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Title: Unwelcome Surprises
Author: roeskva
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Sam/Martouf/Lantash
Warnings: lots of minor character deaths implied
Word Count: 6895
Notes: Written for Apocalyse Kree on Livejournal
Prompt: 110. Martouf/Lantash, any, helping with the evacuation of the few surviving Tau'ri
Summary: Apophis is attacking Earth, and SG-1 is trapped in a room in one of the lowest floors of the SGC. Martouf and Lantash are there with them. Sam is unconscious from exposure to a gas Apophis has released on the base.
Season: Third season, around “Maternal Instinct”, perhaps just before, since the Tok’ra have just learned Apophis survived.
Notes: In “Jolinar’s Memories”/”The Devil You Know”, Apophis has extraordinary much information about O’Neill, Sam, Martouf/Lantash, Daniel and their lives. How did he get his hands on all this information? I am going to assume the Goa’uld had/has a spy at Stargate Command, who had reported this. In this story, this spy continued reporting to Apophis, and he used this information when he attacked Earth again, this time with the fleet he had gotten from Sokar. It might enable him to get past the iris (spy opens or does so it responds to a code Apophis sends), and/or help him know how to get to the ventilation systems or various entrances of Stargate Command, for instance.  

* denotes host/symbiote internal communication

There was a knock at the door, and O’Neill opened it a crack, holding his weapon at the ready. Teal’c stood beside him, prepared to fire as well.

“I got the... self-destruct... activated. Set it... to... we have... twenty... nine minutes, and... thirty seconds left... to get out...” Sam managed, then collapsed, unconscious.

O’Neill tried to catch her as she fell. “Dammit, Carter!”

“Samantha!” Martouf exclaimed, and immediately stopped what he was doing, and hurried toward Sam. He suddenly froze, recognizing the smell coming from outside the room. “Get her inside and then shut the door. Immediately!”  

Teal’c grabbed Sam and pulled her inside, as O’Neill hurriedly shut the door, holding his breath as much as possible, to avoid the noxious fumes that were seeping in from the corridor. He bolted the door, and turned to see Daniel gently shaking Sam, who was unresponsive.

“How is she?” He frowned, looking at Martouf.

“Let me look at her,” Martouf urged, kneeling beside Sam with a very worried expression on his face.

Daniel moved aside, letting the Tok’ra check on his team mate. Martouf took out his healing device, and used it to scan Sam.

“Teal’c - since we can’t get out this way, go see if you can do anything about that door, we need to get out of here, and fast,” O’Neill said, indicating the door at the opposite side of the room, then turned to Martouf. “Well? How is she?” He asked, a few moments later, when Martouf allowed the healing device to turn off.

“She has several minor injuries, which I would prefer to treat immediately. However, we have little time, and they are not life threatening. The gas, however, is a concern.”

“The stuff that’s in the corridor? What is it?” O’Neill wanted to know. “You recognized the smell?”

“What will it do to her?” Daniel asked. “It won’t kill her, will it?”

“It is Kek’Shree’ac - death mist. A gas which, in rare instances, are used by the Goa’uld during attacks. It will cause the victims to fall into a deep, death-like sleep. It kills in 80% of the cases, but there are no lasting ill effects, if the victim survives, though it may take as long as a couple week before they are completely restored to health,” Martouf explained, his expression tense, drawn. He took a small bottle from his belt and uncapped it, pouring some of it into Sam’s mouth and making her drink it. She swallowed, then coughed, but did not wake up.

“What did you give her?” O’Neill demanded. “An antidote?”

Martouf shook his head. “Unfortunately, none exists. What I gave her is called ta’el shel’mel. It is a drug meant to help you regain your strength and recuperate faster."

O‘Neill looked suspicious. “It’s meant to be used on snakes, right? Does it even work on humans?”

Martouf sighed, as he held his hand above Sam’s head, evaluating her energy signature, like the Tok’ra did on each other. "Yes, it is intended for Tok'ra, of course. To help the symbiote so it can better heal itself and its host, if they are in a bad shape and cannot easily get help from someone with a healing device, for example. Or, as if in this case, if they have been poisoned and need the strength to filter it out.”

