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Christmas/advent calendar 2012 - Day 15

A few days later, Laira and her son, as well as the rest of the Edorans that had been wounded, were well enough to leave for their new planet.

Sam, Martouf/Lantash, Daniel, and Freya/Anise stayed on the Tok'ra outpost for several more days, before all was deemed safe enough back on Earth for them to go back there.

Jacob/Selmak followed them to Stargate Command, and then went to have a quick word with General Hammond, who was visiting at the moment.

After dropping off their stuff in their rooms, the children returned to the gateroom, to say goodbye to Jacob/Selmak. They also hoped to get to talk to Malek for a little while, before he went back to his Tok'ra base. He had ended up staying for several weeks at Stargate Command, helping to find a cure for the Prior plague.

"What's taking them so long?" Daniel wondered, checking his watch for the fourth time in ten minutes.

"Maybe there are some im-portant busi-ness they must take care off first," Sam guessed.

"There they are!" Martouf was about to run over to Malek and greet him, when Sam grabbed hold of him.

"Wait..." Sam said, studying the adults sceptically.

"Why? He's leaving soon!" Martouf insisted, indignantly.

"It would seem Malek and Janet have something im-portant to discuss," Anise observed.

Malek and Janet had entered the gateroom together, and were now standing close beside each other, talking, seemingly only having eyes for each other.

"Malek seems interested in Janet," Daniel whispered, grinning a little.

"And it would seem Janet shares his interest," Martouf said.

"Let's hope Rhiva does too!" Daniel sounded concerned.

"I am certain she does. Host and symbiote love as one," Martouf told them.

"Love? Come on! They've only spent a couple weeks together! Working clo-sely together..." Sam shook her head. "I think you're right. I just hope Janet and Rhiva doesn't move to the tunnels anytime soon!"

Janet/Rhiva, Malek, and Carolyn Lam had worked hard, and they had finally managed to find a cure for the Prior plague. They had not done it completely alone, though. An Ancient with the name Orlin, had descended to help them, and they probably would not have succeeded without him, at least not in time to save most of the population of Earth.

Orlin had suffered for what he had done, though. He had attempted to hold on to the Ancient knowledge, with his now mortal mind, and that had caused brain damage, and made him forget everything and everyone he had ever known. He had now been placed in a long term care facility, and it was unknown when or even if, he would ever be able to leave it.

Besides helping them find a cure to the Prior plague, Orlin had told them about the Ori, and that the Ori just said they ascended people, but did not really do so. The reason for that was that they needed worship to grow stronger, and if they allowed anyone else to ascend, they would have to share the 'worship energy' with them.

In short, they were lying to their followers.

"I feel... guilty, somehow," Sam said, when she learned what had happened to Orlin.

"Why? It's not your fault, and he did what he could to help us all against the Ori," Martouf reasoned.

"Yes, That's right, but I suspect he did it... partially, for me. I think he was in love with me. From when he was watching me... when I met him... years ago."

"Sam, that may or may not have influenced him. Perhaps he did it because of what he saw, when he observed you, years ago. Maybe he realized it was wrong to let us mere mortals die," Janet said. "That was, perhaps, why he cared, when the rest of the other Ancients seem not to."

Sam nodded, still feeling sad. She remembered Orlin had been sweet and kind, and that she might even have had a crush on him... but nothing more. She always suspected he loved her, though.

"Why isn't Jack here?" Daniel suddenly wondered. "He had promised he'd be here when we came back from the Tok'ra."

"He... um, he went to talk to Laira, as soon as he heard. I think he's feeling guilty - and really wished he had visited her before," Janet explained. "He also just learned he has a son, he didn't know about."

Daniel nodded. "He told me once he considered moving to live with Laira when he retired."

"Well, his life has been pretty busy with the Goa'uld, the replicators, the Ori, and whatever other enemy decided they wanted to attack us, so I suppose he shouldn't be too hard on himself." Janet sighed, knowing it was easier said than done.

O'Neill had visited Laira and her son on the Edorans new planet, and Laira had eventually agreed that she and their son would go with him to stay at Stargate Command for a week, to see how they liked it.

They had now spent a week there, and it was time to go home to 'New Edora', as they had called their new planet.

Sam, Daniel, Martouf/Lantash, and Freya/Anise met O'Neill just after he had said goodbye to Laira and their son, when they went back to 'New Edora'.

"Will they be coming to stay here?" Daniel wondered.

"No - well, not right now, at least," O'Neill said.

"Why not? Laira's not angry at you anymore, is she?" Sam asked.

O'Neill sighed. "No... I don't think so. She seems to have forgiven me, mostly." He added in a low voice, "Not that I deserve it..."

"Why not, then?"

"She doesn't much like it here - and she doesn't feel it's a safe place to raise a kid. I guess I can't blame her. She's not going to be allowed outside the base much either." O'Neill said.

"So - are you going to live with them?" Daniel asked, worried.

"Maybe. Eventually, whenever I retire - and that won't be until Earth is safe from the current group of bad guys. I'll probably go live with them then, yeah. For now, I'm going to do as Teal'c did with his family - visit them whenever I have a holiday. And don't worry, I won't forget you. I'll spend half the time with you, and half with them," O'Neill promised. "Okay?"

"That was the unscheduled, off-world alert!" Sam observed, looking up from the puzzle they were doing together.

"You know they don't want us to go check what's going on. They never do. They say it's too dan-gerous for us, remember?" Martouf reminded her.

"We saved them when Heqet had drugged them!" Daniel observed. "They can't complain too much."

"I think they've forgotten about that," Martouf grumbled.

"If you are all going to go find out if someone is attacking the station, can I have the rest of the candy?" Anise wondered, innocently.

They had a whole bowl of candy standing between them, that Hailey had brought them earlier. She had a cousin who worked in a candy store, and he could get candy at a cheaper price.

"I wasn't saying I was going anywhere!" Sam insisted.

"No, they'll come and tell us if they need us... and if we hear nothing for a couple hours, we'll go check on them. See if they're okay," Daniel agreed.

"Okay." Martouf shrugged. "Has any of you found a puzzle piece that's green in one side, and beige otherwise? It's a bit oddly shaped..."

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