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They had made it through the chaos in the palace, with only a few run-ins with Jaffa, and soon they found themselves outside, hurrying through the narrow alleyways of the surrounding village.

“Any idea what’s going on?” Daniel asked, when they had found an empty storage building where they could hide.

“Nehebkau is under attack, most likely from Heru’ur, who is his much stronger neighbor. They have a history of wars and uncertain alliances,” Martouf told them.

“The attack is presumably why the Goa’uld broke off his interrogation of Captain Carter,” Teal’c mused.

“Very likely, but why did he implant her, then?” Martouf shook his head. “It does not make sense.” He had put Sam down on the floor, and were examining her. “Most of her injuries have healed, but it is worrisome that she is still unconscious.” He held his hand over her forehead. “The symbiote is strong. She will succeed in healing the remainder of the damage.”

“There’s some hay over there. Wouldn’t it be better to put her there?” Daniel suggested.

“Daniel Jackson... please understand. This is no longer your friend. The Goa’uld Nehebkau implanted has control over her,” Martouf said.

“I know exactly what a Goa’uld is! My wife is host to Amaunet!” Daniel exclaimed. “Besides, Sam isn’t a Goa’uld - her symbiote is Tok’ra!”

Martouf looked at him, stunned. “Tok’ra!? Are you telling me that she was a host already when you travelled to this world?”

O’Neill sighed. “Yeah, she became host, like, 4 months ago. The symbiote is Tok’ra.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? That explains everything!” Martouf exclaimed. “Of course Nehebkau wanted to interrogate her! The only thing that interrupted him was the - for us - convenient attack!” He calmed down some. “What is her name?”

“What’s it to you?” O’Neill looked suspicious. “Actually, how did you know she is a host?”

Martouf looked at them for a few moments, then sighed deeply and bowed his head. When he looked up again, his expression was different somehow.

“My name is Lantash, and I am Tok’ra. Now do you understand why I wish to know the name of your friend’s symbiote?”

Daniel, O’Neill, and Teal’c stared at him for a few moments, then O’Neill shook his head.

“I guess we should have known - all things considered! Okay, I guess you can be trusted. The symbiote’s name is Jolinar... of Malkshur.” 

Jolinar!” Lantash exclaimed, his eyes flashing from the strong emotions he was feeling. “No! No, that cannot be true!”

“She’s Jolinar, trust me. You know her?” O’Neill asked.

“What happened to Rosha?” Lantash demanded. He looked at Sam/Jolinar, and got a soft expression on his face. He caressed her cheek. “My Jolinar...”

“Um, Rosha was her host... before Quinta, I think?” Daniel said, “Sam told me.”

“I do not know who this ‘Quinta’ is. Or was. Rosha was Jolinar’s host, during the 100 years I have been with her. Jolinar... she... is my mate,” Lantash explained, still badly shaken.

“Lantash?” Jolinar asked, opening her eyes, and looking up at him. “Lantash!” She smiled, sitting up and embracing him tightly. “I have missed you so much! You and Martouf!”

“Jolinar!” Lantash threw his arms around her, hugging her to him almost desperately, and kissed her again and again. “They had declared you missing. Dead. We had nearly despaired of ever seeing you again!”

Not exactly the development I had expected, but I guess I’m happy for you. Any idea when - and how - we can get off this rock?” O’Neill asked.

It was more than two weeks later, when they finally managed to slip through the Stargate unseen, after hiding out in first the town, and then the forest. By then, Heru’ur had long since conquered the planet, and the Jaffa - now Heru’ur’s - guarding the Stargate were paying much less attention.

Without their GDO, they could not go to Stargate Command, and instead followed Martouf and Lantash to their Tok’ra base.

“I sincerely hope the base is still there, and that no ill has fallen on anyone. We must capture the traitor you speak of, as quickly as possible, Jolinar,” Lantash said, as he dialled the address for the world he expected his base to be at. “To think that Cordesh has turned against us!”

