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Christmas/advent calendar 2012 - Day 10

Anise suddenly smiled, then grabbed a fairly large, egg-shaped object with both hands, and carefully moved it from the shelf to a table. "Yes! Look at what I have found!"

"I remember that one! We found it on P2X-924!" Sam said, excitedly. "Like, 3... or maybe 4 years ago! We never figured out what it was! I thought it had been sent to Area 51!"

"It's a Ta'Shri Voc," Lantash told them. "That's... it translates to 'sleep gas bomb', I suppose. It must be an old one. I have a vague memory of Ra using them, a long time ago. They'll easily spread gas over an entire village - or a fairly large army."

"That's horrible - and also awesome!" Sam said.

"Why don't the Goa'uld use them all the time?" Daniel wondered.

"The gas does not work on Jaffa - or Goa'uld, for that matter - so it is of little use. Human armies are rare, and not considered worthy of wasting resources like this on. I think Ra made them after humans rebelled. On Earth. They've not been used much since," Lantash explained.

"We couldn't get it open. That's lucky, I guess!" Sam realized.

"Very. The gas would have put many people on the base to sleep. All, if it spread fully. It would have kept you asleep for many hours."

"Do you know how to activate it?"

"Yes, you also need naquadah in your blood to do so. And know how to control it."

"Okay. So we get it into the ventilation somehow... and then knock out everyone," Sam said.

"Including Sam and me, right?" Daniel looked worried.

"Yes, including the two of you," Lantash confirmed.

"Is there some sort of, uh, anti-dote, maybe?" Sam wondered.

"I don't know. Probably?" Lantash looked at Anise.

"I am sure Tok'ra scientists can make one. With ac-cess to a la-boratory and e-quip-ment," Anise said, with confidence.

"So we have to wait for the sleep drug to stop working? Or contact the Tok'ra. That's not good!" Sam exclaimed.

"Do you have a better plan? I assure you, we can do this!" Lantash insisted.

"What's your plan pre-cisely?" Daniel wondered.

"Take that Ta'Shri Voc and get the gas in it into the air... the venti-lation system, right? There's a way to do that, isn't there?" Lantash asked.

"Yes... there's an air pro-cessing plant on level 10. We'll just crack that thing into it, and that should do it," Sam said, slowly.

"Okay! Then we wait until people have started falling asleep and go knock out Heqet..."

"It's probably not a good idea to wait - she'll get suspicious when people start falling asleep and hole up somewhere." Sam argued.

Lantash thought about it for a moment, then nodded. "Martouf and I agree. So... we go immediately to find out where Heqet is. So when the guards near her starts falling asleep, we hit her."

"How? Killing her is not good - think of the poor host!" Daniel exclaimed.

"A zat'nik'tel, then. It should keep her un-conscious for long enough that we can tie her up," Lantash said. "Then we go to the control room and dial the Tok'ra base where Jacob is... and we'll get some to come here and help."

"Wait - you need to use the..." Sam wrinkled her brow as she tried to think of the word. "Palm scanner... reader... thingie. And only those who are on the permitted list can open a wormhole. Oh, and there's the iris."

"Won't there be someone in charge who has... clea-rance?" Anise asked.

"Yes, but he'll be un-conscious, right?" Sam said.

"His palm will still give ac-cess, if we just hold it against the reader, won't it? I saw that in a movie!" Lantash said.

Sam nodded. "You're right. Okay, it might work! I'll tell you guys all I remember about using our dialing com-puter, and opening the iris!"

Surprisingly enough, the children made it to the air processing unit without any problems.

"We will succeed. Don't worry," Martouf assured Sam and Daniel.

Sam nodded. "I believe you. I think... no, I'm sure." She smiled at him.

"What if you can't get a zat and shoot Heqet?" Daniel asked, concerned.

Martouf gave Lantash control.

"We'll get her, somehow. I'm convinced of it!"

"Yes... we will," Anise said, sounding somewhat less than certain.

"Okay... um, good luck, then," Sam told them. Then she suddenly hugged first Lantash, and then Anise, hard.

Daniel did the same, and then they all made a big group-hug, for good luck.

Martouf and Freya rode the elevator down to the level where Landry's office was. Hailey had told Sam that this was where Heqet seemed to have made her head-quarters, so that was what they were counting on.

When they left the elevator, the soldiers they passed looked like they were about to pass out. Both Lantash and Anise had long since detected the drug in their and their hosts systems, and were working on filtering it out and neutralizing any effect from it.

"No one's wearing a zat'nik'tel," Martouf whispered to Freya, as he pulled off his costume's mask, in order to better see his surroundings. "And we don't have access to a weapon's locker. How can we get our hands on one?"

"I do not know..." She stopped, and looked at Martouf, realizing he had sensed it as well. "Heqet. She is in there." Freya nodded towards the door to the General's office.

The door slammed open a few moments later, when Heqet stepped outside and looked directly at Martouf and Freya, then at the guards who were leaning against the wall.

"Are you the ones responsible for this? Kal'ma! That cannot be so!" She glared at the guards, who slid to the floor at that moment, already deeply asleep. "Has'shaks! Shel Kree!" She flashed her eyes, sensing the symbiotes in the children. She shook her head at the odd outfits, clearly not recognizing them as Spiderman and Batgirl. "What is that you are letting your hosts clothe you in?"