"But it works on humans too?"

"It should not harm a human, at least. Lantash believes it should help Samantha." Martouf put on the healing device again, and activated it. He began healing some of the several bruises and other minor injuries Sam had.  

“Because of the changes to her body chemistry made by Jolinar - and the naquadah, and... stuff,” Daniel said.

Martouf nodded. “Yes.”

“Will the gas affect the rest of us? I mean, we got some of it in here, when the door was open,” O’Neill said.

“It is too diluted to be much of a concern. It may cause minor annoyances, like headache, nausea, and dizziness, but I do not believe it should cause prolonged troubles,” Martouf assured the others.

“How much time left until this place blows?” O’Neill asked, worried.

“Just over twenty six minutes,” Daniel told him.

They heard a loud noise, followed by electric crackling, and turned to look.

“I have opened the door,” Teal’c informed them.

They saw that Teal’c had indeed gotten the door open. Teal’c had given up on trying to short-circuit the electronic lock, if he had even attempted it, and merely ripped out the whole keypad, which had luckily unlocked the door.

Nice!” O’Neill smiled. “Okay, let’s go!”

Martouf had quickly clipped the healing device back on his belt, and now scooped up Sam, following the others, as they hurried from the room and ran towards the cargo elevator.

The corridor outside the normal elevator had collapsed from an explosion earlier that day, when some Jaffa had breached their defences. That meant the only way up was either the stairs, the access shaft, or the cargo elevator. The way to the stairs went through the corridors that were flooded by the poison gas, but as luck would have it, they had closed several blast doors during the earlier fight with the Jaffa, and that now meant the piece of corridor near the cargo elevator was cut off, with the only access through the room they had just left.

The access shaft was their last resort - the thought of climbing up a ladder from this, the 26th level, was not something any of them relished.

The Jaffa attack earlier that day had been fought back, but it had cost dearly, and many of the defenders had been killed.

There was still fighting go on in between the Jaffa and the soldiers from Cheyenne Mountain, but it was on the higher levels. The Jaffa kept coming, and it had soon become very clear it was only a matter of time before the humans had lost.

An explosion in the gateroom had meant the Stargate was currently inaccessible, though since the enemy had kept re-opening wormholes every time they shut down, that had not been a possible escape route anyway. With Apophis in the process of conquering Earth, and with his Jaffa fighting their way down through the defences of Cheyenne Mountain, it was clear the people from the SGC were trapped.

In a last, desperate attempt to at least make life difficult for Apophis, and to stop the Goa’uld from getting his hands on secret information - for instance, about the Alpha site - SG-1 had volunteered to attempt to reach the control room, where the automated self-destruct were. As well, they would try to get to a storage room on level 26, which contained several ancient alien tablets, which would hopefully lead them to weapons that could be used against the Goa’uld.

In addition, they would be picking up the Tollan communicator they had gotten from the Tok’ra. With no possibility of using the Stargate to go offworld, they would need to hitch a ride on a spaceship, and the Tok’ra were the only ones of those with access to spaceflight, who might agree to help.

On the twelfth floor, they got off the cargo elevator, and switched to the other one, which serviced the levels 1 through 12. They saw no Jaffa in the area, but they did not dare go to the normal elevators, or moving around on the level too much, since they feared being discovered. It was very likely the Jaffa had retaken this level.

The elevator ran smoothly - if slower than they would have preferred - for some time.

“Crap!” O’Neill exclaimed, as the light suddenly went out and the elevator ground to a halt.

“What floor are we on?” Daniel wondered. “Unless we’re between floors, which would be unfortunate.”

“Seventh.” Teal’c observed, just as the emergency light came on. The cargo elevator did not move, though.

“Well, that’s not too bad, I guess. We can take the stairs the rest of the way,” Daniel said. “Oh, and we’re down to just under twenty two minutes.”

Teal’c and O’Neill forced the elevator doors open, and they nervously peeked outside.

“No gas - and no Jaffa.” O’Neill stepped outside, holding his weapon at the ready. Seeing nothing dangerous, he lead the way through the corridors, then pointed to a door. “Stairs.” He opened the door, only to find the staircase full of the poisonous gas. He coughed and quickly closed the door. “Not the stairs.”

