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Christmas/advent calendar - Day 19

Despite the occasional - somewhat condescending - comment from the Tok'ra, the visit to the museum went well, and both the children and the adults had fun. Freya/Anise and Martouf/Lantash even admitted that some of the things humans had done to spy on each other were quite ingenious - like the ways spy cameras had been hidden, or the ways tool kits and other equipment could be hidden or made to appear like something completely harmless. They had also enjoyed the 'secret' history behind many historical events, and how the spy-craft had developed over the years.

They had spent many hours at the museum, and it was late afternoon when they got as far as the museum shop.

"Okay, kids, you can each have for 20 dollars from in here!" O'Neill told the children.

"Can I have a t-shirt that says 'Beware of ninjas?'" Sam begged. "It would be awesome... especially the blue one... and a ninja headband!"

"The t-shirt... maybe, but the headband? It's just a headband with a little embroidery on. Don't you think we could make something like that ourselves? Like a fun project when we come back?" Janet suggested.

"I can't em-broider," Sam stated.

"Have you tried? Otherwise, I'm sure we could decorate it in some other way. Maybe glue some stars on it. What do you say?"

"But I think this one is awesome... I don't think we can make something that looks the same!" Sam complained, getting a stubborn look.

Janet sighed, then looked at the headband again. "Well, I guess you can have it. It's only 3 dollars."

"Haha... don't you want that one?" Daniel pointed to a t-shirt with a text which read 'You Don't Know Jack!'

"That would be a good choice, O'Neill. For when you say something deep that others do not immediately comprehend," Teal'c observed.

"Deep? Me?" O'Neill snorted. "Teal'c... there's more than one way to read it, and I'm sure people will take it the wrong way!" He got a speculative look. "But I kinda like it."

"I think the colour is just right for you," Janet told him, grinning.

"Yeah, yeah... having fun at my expense. Well, I don't care - I'm going to take it!" He grabbed a t-shirt in his size.

"Can I have a 'Deny Everything' t-shirt?" Daniel asked.

"Absolutely... what did you do this time, which you need to deny?" O'Neill smiled at him.

"I didn't do anything. I never do!" Daniel insisted.

"Hah," O'Neill scoffed, still smiling.

"I'd like one of these! It looks awesome!" Martouf said, picking up a pen from a basket, and reading the text on the note. "Try it, O'Neill!"

"Don't you think it'll write? I'll see if there's some paper somewhere, so we can test it..." He took the pen and looked around, then finally took out the receipt from when they paid for entrance. He clicked the top-button, then made a yelp, dropping the pen.

Martouf almost fell over laughing. "Your expression! So fun!"

"What's wrong?" Janet asked, surprised.

O'Neill swore. "The damn pen gives you a shock when you turn it on! A fairly hard jolt, too!" He suddenly grinned. "I know exactly what I could use these for... next time we've got visitors from the IOA, or something..."

"Jack, that's not a good idea," Janet warned. "And that wasn't nice, Martouf!"

"Sorry." Martouf looked down, and got a bashful expression.

"No, it's a great idea... and I'm not angry, Martouf. None of you have any idea how it is to be in Washington, and work for Homeworld security. The meetings we're forced to participate in! I'm going to get myself a handful of these - they're bound to make things a bit more interesting!"

"That means I can have one?" Martouf asked, looking happy.

"Absolutely! They're even cheap!" O'Neill picked up several from the basket, smiling gleefully, while Janet shook her head, and Teal'c just raised an eyebrow.

"Can I have this too?" Martouf held up an 'invisible ink and UV spy pen'.

"Sure, and you've even still got 10 dollars left for something else," O'Neill said, still grinning gleefully over the pens.

"Oh, the spy night scope then!" Martouf exclaimed.

"Ah, that's two dollars too expensive," Janet pointed out.

Martouf was quiet for a few moments. "Lantash says I can have two dollars from him!"

O'Neill shrugged. "Okay, then. Fine with me."

Martouf gave Lantash control, and the symbiote started looking for what he wanted.

"I want those walkie-talkies - they're even three dollars less than what I have left after giving Martouf two dollars!"

"Okay. What about you, Freya? Anise?" O'Neill asked.

"Hm, I think I want this... it says it can transform my voice if I speak into it!" She turned on the device and spoke into it - and sounded more or less like Anise. "Cool!"

"But you can already talk like that!" O'Neill pointed out.

"No, Anise can. I cannot!"

