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Christmas/advent calendar - Day 20

The rest of the visit to the zoo went well - though Sam's t-shirt was now missing a piece at the bottom, where the goat had managed to eat from it. She was not happy about that, but at least it had not been her new t-shirt from the 'International Spy Museum'. That would have been much worse!

They stayed in Washington for a few days more, visiting museums and other attractions, before travelling back to Colorado Springs. The journey was done by airplane again, and the extra knowledge of the history and development of flight, did not make Martouf and Lantash feel safer!

They were very relieved when they landed safely, and were home in Colorado Springs.

The spring and early summer passed slowly. With renewed activity from the Trust, the children had to stay on base, and were only allowed to take rare trips outside.

With the Ori threat increasing, visiting the Tok'ra bases, or otherwise going offworld, were also something they rarely dared risk letting the children do, with the only exception being their birthday. That had once again been held at the base Jacob and Selmak were stationed at.

Sam, Daniel, Freya, and Martouf were now nine years old, while Lantash and Anise were five. In another 2-3 years, the majority of the symbiotes genetic memories would begin to surface and become accessible, and with that usually came very bad nightmares.

However, that would not happen for some years yet, and Lantash and Anise soon stopped worrying about it again, and went back to enjoying their summer holiday.

"I just met Hailey! SG-1 is on their way out to check on an alkesh that's just crashed!" Daniel said, excitedly.

"An alkesh?" Martouf asked. "Who's in it?"

"They don't know! No one answered when they contacted them!"

"Maybe it is the Ori coming to attack us here." Anise shuddered.

"In an alkesh? That's unlikely!" Martouf exclaimed.

"I agree," Sam said. "But there's not many Goa'uld left."

"There's thousands and thousands!" Martouf told her. "Just... most are really minor..."

"And then there are those who are still in Jaffa," Anise added. "The Goa'uld are far from gone."

"I very much hope the Tok'ra are keeping an eye on all of those!" Daniel said, suddenly worried.

"I'm sure someone is doing that - even with the Ori keeping everyone busy," Martouf remarked.

"So... you think it's a Goa'uld? Or a Jaffa? Not a Tok'ra, right?" Daniel asked.

"Not if they didn't answer when they were hailed." Martouf insisted. "Probably a Jaffa... or maybe a minor Goa'uld."

"Why would they come here?" Sam wondered.

"Maybe they're on the run?" Martouf suggested.

"Or hoping to make a deal?" Daniel guessed.

"There is one major Goa'uld left..." Martouf observed.

They all looked at each other, and said at the same time. "Ba'al!"

It turned out to actually be Ba'al, and he was taken to Stargate Command and placed in a holding cell. When SG-1 interrogated him, he claimed that the many clones he had made, had turned on him, and were now out to kill him.

He insisted he knew how to help Stargate Command find a powerful Ancient weapon, made by Merlin, which could be used to kill the Ori. In return, SG-1 and the other SG teams were to capture Ba'al's many clones.

Unsurprisingly, everyone was skeptical of Ba'al, and doubted he could be trusted. Things only got more problematic when Agent Barrett from the NID showed up, demanding to have Ba'al handed over to them.

"I thought the NID was gone and had become the Trust?" Daniel asked.

"No." Hailey shook her head. "The Trust have some former NID people, but they're not the same organization. The NID still has some bad apples, but the Trust is all bad - and infiltrated by the Goa'uld... Ba'al, now. The NID thinks they can get some information from Ba'al, to use to bring down the Trust."

"I don't trust the NID," Sam said, with finality.

"Don't worry, I don't think any of us have any great love for them. Anyway, Landry is stalling the NID, for now, so we're going Ba'al clone hunting."

"Do you need our help?" Martouf asked, eagerly. "The Tok'ra got a lot of experience hunting Goa'uld!"

"I think we can manage." Hailey smiled. "We've got Sokolf, you know - but I promise, if we've got any problems, we'll come and ask you!"

With several SG teams working, they soon had more than 20 Ba'al clones locked up at Stargate Command.

The children were sitting in their room, playing a game, when the door suddenly opened. Outside stood Sokolf and Hailey.

"Come on, kids! We gotta get you out of here!" Hailey told them.

"Why, what's going on?" Sam wondered.

"Not now. We're in a hurry!" Hailey said.

"The Ba'al's have escaped," Sokolf told them.

"We're locking down the base and trying to re-capture them, but until we do, it's not safe here! Come on!"

The children did as they were told, and followed Hailey and Sokolf.

"Can't you just shoot them?" Daniel wondered, as Hailey pushed them into the elevator.

"With a zat, if you need'em alive," Sam suggested.

"Why would you need a Goa'uld alive?" Martouf scoffed.

"We can't get to any of the Ba'al's. They've holed up, and they've got hostages," Hailey told him.

"We're missing all the action," Sam grumbled.

The elevator pinged, as it arrived at their destination, and the door opened.

"Now, move!" Hailey ordered.

Hailey and Sokolf had only just gotten to the top floor with the children, when they received word that the situation had been resolved - even if not quite in the way they would have hoped.

The many Ba'al's had escaped! Not only that, but they had managed to download a copy of the list of planets the SGC had gotten from the Ancient database. Each of the Ba'al's were implanted with a transponder device, and together this gave a signal strong enough for an outside source to lock onto them - and they were beamed out from Stargate Command.

Ba'al's daring plan had worked, and the SGC were no longer the only ones with a list of names of planets, which might contain the Ancient weapon they were looking for. A list which Ba'al felt he would be able to narrow down.

The question was - would he find the weapon first, or would Stargate Command?

"You know what you need? You need us to look at that list!" Daniel insisted.

"We've got our best people on it, don't worry," Hailey said. "Sokolf is in charge of the project - and we've also got Vala looking at it. They have some ideas, so I have hope that they will figure it out."

"You know, you'd have already figured it out if I was in your group!" Daniel grumbled.

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