Lantash wanted to yell at Heqet, but Martouf admonished him. They did not need to antagonize the Goa'uld further. He looked around for a weapon or something to use, but the guards were too far away. He tried to discreetly move towards them. "I'm just a little kid. Why would you think I'm to blame?"

"Me too. I have not done anything wrong. Why are you angry at us?" Freya sniffled - and threw a circumspect glance at the guards who had slid to the floor. She was much too far away to have a chance of reaching them and their weapons, but Martouf just might.

Heqet laughed shortly. "Oh, I do not think any of you have planned this! At most, one of the females on this base has not been captured, and are using you to distract me. Where is she? Tell me!" She flashed her eyes again, for effect.

"No... I don't know anything about that," Martouf insisted, pretending to be afraid and shrinking back - steadily moving towards the fallen soldiers, and their guns.

"Nothing at all," Freya repeated, hoping to draw Heqet's attention away from Martouf, and towards her instead. "Why do you not like our costumes?"

Heqet ignored the question. "Obey me! You mustbe used to obeying! You are hosts! Soon, your symbiotes will be mature, and you will again have no control of your life!" She laughed evilly. "If you are nice, and tell me where the traitors are hiding, I may decide to give the Goa'ulds inside you other hosts, when they swear their allegiance to me. You could be free, like you are now. How does that sound?"

"Being able to have control is good... but there is something you do not know..." Martouf took a few quick steps towards the weapon lying just beside the nearest soldier. He had almost reached it, when Heqet noticed.

"Kree! Sholva! What are you trying to do? Hm?" She raised her hand with the hand device. "Stop it, immediately, or you will regret it!"

Martouf realized he would not be able to reach any of the weapons before Heqet used her hand device, and immediately released control to Lantash, hoping he would be able to distract Heqet.

"I have no interest in another host. I am quite satisfied with the one I have now... and I will never serve you!" Lantash said.

"How did you get control?" Heqet looked at him with surprise. "You should not be able to take it from your host, if you are as young as they tell me."

"I am truly only four years old... however, Martouf gave me control!" Lantash laughed gleefully. "You don't get it, do you? I'm Tok'ra! That means I've got a willing host! One I happily share control with, and who happily shares with me!" Just then, he happened to touch the small bag that he was carrying, and felt the bearing balls, then smiled, getting an idea.

Heqet looked shocked for a moment, then raised her hand again. "If that insanity is true, I have no use for you as an underlord..."

"Come and get me, then!" Lantash stuck out his tongue at her, causing her to become angry enough to make a run for him instead of using the hand device. He immediately pulled out a handful of the steel balls and threw them on the floor in front of her.

Heqet did not stop to see what he had thrown, and stepped on the balls. The effect was immediate - she lost her footing, and for a few moments, she tried to regain it, as she slid and skidded across the floor, in the direction of the stairs outside the General's office. A few seconds later, she tumbled down the stairs, then hit the floor with a large crash. She made a yelp as she fell, then became quiet as she hit the back of her head against the edge of the lowest step.

"Wow!" Freya said.

"That... was way more effective than I'd have expected!" Lantash just stared down at the unconscious Goa'uld. "Do you think she's dead?"

"No idea. We better check."

They ran down the stairs, and carefully approached Heqet. Freya held her hand over her forehead for a moment, then touched her neck to feel for a pulse.

"Is she alive?" Lantash asked.

"Yes." Freya nodded. "Both host and symbiote. Got a bad hit, though, but I think she will heal."

"We should tie her up - and lock her up somewhere."


After tying up Heqet, and - with some difficulty - dragging her to the elevator, and then further on to a cell where they locked her up, Lantash and Anise proceeded to go to the Stargate operations room.

Walter Harriman was lying on the floor, unconscious. Together, Lantash and Anise managed to lift him up, and place his hand on the palm scanner, so the computer would accept input.

They then dialed the Tok'ra base Jacob was stationed at, and Freya/Anise went through, with Martouf/Lantash staying behind to reopen the iris for her and the Tok'ra that would be arriving with her.

"Looks like you've got things more or less under control here, honeys," Janet said, smiling at Martouf/Lantash and Freya/Anise.

"Mostly." Lantash smiled proudly. "There's still some things we need help with, though," he admitted.

"Like un-drugging all the men from Heqet's stuff and waking up everyone," Freya said.

"And doing something about Heqet," Lantash added.

"Relax, that's why we're here. You've done enough. We'll take care of the rest." Jacob smiled at them.

It only took the Tok'ra a few hours to make an antidote to both Heqet's shri'tah'ista, and to the Goa'uld sleep gas, and soon everyone was awake and themselves again.

The Tok'ra took Heqet - who had by now healed the damage to herself and her host - with them to the Tok'ra base, to see if it would be possible for them to remove the symbiote. Heqet was a queen, and would be much harder to extract without killing the host, than a normal symbiote.

While going through the base, they found that Heqet had had time to start her plan for domination of the galaxy - by choosing Mitchell as her 'pharaoh' and giving birth to a clutch of larvae in a similar hot tub to the one Hathor had once used.

The Tok'ra took the larvae as well - they would likely be Goa'uld, but for now they would serve a purpose, since there were still some Jaffa who were unable to use tretonin, and as Free Jaffa, they had a hard time getting hold of new primtas.

The children had saved the base - and aside from commendations from General Landry, they got a huge cake, as well as permission to each pick any gift they wanted in the toy store! That was a reward which mattered much more to them than any medal ever could!

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