“Yes, it is hard to accept. I fear he is to blame for the many operatives you told me have been discovered lately, which you talked about.” Jolinar looked very worried. “Including your discovery. Your mission should have been fairly harmless, as you went as a human trader. It was strange indeed that the Jaffa found you so quickly.”

Lantash nodded. “Yes, they appeared to be searching for someone, and asked if anyone new had arrived recently. When we heard this, we attempted to leave the planet immediately, of course, but guards had been posted at the chaapa’ai, and we were discovered and caught when we tried to leave.”

Jolinar sighed. “I will talk to the Council as soon as I have convinced them who I am. Garshaw will be very unwilling to believe Cordesh is a traitor.”

“We will all vouch for you, but I know there is a procedure you will have to go through, regardless,” Lantash said.

“There is, and I am not looking forward to it!” Jolinar stepped through the Stargate, and the others followed.

“My Jolinar!” Martouf said, smiling. “I have looked for you everywhere, and so I find you hiding here in our quarters!”

She smiled back at him, from where she was sitting in their fairly large, personal pool. “We were quite tired after first being interrogated and examined by the healers, and then debriefed by the Council. Regardless, Cordesh has been arrested, and is now being interrogated.”

Martouf nodded, somewhat distractedly, his gaze sliding down over the part of Sam/Jolinar that was above the water. “I understand.”

“The water is pleasant. Would you not like to join us?” Jolinar asked.

“Yes... very much so!” He immediately started stripping off his clothing.

Jolinar did not look away, instead she again enjoyed the opportunity to watch her mate get undressed.

He soon joined her in the pool, sitting down beside her on the small bench - or shelf - near the bottom. Standing, the water reached him only to his stomach, but sitting down on the bench meant the water reached almost to his armpits.

Jolinar reached behind her and grabbed a bottle of shampoo, some soap, and a sponge. “Perhaps you would like us to... wash you?” She got a naughty glint in her eyes.

His smile widened. “That would be, ah, most agreeable!” He looked shyly at her. “Samantha does not mind this? That we are bathing together, alone and naked? That... things may well progress beyond just bathing?”

Jolinar bowed her head, giving Sam control.

She raised her head and smiled at him, still feeling a little awkward, despite the knowledge she had from Jolinar about him and Lantash - and the strong feelings she had for them, also from her symbiote. Regardless, she had only met them a little over two weeks ago, and more than anything she worried how they felt about it all.

No, Martouf, I do not mind. As you know, I have been blended with Jolinar for more than 4 months, and our emotions have long since... synchronized. In many ways I feel like I have known you for years, even though I know that’s not the case. However, what about you and Lantash? You have only just met me two weeks ago... and you also just learned one of your mates - Rosha - is dead. Are you sure you want to... well, have sex, if that’s what this ends with? Not only that, but do you even want me as your, um, mate?”

Martouf looked uncomprehending. “Of course, we want you as our mate, Samantha! We had not even considered that was in question! You are kind, intelligent, and beautiful. On top of that you are a brave, skilled warrior - and you have agreed to remain the host of our beloved Jolinar, even after what happened to you because of her and the horrible way you became her host. How can we not want you as our mate? I have no doubt we will come to love you deeply... truly, we are already falling for you. Mating with you is a very pleasing prospect indeed.” He sighed. “We do mourn Rosha, and miss her greatly, that is true, however we had begun to think it unlikely either she or Jolinar would ever return, and we had started grieving for them. To have Jolinar back is more than we had dared hope for.” He found her hands under the water and took them, squeezing them to emphasize his words.

Sam smiled, grateful Jolinar stopped the blush that was creeping onto her face from the long list of good qualities Martouf attributed to her. “Thank you, that’s... very sweet...” She got a solemn look on her face. ”I’m sorry I never met Rosha, though Jolinar has made me feel as if I have known her. I can understand why you loved her. She was a very strong and kind person.”

“She was, and a very good balance for our Jolinar, who can be very strong-willed. Which can be good, of course,” Martouf added quickly, smiling and caressing Sam’s neck, and Jolinar through it. “I just sometimes wish she was not so fool-hardy and insisted on missions others found too dangerous. We fear for her.” He gave them his most charming smile.

