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Christmas/advent calendar 2012 - Day 16

"They've been here for a couple days, and there's still no way to send them home," Janet explained to the children.

"There's really copies of us visiting?" Daniel gaped at her. "From another universe? For real?"

"From several universes... or realities, in fact," Janet said.

"Wow! I went to another universe once!" Daniel reminded them.

"Copies? Of all of us?" Anise asked.

"And there's no en-tropic cas... cas-cade failure?" Sam wondered.

"All of you expect Anise and Freya. The guests... they're all people who are on SG-1 teams, and you're apparently not on that in any of the universes... that we've had anyone come through from, at least. The Sams tell me there's an infinite number of universes, with infinite possibilities, so I'm sure you're on SG-1 in some of them," Janet reassured her.

"The en-tropic cas-cade failure?" Sam repeated.

Janet shook her head. "No, I've been told no one is at risk from that in this case."

Sam nodded, relaxing. "That's good."

"I'm on SG-1 in some universes?" Martouf asked, disbelieving.

"Yes you are. In at least one, and probably more, yes." Janet smiled at him.

"Awesome!" Martouf's eyes shone with excitement.

"Can we meet them?" Sam wanted to know.

"Please say we can!" Martouf begged, eagerly. "Please!"

Janet looked uncertain, then nodded. "I'll ask."

"Wow, you're really me?" Sam asked, staring at the four adult Sams that had come to their room, to visit. "All of you?"

Four of the Sam's had short hair, but the fourth one had a ponytail. Of the three short-haired ones, one was wearing a blue BDU, and two wore green BDUs. However, one of the Sam's in green BDU had her jacket on, whereas the other did not. Whether it was a coincidence or not, it helped the children to tell them apart.

"Well, yes..." the Sam in blue BDUs said, looking at the three other adult Sams. "Though I'll admit it sounds crazy." She grinned.

"So many Samantha's!" Martouf gaped at them all.

"More like... it's crazy you're me... um, us." the adult Sam with a ponytail told the little Sam. "As a child."

"And that the rest of you guys have been turned into children too," the Sam with a green BDU and jack on, said, shaking her head. "Daniel... Martouf! Freya... what about the symbiotes?"

Martouf bowed his head, giving Lantash control. "Anise and I have become children as well." He gave them all his best, most charming smile.

"Wow, that's... really interesting. All of you... really got turned into kids!" Green-BDU-with-jacket-Sam shook her head in disbelief. "In some ways this is a very different universe - despite the fact that almost everything else seems to have turned out the same or similar. Very interesting."

"Lantash... and Martouf..." the fourth of the adult Sam's, the one with green BDU and no jacket, and who had not spoken yet, took a few steps closer. "I hadn't expected ever to see either of you again, but now... there's an adult Martouf and Lantash on one of the SG-1 teams, and a child-one here..."

"I'm dead in your universe?" Lantash asked, looking worried.

Sam-with-no-jacket nodded. "Yes, for more than five years." She hesitated, then swallowed. "I have a little boy... who looks very much like you. I wonder how much he'll resemble Martouf when he grows up."

"You and your universe's Martouf and Lantash have a son?" Lantash asked, momentarily forgetting that he was dead in that universe.

"Yes, and I'm really happy he resembles you so much. Only real difference is that he's got quite many freckles, which is odd, since I don't have many, and Martouf didn't either. But other than that... yes, he looks a lot like you." She smiled at Lantash.

"I have freckles... fairly many, actually," Lantash said.

"Really?" She looked at him in disbelief. "Where? I mean, I've obviously seen the adult version of you naked, and I've never seen any freckles!"

"I have freckles. Martouf doesn't!" Lantash clarified.

"That is correct," a familiar, flanged voice said from the door opening. "I assume you are Martouf and Lantash?"

"Yes, we are," Lantash said.

He nodded. "So are we. May we join you?"

Shortly after the adult Martouf and Lantash had come to talk to the children, a few adult Daniel's joined them as well, followed by a couple adult Teal'c's and Mitchell's, who wanted to meet the child versions of their teammates.

"I am feeling left out." Anise grumbled. "I am the only one not getting to meet an adult me!"

"I assure you, she is alive and well in my universe... as is Freya," adult Martouf told her.

"Thank you. I am pleased to know that. I would still have liked to meet her, though."

The other children immediately ran to give her a hug, before continuing to talk to the adult versions of themselves.

"How is it to have Mitchell as your leader?" Daniel asked one of the adult Daniels.

"Different than to have Jack as your leader." The adult Daniel grinned. "Well, alike in some ways, different in others. Different humour - just as bad, though."

One of the Teal'c's raised an eyebrow. "I would have to agree."

"Why does that make me feel bad?" one of the Mitchell's asked, only half-serious. "Come on, guys... should it?"

"It should not. You are a competent warrior," Teal'c said.

"See? Now I know I've done something wrong!" Mitchell complained. "They're driving me crazy! I mean, it's not like I can order any of them to do anything! Teal'c's an alien, Jackson is a civilian, and Sam's the same rank as I am!"

"I'm a Colonel in your reality?" Sam gaped.

"Lieutenant Colonel. But yes, you are... or we are," blue-BDU-Sam said, with some amusement, indicating herself and the three other adult Sam's.

