jacob/Selmak, Martouf/Lantash, Freya/Anise)

  • I think the Goa'uld have come through the gateway to the Babylon 5 universe first and are working together with President Clarke's people. He and several of the military leaders from Earth are now Goa'uld.

  • Enterprise-D is a much more powerful ship than anything they have in the Babylon 5 universe (as are the Goa'uld ha'taks)

Apocalypse Kree! 2017 Prompt-a-thon is on!

Apocalypse Kree! - Prompt-a-thon for apocafics (and other apocalyptic fanworks) in the Stargate universe (SG-1, SGA, SGU).


November 13th - November 25th: Prompts may be submitted.
November 26th-ish: Prompt claiming begins.
January 15th: Prompt claiming closes.
January 16th to 31st: Works can be posted during this period.

Go leave prompts here: DW | LJ

Apocalypse Kree! 2017 ????? VOTE!

Prompt-a-thon for apocafics (and other fanworks) in the Stargate universe (SG-1, SGA, SGU).

Poll to check for interest in a new round. Come on, guys! You know you want to!

Go here to vote on: Livejournal  or Dreamwidth

Like the first Golden Oldies round, this round will follow the rules of a normal Porn Battle, but, instead of piling up a new stack of prompts, we will be drawing from the prompt lists for all previous rounds. So! If you have ideas from old rounds that you want to exercise, or if you want to take a fresh look at an old fandom, this is the time. Here are the dates:

Posting Starts: Friday, June 23 (22:30 EDT)
Posting Stops: July 7 (21:30 EDT)

It's only on Dreamwidth, but posting can be done with OpenID too. See the FAQ for this and other questions.

Go here to look at the prompts:
Golden Oldies
Prompt Stack 1
Prompt Stack 2

Go here to post fills: pbam.dreamwidth.org/11198.html

There is also an AO3 collection for this.

Icons, Stargate SG-1, Show and Tell

Total Icon Count: 102 (Various characters)

As always, if anyone want any of them, including for use as stock, they are more than welcome to take any/all they want. No credit needed, but please no hot-linking!

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