Sam grinned. “Jolinar is complaining - both about what you said, and about your caresses, which she is enjoying. She blames you for using seduction to get away with it.”

Martouf gave her a soft kiss. “Is it working?”

“Yes.” Sam sighed and returned the kiss. “On both of us.” They kissed again, and she felt herself drawn strongly to him. The kiss deepened, and for some moments nothing else existed. Then Sam pulled back a little and shook herself from the daze. “Ah, we were going to wash you, remember?”

“Of course, how could I forget? Though, that can be done later. Lantash and I have some ideas for what we might do first.” He gave Lantash control.

He kissed her mouth, then trailed kisses to her neck, where he licked and sucked until Sam moaned and rubbed herself against his hard erection. Unable to stop herself - or make him stop - Sam gave Jolinar control,
and she gently pushed Lantash away.

“Beloved. Yes, soon we shall mate, but Samantha truly would like this opportunity to explore your gorgeous body first, and I am certain you would like to, ah, familiarize yourself with this body as well. I told Samantha about how we bathed together, and spent time touching and caressing each other before mating, when
Martouf had just become your new host, and entered the relationship. We thought, perhaps, we could do the same now?”

Lantash nodded, controlling his lust with some difficulty. “Samantha is correct, of course. Please, do, ah, explore our body. We shall enjoy doing the same to you.”

Jolinar gave Sam control again, and she grinned, a little guiltily at him. “You know, that sounds nice...”

He stood, looking at her, his eyes holding a challenge for her to rise as well, so he could see more of her naked body.

After a moments hesitation, Sam shrugged and rose, giving him a clear view of her entire upper body. He got a rapt expression, studying her for so long she began to feel very self-conscious.

“You are beautiful, my Samantha!” He stepped up to her again, and let his hands slide down over her shoulders, over her arms, and then to her breasts, which he cupped lovingly, teasing her nipples briefly with his thumbs and making them harden.

“Thanks, Lantash. You don’t look so bad yourself.” She took the sponge Jolinar had found earlier, and put some soap on it.

She ran her hands over his chest, enjoying the feeling of his soft skin under her fingers, matching it with the memories she had from Jolinar. Using the sponge, she washed him everywhere that was above water, taking the time to familiarize herself with his back, chest, arms, shoulders - now and then leaning in and kissing him here and there.

Lantash kept his eyes closed much of the time, getting a blissful expression on his face, as he enjoyed her caresses.

Using some of the pleasant, fragrant shampoo, she washed his hair, running her hands through it again and again, before moving on to his neck. Following Jolinar’s instructions, she gently massaged Lantash through the skin, making him groan out loud, and pull her to him, kissing her passionately.

When she slid her hands down over his ass, kneading it, he flashed his eyes. “Perhaps we should drain some water from this pool?” He pressed a button, and the water-level fell amazingly fast. When he pressed the button again, the water reached to only just below his knees. “Much better!” He exclaimed, smiling widely as he ogled Sam openly.

Sam’s cheeks reddened before Jolinar had time to stop the reaction, but she quickly recovered. She did not really mind, and it was obvious Lantash liked her appearance. Very obvious, if she were to judge from the large - and hardening - erection he had.

“Um... I definitely agree!” She looked at him, not trying to hide her appreciation at all. After a few moments, she took the sponge again and began to wash the parts of him that was now easily accessible.

Lantash had given Martouf control, and he gasped as Sam first washed, then lovingly fondled his buttocks. “Samantha!”

“You have a nice ass! Nice and... um, strong!” Sam said, blushing a little at her own forwardness.  

“It pleases me greatly that you approve!”

“Oh, I very much approve!” She smiled, then winked at him.

“That is most fortunate.” He looked very pleased.

She ran her hands over his stomach, then allowed the sponge to follow, then moved to his legs, bypassing his hard cock, straining for attention.

He whimpered softly, but did not complain, instead dutifully lifted his feet one at a time, so Sam could get to them.

