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Christmas/advent calendar 2012 - Day 11

The children were once again confined to base, this time because Ba'al - and a number of clones he had created of himself - had relocated to Earth, and were causing problems. He was probably not interested in the kids, but it was considered safest for them not to leave the base.

The next couple months, Sam, Martouf/Lantash, Daniel, and Freya/Anise spent their time going to school, and playing in their room and the nearby corridors, since the base was on elevated alert most of the time.

It had been fairly boring for the children, and it had not been made better by the fact that all the adults that were usually taking care of them were kept very busy with both Ba'al's antics, and the Ori growing stronger and more dangerous.

It did not look as if things would lighten up anytime soon, and O'Neill came up with an idea - they should make an extra effort to celebrate a fun Halloween with the children, even if they were not allowed outside the base.

"So, what do you want to dress up as for Halloween?" Janet asked, when the children visited her at the Tok'ra base she and Rhiva were currently on.

"I want to be a Roman soldier!" Daniel said immediately.

"I think we can make you such a costume fairly easily, so that's fine." Janet looked at the others. "Anyone else?"

"I want to be a ninja!" Sam exclaimed. "A really cool one with a sword and some of those throwing stars!"

"Shurikens!" Daniel corrected.

"Whatever." Sam shrugged.

"I'd like to dress up as a tiger," Martouf said, then frowned. "But Lantash would like to be a superhero."

"Making a ninja costume won't be too hard, Sam, and I'm sure we can find a toy sword somewhere. Not sure about the shurikens, but we'll think of something. Now, Martouf - and Lantash - why don't we combine those two ideas for your costume?"


"What about a tiger superhero? Or just a superhero that dresses like a tiger?"

"That's ridiculous!" Daniel said, scoffing.

"No it's not, Daniel," Janet admonished. "What do you think of the idea, Martouf?"

"Maybe. Can the costume have both a tail and a cape?"


Martouf discussed it with Lantash for a few moments, then nodded slowly. "Okay. We'll be 'Tigerman - the roaring avenger'."

Janet laughed. "That's a great name! We'll get you a costume, promise!" She turned to Freya/Anise. "What would you like to dress up as?"

"A fairy... or a witch," Freya said, remembering the fantasy books and comic books they had been reading recently. "Or maybe a devil... something that has wings."

"Cute wings or scary wings?" Janet asked.

"Not sure. Can't they be both? Maybe a cute devil with cute wings?"

"Devils aren't normally cute, but we'll see what we can come up with." Janet smiled at her.

"Or maybe a fairy, but only if she can have a tail!"

"Fairies don't have tails!" Daniel told her.

"Why not? My fairy has a tail!" Freya insisted.

"Freya - if you want to be a fairy with a tail, then we'll make such a costume. Okay? I'll talk with Teal'c and Jack, and we'll figure something out for all the costumes," Janet promised.

"Wow, awesome costume!" Martouf exclaimed, holding out the tiger tail, then ran around in a large circle, the cape flapping after him. "Here comes the roooooaring avenger! Tigerman!"

His eyes flashed, as Lantash took, over, and kept running around and jumping up and down, clearly enjoying the costume.

Janet smiled at him, then looked at Sam who was studying the rubber-shurikens they had managed to find for her. "Acceptable?"

She and Rhiva were very happy they had convinced the Tok'ra Council to let them go to the SGC for a couple days, to celebrate Halloween with the children.

Sam nodded slowly. "Yes, yes, it is. Very much so. Thank you."

"My costume is great too!" Freya said, looking very pleased as she studied her wings in the mirror. "Cute."

"I am a most feared centurion!" Daniel told them, waving his sword in the air, which meant it wobbled. He frowned, obviously not happy about that. "I shall conquer the universe and take the best sword I can find!"

"Sounds like you're having fun, guys!" O'Neill said, grinning, as he stepped through the door to their quarters. "Are you ready for some trick-or-treating?"

"Yes! Where are we going?" Daniel asked, eagerly.

"Just around the base - but I suspect there are several who have some candy for you. Wanna go see?" O'Neill looked mysterious.

"Very much!" Sam and Lantash both said, and Freya nodded enthusiastically.

"Don't you need a costume?" Daniel wondered.

"No - you wouldn't want me to look so cool that people give me all the candy, would you?" O'Neill asked, smiling.

Teal'c opened the door to his quarters and looked out at the group of children.

"Trick-or-treat!" Sam, Lantash, Daniel, and Freya yelled at the same time.

"Aren't our costumes awesome?" Sam asked, looking happy.

Teal'c smiled at them all. "You costumes are indeed awe-inspiring. I believe you have come to receive your offerings of sugar-filled edibles."

"Candy, Teal'c!" O'Neill rolled his eyes.

"Indeed, O'Neill. I have more than enough for you as well." He turned to take the large crate that was standing beside the door. "You may each choose as much as you can hold in your hands - twice."


The children all grabbed as much as they could, and stuffed it into the bags they had brought for the candy.

"Did you not wish any candy, O'Neill? Doctor Fraiser? Rhiva, perhaps?"

Janet shook her head, but then got a blank expression, as she talked with her symbiote. She dipped her head, and Rhiva looked up.

"Janet does not wish for any candy, but I would like some."

"Of course. You are quite welcome to it." Teal'c held out the large crate, and Rhiva took a few pieces. "More?"

She smiled. "Yes, please." She took a small handful and put it in her pockets.

Teal'c held the crate out to O'Neill, who had decided not to take any of it. However, seeing that even Rhiva took some, he did not feel the need to hold back.

"Sure, why not? Thanks, T!" He took a handful, then another, and stuffed his pockets, with a slightly embarrassed expression. "So, are you gonna join us? We're going to knock on several more doors today!"

"I do not own a costume, so I do not believe that would be correct."

"Do you see a costume on me or Rhiva? It doesn't matter, Teal'c, people will think it's cool! I mean... who has ever seen a Jaffa go trick-or-treating?"

Teal'c raised an eyebrow, and considered it for a moment. "That is true."

"Just... put on a large towel as a cape, maybe?" Sam suggested.

"And you can wrap a scarf or something around your head or part of your face, to be a bandit - or a ninja!" Lantash said, remembering some of the movies they had watched.

"There's much more to being a ninja than that!" Sam looked self-important. "But you can dress up as a bandit, I guess."

Teal'c nodded. "I believe I shall follow your advice."

"Why don't you all do that? You can be the gang of three... I mean four candy bandits!" Daniel sounded eager. "Please?"

Rhiva grinned. "Janet and I are... game, if you are, General O'Neill."

O'Neill slowly shook his head, looking at her. "You know, I can't have it on me that I'm less willing to loosen up and be fun than a Tok'ra... so I guess, I'll do it!"

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