“Perhaps the access shaft Samantha used to escape during your recent foothold situation?” Martouf suggested. “The same one which I entered through today.”

“Of course! It’s just around the corner!” O’Neill raced in that direction, and the others followed.

They forced back the bolts that kept the hatch closed, as quickly as possible, then opened the door to the access shaft.

Daniel stuck his head in and looked up, then down. Shuddering, he pulled his head back. “Uh, is that the only way out?”

The power returned to the floor, just as they had the hatch open, and normal light came back.

“Typical! Just as we managed to get that thing opened!” O’Neill grumbled.

“Well, that’s great! Now we don’t have to go up the ladders, do we?” Daniel asked, looking relieved.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of the elevator arriving, and the doors opening. The elevator was located a little down the corridor, and around the corner, maybe 30-35 feet away.

“Jaffa!” Martouf said in a low voice, sensing the energy signatures before their enemy was even out in the corridor. He put Sam down on the floor, quickly, but gently, and pulled his hand device from the small bag hanging from his belt. He immediately began putting it on.

O’Neill, Teal’c, and Daniel took position with their weapons, while Martouf gave Lantash control. He raised his hand with the ribbon device on, just as the Jaffa turned the corner.

It was a group of eight Jaffa, holding their staff weapons ready to fire. However, before either they, or the humans had time to shoot, Lantash sent off a shockwave from his hand device, pushing the nearest Jaffa back hard, and against those behind them, making them stumble and fall. They did not have time to recover before he shot out a more powerful blast, which sent the Jaffa flying, hitting the walls or each other. Most of them stayed down, but he gave them another shockwave, just for good measure, and to make sure their enemies did not pursue them.

The light went out again in the corridor, before O’Neill and the others could start for the elevator, and they just shrugged and headed back towards the open hatch, as the emergency light returned.

O’Neill stopped and turned to look at Lantash, who was kneeling beside Sam, holding his hand over her head, checking on her energy signature. He looked concerned, and thinking no one was watching, he gently caressed her cheek.

“How is she doing?” O’Neill asked, softly, deciding not to comment on the other man’s obvious display of affection.

“No change. I had hoped she would have regained consciousness by now, at least for a moment, though I suppose that was too optimistic. It has not even been fifteen minutes since she became unconscious, and it normally takes several hours for a human to wake up... if they wake up.” Lantash sighed.  

“She’ll wake up - Carter doesn’t just give up like that,” O’Neill said, as much to convince himself, as Lantash.

Suddenly, they heard something... or rather someone.

“It came from behind that door,” Lantash whispered, nodding in the direction.

“I agree,” O’Neill said, pulling out his weapon again.

“Let me go first,” Teal’c insisted, taking several long steps and reaching the door before either of the others had time to react.

“Wait!” O’Neill ordered, as Teal’c ripped open the door. “Damn!

“It is all right, O’Neill. They are friends.” Teal’c told him, stepping aside to let those inside come out of the room.

“Pierce, Coburn,... Griff,” O’Neill greeted the men now standing by the door, looking very relieved. “It’s good to see you guys!”

“Thanks, Colonel” Pierce grinned, then knocked on one of the other doors. “You can come out now - it’s just SG-1 scaring the crap out of us!”

“Well, it wasn’t just us to begin with,” O’Neill told them. “A bunch of Jaffa attacked us - and regretted it, though not for long.” He smiled as the door opened and SG-5 came out, followed by two other Stargate teams, then Siler - and then Janet.

“It’s safe?” Jenkins asked.

“Yup. Totally. Well, mostly,” O’Neill promised.

“What happened to Major Carter?” Janet demanded, hurrying over and kneeling beside Sam, who was half-lying against the wall.  

“She inhaled Kek’’Shree’ac - death mist,” Lantash said, giving Sam a concerned look.

“Goa’uld poison gas,” Daniel translated. “Listen we need to move, guys - auto-destruct, remember?”

“Right - we can get you up to speed later. This place is about to blow,” O’Neill added.

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