"Wow! I've got something to look forward to when I grown up again!" Sam exclaimed.

"You've got a lot to look forward to," Lantash whispered to her, "Just look at how handsome I'll be as an adult!"

Sam rolled her eyes at him. "I've already met you as an adult, so I know, okay?"

"I just wanted to remind you." Lantash smiled, pleased that she had - almost - admitted she had found him attractive, when they were adults.

"What do you mean, you're no longer together with Samantha?" Martouf asked, getting an unhappy expression.

The other children had left with the adult SG-members, except for Martouf/Lantash, who had wanted to talk some more with the adult version of themselves, from another universe.

"In my universe, we were together for some time, but we're not, any longer."

"Why? Why would you leave her? I mean, you told me you had moved to the world of the Tau'ri to be closer to her, and even gotten on SG-1!" Martouf looked completely uncomprehending.

"We didn't leave her. She... left us. For someone else. She is currently on maternity leave, after giving birth to her first child." He noticed Martouf getting distressed. "You are hoping Samantha will be your mate, when you are all grown? Do not be concerned. Your experiences here are very different, and if you and Samantha do become mates when you grow up, it is unlikely things will go as they did in my universe."

Martouf nodded, then bowed his head, giving Lantash control.

"Perhaps you need some advice?"

"Advice?" Martouf smiled at the boy.

"Yes. Maybe you didn't know Samantha well enough. I know her very well. I can tell you what she likes."

"Um, that is.. thoughtful of you."

"She likes roller blades, but you can't tell her to slow down and be careful, even if she is going full speed through the corridors. She also likes to play ball - and you should always remember to share your LEGO with her. Oh, and she e-spe-cially likes little radio-con-trolled toys. And blue jello... and chocolate cake."

The adult Martouf did not know what all of the things mentioned were, but he realized enough to know it would probably not help him win back his Samantha. "Chocolate cake and blue jello? I knew of the blue jello, but she has never mentioned the chocolate cake. I shall... remember that."

The child Lantash nodded. "Who is she with? O'Neill, right? I always suspected him of being interested in Samantha. You should tell him to talk to a woman he met on Edora. Her name is Laira. He actually has a child with her, but didn't know until some weeks ago. Maybe he will leave Samantha for her? If he likes her in your universe too?"

"I do not know if he has met this woman, but I shall inform him of how things are in your universe. He may appreciate it. True, we have not always gotten along, and I do share your assumption that he may have had feelings for Samantha. Indeed, I have learned they are together in some of the other realities. However, Samantha is not with him in my universe, she is with Janet... Doctor Fraiser."

Lantash gaped at him for a moment. "Janet? I never noticed any sort of ro-mantic interest between them. Really? Things went much diffe-rent in your universe..." He got a worried expression. "Or... is this, perhaps, a rival I must be on guard for when we grow up?"

Adult Martouf looked distant for a few moments, obviously talking to his Lantash. Then he shrugged. "It is true that some things are different in our two realities, though most seems to be the same. All the people seems to be the same, just with some different experiences. However, I do not believe you need to worry about Janet being a rival in your universe. The events seems to have already caused the timelines to diverge too much."

He dipped his head, giving Lantash control.

"What happened was this... a couple years ago, Janet was badly injured on a mission. She barely survived, and Samantha spent much time with her, taking care of her. At first, she did it to help Cassandra, but later Samantha and Janet fell in love," adult Lantash said.

"But... Janet is on SG-1 in your universe! With you! Isn't that hard?"

"It was... awkward, at first," adult Lantash admitted. "But we are on friendly terms now - which is fortunate, as Samantha and I are still friends. There is also the child."

"Yes, you said... that Samantha is on ma-terni-ty leave. Who is the father?"

"I am. Samantha asked me if I would father her and Janet's child. Martouf and I discussed it for some time - we were still feeling hurt that she had left us. These things... feelings... are complicated, however, we eventually agreed that we would do it." He sighed. "There is little danger from the Goa'uld any longer, so even if the child has genetic memory, it will not be a threat to the Tok'ra." He suddenly smiled. "Despite our uncertainties at first, it now pleases Martouf and I greatly, that we have a child with Samantha."

Child-Lantash nodded, then looked distant for a moment, discussing with Martouf. "Actually, we agree that Janet here will not be a rival for us... and we believe we know how you can handle this rival in your universe. Has Janet met Malek?"

Adult Lantash smiled at the boy-version of himself, and how eager he was to help. "Malek? No I don't think so."

"You must introduce them." Child-Lantash grinned. "After spending only a little time together, Janet looked very interested... and Malek too. We believe they are on their way to become mates."

Adult Lantash hesitated. "I do not believe I should interfere. Samantha would be angry, and rightfully so, if I tried to use Malek to lure her mate away."

"Your mate was lured away! Besides, Malek is your friend, right? Then it makes sense he visits you. Perhaps you want him to meet the child - it's your child too. Then... just find an excuse for him to spend time with Janet." The boy looked sneaky, then got a serious expression. "You know... I think they are soul mates. It would be wrong to keep them from each other. Just as keeping you and Martouf from your Samantha is wrong."

Adult Lantash took a deep breath and seemed to think it over - or more likely discussing it with Martouf. "It may not be as simple as you think... and we are still unsure of how ethical it would be... but we will consider it."

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