When Sam had washed every part of him except his hard shaft, she grinned at him. “Seems I missed one place... It seems, ah, sensitive. Perhaps I better use my hands...” She poured some of the soap on her hands and made up a soft lather, before placing both her hands on his shaft, and starting to stroke and massage it.

Martouf gasped loudly, and thrust against her hands, unable to stop himself. “Samantha! I... oh!” he exclaimed, again thrusting helplessly.

Sam grinned. “I take it you like being, ah, washed? Perhaps I should pour some cold water over you to rinse off the soap?”

He moaned. “You are evil, Samantha! I do not know if it is a natural talent, or bad influence from Jolinar!”

She laughed. “A little of both, probably! Don’t worry, I think warm water would be better right now!” She listened to what Jolinar said, then leaned over and pushed the button that turned on the water and switched the flow to the shower-head.

Martouf stepped fully under the water and closed his eyes as he allowed the water to rinse off the soap. He gasped and his eyes flew open, when he felt lips touch the tip of his cock. “Samantha! You are... wonderful!”

She winked at him. “I thought I would do this before the water got too deep.” She made a long lick along his shaft, ending with another kiss at the top. She then wrapped her lips around it and slid down over it, sucking gently, then a little harder.

Martouf tangled his fingers in her hair, and moaned as Sam and Jolinar took turns pleasuring him expertly. His moans soon increased, and he thrust forward, trying to get deeper into her throat.

Jolinar pulled back and swirled her tongue around the tip, then slid down over him, relaxing her throat and taking almost all inside. Martouf gasped again, then let Lantash come fore, hoping he would have better control. Jolinar pulled back a little, then took him inside again, repeating it a few times, before she let go and stood, when the water got too high.

She kissed him warmly, before turning off the water. Lantash grabbed her immediately, and kissed her again, then lifted her up and sat her on one of the wide sides of the pool.

He kneeled down on the underwater shelf, and pushed her legs apart. Leaning in, he kissed her softly, then spread her labia and started licking.

“Lantash! Oh, yes!” Jolinar closed her eyes and parted her legs a little wider, so he could better reach.

He flicked his tongue over her clit, and at the same time pushed one finger inside her pussy, pumping it in and out slowly. He circled her sensitive nub with his tongue, then sucked gently on it, before making several hard, fast licks over it, making Jolinar cry out, suddenly coming explosively.

Lantash did not give her time to recover, before he grabbed her hips and thrust into her. They both gasped as he filled her completely, the sensations almost making them both come. He held himself still for some moments, letting them both get used to the feeling.

They kissed deeply, and Jolinar wrapped her legs around him as he started rocking into her. He moved slowly at first, using long, deep thrusts, then quickly sped up, as both Jolinar and Martouf urged him on.

He groaned deeply, and grabbed hold of Jolinar’s ass hard, as he started ramming into her. He made a hoarse cry when he came deep inside her, almost collapsing against her. Jolinar pressed herself against him, the
small extra stimulation being just enough to push her over again, and she shuddered under him as she climaxed.

For some time, they just held each other close. Then they kissed softly, and stepped out of the water. Wanting nothing but to crawl into bed and cuddle, they helped each other dry off quickly, before going to the bed.

Lantash pulled Jolinar closely to him, and kissed her neck, snuggling against her. “Martouf and I are so very happy and grateful to have you back with us, our beloved Jolinar. We are also very much looking forward to
learning more about our wonderful - and
gorgeous - new mate, Samantha. We suspect we shall soon come to love her as deeply as we love you. Our feelings for her are growing rapidly.”

Jolinar cuddled against him, feeling happy and satisfied. “There is no place Samantha and I would rather be than here in your arms, beloveds. We love you both.”

“Then let us lie here together, and perhaps sleep for a little while. Martouf and I do hope you and Samantha will let us pleasure you several more times tonight, though.”

Jolinar chuckled softly. “I think we would like that very much.” She twisted a little in his arms and kissed him. “Goodnight, our loves.”


It did not take long before all four of them were asleep. Happy - and together.


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