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"Is this Marloon?" Sam asked, recognizing the planet they had stepped out on.

"Yes," Lantash confirmed. "It is a safe world... and uninhabited."

"This is where you went with Jolinar often. On dates!" Sam said. Then she frowned. "That's funny. It's been a long time since I re-membered anything from her. Must be a strong memory!"

"That's weird," Daniel concluded. "Also that you remember it, Sam."

She sent him an unhappy look, but did not know what to say.

"Whatever. I know a good place to make a fireplace and sleep tonight," Lantash said, starting off ahead.

The others followed.

They had found a place just at the edge of the forest. The sandy beach stretched out behind them, and around them on the other sides were a small stretch of sand, bushes, and grass.

The trees were partially overhanging this spot, and to each side were shrubbery. This meant it was actually fairly warm and quiet here, despite the light wind coming from the nearby ocean.

They had gathered some firewood and dry grass, and had managed to make a small fire - taking care that it was surrounded by non-flammable material.

Now they all sat around the campfire, munching on Tok'ra field rations and drinking from their waterskins.

"What is this?" Daniel asked, looking with some disgust at the food he was eating. "It's in a form like our energy bars, but it's even more dense! I can't decide if it tastes like fruit, or ve-getables, or maybe like chicken!"

"All of it, most likely," Martouf observed. "I don't know pre-cisely what's in them, but I think it's various smooshed fruits, and some sort of pro-tein. Which could be from some sort of fowl, but I don't know."

"It contains all the nu-tri-ents you need," Anise informed him.

"That's wonderful..." Daniel sounded sarcastic. "Knowing that really makes them taste better."

"I will admit they are not the most deli-cious," Anise said.

"I think they taste just fine." Sam ate her ration with obvious relish.

"You're weird," Daniel observed.

"Jolinar liked them too," Lantash told her.

"That's not why I like them!" Sam insisted, getting an indignant look on her face.

Lantash shrugged, but did not answer.

They all sat in silence for some time. It was starting to get dark, and they were all very tired. Having eaten, it was getting hard for them to stay awake. The fire crackled, and there was the distant sound from the ocean. It was all very relaxing, soothing, even.

"It is nice here," Anise said, sleepily.

"Yes. I can understand why you were going here with Jolinar," Sam told Lantash.

He nodded, a solemn look on his face. "Yes. It is... pleasant here."

There was another long silence, and the children again started to nod off, with Anise leaning on Daniel. Suddenly, Sam tipped over where she was sitting, and then woke up as she was lying with her face against the sand.

"Whoa! What?!" She mumbled. "What happened?!"

"You fell asleep," Anise told her.

"We all did," Martouf added.

"Well, then let's go to bed," Daniel said, forcing himself to be a little more awake. He got up and went to fetch the blankets.

The others agreed, and soon they were all wrapped up in the blankets and sleeping closely together.

They woke up late next morning, when the main sun was high in the sky and the birds were singing everywhere around them. It was already warm, but not too warm, as a pleasant wind was blowing from the ocean.

Sam stretched and sat up. "This place is getting better and better! I think I want to go on vacation here!"

"Maybe we can go here together when we're grown up?" Martouf suggested, smiling at her.

She rolled her eyes at him, but she did smile back. "Anyone up for field rations?"

"Yuck, no! Aren't there anything better here?" Daniel asked.

"There are fruit and berries, if it's the right season - and fish in the ocean, but I don't think we can catch those easily," Martouf answered.

"Let us go see if there is any fruit, then," Anise said.

"We could shoot a rabbit or a bird or something, using our zats," Sam suggested. "Then we could roast them over a fire."

"I don't feel like going all caveman right now, thanks," Daniel grumbled.

"There should be some berries during summer - which I think it is now," Martouf said. "Follow me!"

They followed him and did find some bushes, which had large, red berries.

"Are they safe to eat?" Daniel wondered.

"Yes, those are desh'kal berries. They are very nutritious and taste good," Anise reassured him.

"Okay, then..." Sam said, picking a couple berries and eating them. "They are very good!" She smiled.

"Yes," Martouf agreed, eating several as well.

"I agree - but they're also very sticky!" Daniel complained.

The others grinned, looking at him.

"You have berry-juice everywhere in your face!" Anise told him.

"So does the rest of you!" Daniel grumbled.

"Don't worry - when we've eaten we can bathe in a small nearby lake. The water is tepid in the summer," Martouf said.

"That sounds nice, but what about the sea? Can't we bathe in that?" Sam wondered, as she popped several more of the large berries into her mouth.

Martouf nodded. "We can, but it is cold until very late summer, so it's not so nice."

"Okay - lake it is, then!" Sam decided.

"We don't have swimsuits," Daniel pointed out.

"Why would we need them? We have all bathed together naked before, and I am sure no one else will come here," Anise said. "I do not understand this Tau'ri a-version to nudity!"

"True, I guess," Daniel admitted. "Okay, let's go bathe - I've eaten all the berries I can anyway. They're very filling."

They played in the tepid water for several hours, splashing each other with water and swimming around. There were small fish in the lake, and they had a lot of fun looking down at them as well, when they swam over them.

Eventually, they decided it was time to continue their mission, and they dried off in the blankets before dressing in the BDUs again.

"We definitely need to go back here - and soon!" Sam said, as Daniel was dialling the address for the first world they had gone to.

"Yes," Martouf agreed. "Maybe we can bring a picnic basket then?"

"That's an awesome idea!" Daniel exclaimed.

"And some things to play with - balls and maybe the game with the wooden mallets and stuff?" Anise suggested.

"Croquet? Yeah, that's a great idea!" Daniel agreed. "We should suggest it to Jack when we go back!"

"Unless he's very angry at us... we did run off without asking..." Sam reminded him.

"We left a note, so it should be fine. Right?" Freya asked, looking somewhat concerned. "Right?"

"Yeah... that is... I hope so..." Martouf looked uncertain.

"Of course it is all right" Daniel insisted. "Jack understands - he's done the same thing himself, before. Together with us!"

"When Apophis would have conquered Earth. Yes, but I'm not so sure he'll agree it's the same," Sam said.

"Well, if he's angry, we'll apologize. Come on - let's get going. We need to find Cam and save him before Adria hurts him!" Daniel insisted. He hit the center button, activating the wormhole.

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