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Christmas/advent calendar - Day 21

Some time passed, without anyone hearing more to Ba'al's search for the Ancient weapon. The Tok'ra had placed as many agents as they could, and the Free Jaffa were on the lookout as well, so at least they were almost certain Ba'al had not found the Ancient weapon yet.

Besides, it was a fair bet that everyone in the Galaxy would know, as soon as he did. It was not something he would keep secret.

Meanwhile, the Ori forces kept advancing, conquering world after world. It was not going well for Stargate Command and their friends and allies.

After some of the Free Jaffa had used the weapon at Dakara to kill 100000 Ori believers, the leader of the Ori, Adria, had attacked Dakara. The weapon, the temple, as well as every structure on the planet, had been destroyed. That meant the Free Jaffa had lost the planet that had become a symbol of their movement.

During all this, SG-1 kept searching for Merlin's weapon - the Sangraal.

It was late November, and the Ori forces still showed no signs of slowing their advance. Earth and the Tok'ra had been fairly unaffected, but the same could not be said for the Jaffa, who were taking heavy casualties.

The alliance with the Jaffa was not going well, with many of the Jaffa having converted to Origin - the religion preached by the Ori Priors.

Through all of this, O'Neill, Teal'c, and Janet/Rhiva were making sure the children did not hear too much about what happened, so they did not worry excessively. Being not-quite normal children, since they did have the memories of their adult selves, it was impossible to keep all that happened from them, but at least they did not know how bad the war was going.

Any holiday celebrations that year would probably again be minimal, given that SG-1 was on active duty most of the time, and the same was the case for Janet/Rhiva, and for O'Neill, in Washington.

However, Jacob/Selmak had suggested the children celebrate Christmas in the Tok'ra tunnels that year, and that the Tok'ra handle most of it. Of course, the Tok'ra were participating very actively against the Ori, and also checking that no new Goa'uld popped up, but there were always someone home at the base, and they were willing to celebrate with the children. Many of them even found the idea fun.

"When are we leaving for the Tok'ra base?" Daniel asked. "I haven't even packed yet!"

"In a little over two weeks," Janet told him. "Relax - you've got plenty of time."

"But... but we need to buy gifts... or make gifts... and we need to get cookies and candy, and..." Daniel sounded close to panic.

"The Tok'ra are taking care of everything - and you don't need to get gifts for anyone, honey," Janet reassured him.

"But I want to get gifts for Jack, and Teal'c, and, and... you and Rhiva..." Daniel grumbled in a low voice. "And I have favourite cookies and candy... maybe they don't make those there!"

Sam hugged him. "We'll find something for them together - and make candy. And cookies."

Janet waved at them. "Have a good day in school, kids!" She left the room.

"We all want to give them something... Samantha, you and Daniel still have ac-cess to your bank accounts, right?" Martouf asked.

Sam nodded. "We do. I think they're even still paying us, because of... some-thing with bu-reau-cracy I didn't understand. We're never using any money, so we got lots."

Martouf nodded. "Good."

"I want to give them something too! And so does Anise," Freya said. "But how? I doubt anyone has the time to take us to the city to shop!"

"Teal'c might, if we ask him," Sam suggested. "Or we could buy it online. We've done it before."

"They've put better blocks on our internet... I don't think we can get to many pages at all." Martouf looked unhappy.

"We can hack that, duh!" Sam insisted. "It's easy, I'm sure."

"Help! Look at the time! There is less than five minutes before class starts!" Freya exclaimed.

"Oh, no. We better get going!" Sam agreed.

They hurried out the door and ran for the elevator. If they were lucky, and there was no wait, they might get there in time!

"Fixed!" Sam said, proudly.

"We now have un-blocked ac-cess to buy stuff on the internet?" Martouf asked.

"To anything you might wanna look at. Any site!" Sam boasted.

"Awesome!" Martouf exclaimed, impressed.

"Who do we get gifts for first?" Freya wondered.

"Jack," Daniel said. "He wants more Simpsons DVD's, I'm sure."

"What seasons does he have?" Sam asked.

"One, and two... I think." Daniel looked thoughtful.

"Also three. And I think he has four, as well," Martouf pointed out.

Sam nodded. "He definitely has those. Also maybe five, because I think Teal'c bought that one."

"Then we should get him season six," Freya decided. "And we should also make him something personal - we should make all of them something personal."

"Like, what?" Daniel wondered.

"Paintings?" Sam suggested.

"No, that's a crappy gift," Daniel insisted. "Maybe ce-ramics. Copies of artifacts!"

"O'Neill would hate that," Martouf said, with confidence.

"Okay, so we give him something else. But I think Janet would like it," Daniel decided.

"We need to buy candles for Teal'c - for meditating," Sam said.

"He doesn't need to kel'no'reem any more," Freya reminded them.

"No, but he still likes to meditate," Sam insisted.

"Okay. Candles. And then we can make him candleholders in clay," Daniel said.

"Rhiva likes renaissance music." Sam suddenly remembered.

"Right. So a CD for her," Freya agreed.

"Wait... stop! I need to write all this down!" Martouf said, running to get a pad of paper and a pen. "Okay. Repeat everything!"

The children continued making lists of things they thought would make good Christmas gifts - and then went online to order what they needed.

"We need to talk to Teal'c - and make sure he brings us the stuff when it arrives. He'll understand!" Sam insisted.

"What's that supposed to be?" Lantash wondered, indicating the lump of clay Daniel was trying to shape.

"That's a Minoan vase for Janet," Daniel insisted. "It's just not completely finished yet."

"That's never going to be a vase! Mino-an or other-wise!" Sam said.

"It's the stupid clay! It keeps col-lapsing. I know how the vase should look! This crap just doesn't want to co-operate!" Daniel mashed the failed vase together and threw it across the room. It landed on the door and got stuck there.

"Let me do the vase, then you can do the candleholder," Lantash suggested. "I know how to work with clay."

"Yeah, right!" Daniel scoffed.

"No, I do know!" Lantash said, getting irritated. "My former host. Nemura. He had learned to work with clay!"

"Okay - whatever. You do it then. I don't want to do this anymore." Daniel left to wash his hands in the bathroom. He then went over to the television and turned it on, finding a cartoon to watch.

"You better pick the clay off the door first!" Sam said.

"It's the vase. Lantash wanted to make it. He can pick it off the door," Daniel insisted.

"Weren't you going to make a candle holder?" Freya asked.

"No. The clay hates me," Daniel said, sounding cross.

"I'm not picking up after him!" Lantash exclaimed, angrily. He got up to go argue with Daniel - or maybe fight with him.

"No. Just leave him alone," Sam insisted, grabbing hold of Lantash's arm. "Let's go get that clay, and then you can show Freya and me how to make a vase?" She smiled sweetly at him.

Lantash looked conflicted for a moment, then nodded. "Okay."

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