"Yeah, okay, but wouldn't you rather have something else?"

Freya looked speculative. "Maybe... after all, this device does not make my voice sound completely like Anise's." She walked around looking at things for a little while. "I would like this game... it sounds fun." She held up a board game, where you pretended to be spies, that had to outwit one another.

Anise got control, and went directly for two things, which she had noticed while Freya looked for what she wanted.

"I would like these." Anise held up a small camera on a stalk, and a small motion detector alarm.

"Great, we've all got what we want, then? Janet? Teal'c?" O'Neill wondered.

"I have chosen a few items, which should prove entertaining," Teal'c said.

"I don't think I want anything from in here today." Janet smiled. "It's been fun, though."

"What are we doing today?" Sam asked, when they had eaten breakfast the next day.

"We are going to the 'National Zoo'," Janet said.

"Then you can get to see how a kangaroo looks!" Daniel grinned, elbowing Lantash in the side. "Hint... it's not blue!"

Lantash rolled his eyes. "You already told me. Twice! However, I do look forward to seeing this creature - and several others."

Daniel nodded. "Yeah, so do I. Zoo's are fun!"

"They've got pandas, right?" Sam asked.

"Yes, they do," O'Neill confirmed, smiling at her enthusiasm.

"What are pandas?" Freya wondered.

"Bear-like, black-and-white animals. They're adorable!" Sam gushed. "And they've got a panda cub that's, like 9-10 months old. I've seen pictures of it!"

"That is a panda?" Freya asked, wrinkling her brow. "It just looks like a bear someone dyed!"

"I told you they were bear-like!" Sam looked annoyed.

"Where's the kangaroos? You said there were kangaroos!" Martouf complained.

"Yeah, seems I was wrong," O'Neill admitted, looking in the folder they had gotten at the kiosk. "I thought for sure they would have some."

"I've got a book with pictures of animals at home - I'll show you a photo of a kangaroo then!" Janet promised.

"Thank you... but that's not the same," Martouf grumbled.

"Let's go look at the big cats? Please?" Daniel said, eagerly. "I want to see the tigers and the lions!"

"Oh, let's go into the small mammal house!" Sam pointed. "They've got prairie dogs, mongooses, meerkats, and naked mole-rats! And lots and lots of other cute animals! I read it in the folder before!"

"Naked mole-rats aren't cute!" Daniel said. "I saw them in Ethiopia, when I went there once."

"What's naked mole-rats?" Martouf asked.

"Ugly naked rodents, with huge teeth," Daniel told him.

"They're interesting! They're mammals, but they have a queen and workers, like bees, you know! And they're cold-blooded, like reptiles!" Sam explained, eagerly.

"And they're ugly..." Daniel repeated. "But fortunately they live in tunnels underground, so you've got to be really unlucky to see them."

Sam stuck out her tongue at him. "I think they're cool!"

Daniel shrugged. "Okay. Then you go have fun with them - the rest of us can look at the little monkeys and meerkats and stuff!"

After spending several hours wandering around the zoo, and looking at all kinds of animals, they had all gotten hungry. There were several dining places to choose from, and they ended up eating grilled chicken sandwiches from something called the 'Mane Grill'.

"What is that?" Freya asked, looking out the windows, when they were about to leave the restaurant. "The children are walking around inside the enclosures! Touching the animals!"

"Oh, can we go there too?" Daniel begged.

"It says 'Kids' Farm' over there on the sign!" Martouf informed them, pointing. "Does that mean they lock up children in there?" He shuddered.

"No, it's a place where kids can go to meet the animals up close - pet them, and maybe pick them up," Janet explained

"Then we can go there, right?" Sam asked. "They've got alpacas!"

"Sure, of course you can." Janet smiled.

"Just be careful the goats doesn't eat your clothes," O'Neill warned, remembering the last time he went into something like that. He had already spotted a goat that he felt was looking hungrily at his pants. Well, he was not going to go in there!

"I shall accompany you," Teal'c said.

They walked over to the entrance, and went inside. Martouf looked cautiously at one of the goats, then gave Lantash control.

"Oooh, look, a cute rabbit! Like 'Mr. Fluffy'!" Freya cooed, thinking of the stuffed toy she had at home.

"The little goat-kids are cute," Lantash admitted, using Martouf's voice. "Can I pick one up?"

"Hey! It's eating my t-shirt!" Sam complained, trying to push one of the goats aside. It did not budge, and just pulled more of the clothing into its mouth. "Help?"

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