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After eating, everyone was feeling much better. It had also been nice to be inside and get warm for a little while, because while it was a nice day, it was early February and quite chilly.

"Now we go ride the Sky Ride?" Daniel asked. "Please?"

"Sure - but you should expect it to be fairly cold," Janet warned.

"That's okay. It'll be fun!" Daniel insisted.

The others followed, not quite as enthusiastic, but still willing to try it.

"It says you have to be twelve to ride alone! Other-wise you have to be with someone older than twelve," Freya read from the sign.

"You also can be no more than four people in each ride," Sam said, reading more of the text.

"Well, it's fortunate both Janet and Rhiva and Hailey are here then!" Daniel smiled. "We can all get to ride then!"

"No, we can't," Martouf insisted. "We're three adults and six children, but Janet and Rhiva have to ride in the same one."

"Martouf... I don't think they mind there being five people in one of the rides, as long as some are symbiotes," Janet said.

"Why not?" Martouf frowned. "Do they not think of symbiotes as people?" He started to get angry.

"I think they just worry about how much space those people take up, and symbiotes doesn't take up extra space when they're in a host," Janet explained, hurriedly.

"Also, they probably don't know symbiotes even exist," Hailey added.

"Hm. Okay," Martouf said, accepting the explanation.

They got up in the chairlift-style, open-air ride. Janet/Rhiva with Sam and Martouf/Lantash, and Hailey with Daniel and Freya/Anise.

"Wheeeee!" Sam exclaimed, as the ride started.

"The ground is far away!" Martouf said, getting a worried expression. "I didn't realize we would get up so high!"

"Relax, you'll be fine. It's safe," Janet reassured him. "Look at the view, instead. We can see the Zoo, Colorado Springs... and there's Cheyenne Mountain! Do you see?"

"Yes." Martouf nodded, relaxing some. "It's a nice view."

"Look down too!" Sam told them. "See! There's goats!"

"Yes - and there's the tigers!" Martouf exclaimed, fear and excitement in his voice.

The ride continued for a while longer, taking them over part of the Zoo, and allowing them to see several of the exhibits from above. Eventually, they got off at the top.

"There's an awesome playground!" Sam exclaimed. "With a climbing wall and everything! Who gets to the top first?"

Martouf bowed his head, and gave Lantash control. "I'll race you!" He said, using Martouf's voice.

They took off. "Be careful!" Janet shouted after them.

"Don't you want to go climb the wall too?" Hailey asked.

Daniel shook his head. "No, I am going to go and explore that yurt over there!"

Freya looked speculative. "I shall accompany you, Daniel - but I think I want to go and try the swings afterwards."

It was several hours later, when they had returned to watching the animals of the Zoo. They looked at giraffes, elephants, zebras, monkeys, and lions - and many more animals.

"Can we go to the petting Zoo now?" Sam asked.

"The pony rides first, please?" Freya begged.

"What about the ice cream you mentioned earlier?" Martouf said, slyly.

"Yes, ice cream!" Sam agreed. "Can we have that now?"

"I like that idea!" Daniel smiled widely. "A lot!"

"Don't you think ice cream is too cold, though?" Hailey shivered a little. It was mid-afternoon now, and it was starting to get a lot colder.

The children all shook their heads. "No!"

Janet laughed. "What answer had you expected? Come on, guys! Let's go find some ice cream!"

"I'm amazed at your capacity for ice cream!" Grinning, Hailey shook her head.

"Ice cream doesn't take up much space in your stomach. It just melts!" Daniel told her.

"Yeah - while sucking body heat from you!" Hailey shivered. "It's gotten a good deal colder than it was this morning. I wish I'd worn a thicker coat!"

"Then why don't we go see the reptile house? It's warm in there, so that should help," Janet suggested.

"But we were going to the petting Zoo..." Martouf complained.

"And the pony rides," Sam reminded them.

"We will go there - afterwards. Okay?" Janet said. "Don't you want to see turtles, lizards, and snakes?"

"We have a pet snake and a pet lizard, which we can touch. That's much funnier than just looking at them!" Daniel argued.

"Do you think they have a chameleon?" Martouf asked, getting a hopeful expression.

"I'm sure they do. Now, move it!" Janet gave them a gentle push.

They had all had an enjoyable time watching the animals in the reptile house, and were now feeling much warmer.

Afterwards, they went to the petting Zoo, where there were rabbits, turkeys, chickens, a pot bellied pig, a tarantula, and some dwarf goats.

"They're crazy if they think I will touch that hairy monster!" Sam insisted, giving the tarantula a wide berth.

"It's actually fairly harmless. They rarely bite, and are no more dangerous than a bee," Daniel lectured her.

"I know - I still hate them!" Sam said. "But I love the rabbits!"

"And the goats! The goats are awesome!" Freya squealed.

"They're eating your jacket, though," Martouf observed.

"What? No! No, my jacket!" Freya screamed.

"Relax, I don't think it's damaged..." Janet said, trying to dislodge the clothing from the mouth of the goat, who seemed to ignore her.

"Help me capture the rabbit!" Sam begged.

"If it doesn't want to be petted, you should leave it alone," Janet told her. "Maybe it's already been petted by many people today, and just want to be allowed to sit in peace and eat?"

"There's another rabbit over here - and it's willing to be touched," Martouf picked up the rabbit and walked over to her. "See? Completely tame!"

"So cute!" Sam smiled, and reached for the rabbit, which flinched as soon as she touched it, and tried to hide under Martouf's arm. "Why doesn't it like me?"

"Maybe you smell of predator?" Daniel suggested.

"Why would I smell of predator?" Sam looked insulted.

"It is probably the shedded snakeskin you found in the reptile house and insisted on walking around with," Freya said. With the help of Janet, she had finally managed to free her jacket from the mouth of the hungry goat. "The rabbit can probably smell that miles away."

"Right. The rabbit with the super-nose. If it's that fantastic, it can probably smell the rep-tiles inside the building too!" Sam grumbled and went to wash her hands in a large water bowl the animals had to drink from. "Let me try pet that rabbit now."

Daniel looked concerned. "What if the animals won't drink from the water bowl now?"

"They have other water bowls!" Sam said, getting angry.

"What if that one is their favourite?"

Sam rolled her eyes. "It's not like there's anything wrong with the water. I'll drink some to show you!"

"Sam! No - stop it. You too, Daniel. Be nice, or we're going home!" Janet told them, sternly.

"Sorry," Sam said, looking unhappy.

"We'll be nice," Daniel promised.

"Can we go try the pony rides now?" Freya asked, hopeful.

A couple of hours later, it was time to go back to Cheyenne Mountain and Stargate Command.

The children had been given permission to each pick one toy - within a certain price range - from the gift shop.

Janet was talking in her cell phone, and when she had hung up, she had a very worried expression. She turned to Hailey and spoke in a low voice. "There are some people from the Lucien Alliance out to get SG-1. Apparently there is a bounty on you. Mitchell and Vala are fine - and so are Teal'c, who was attacked when he was with the Jaffa - but they think there are more assassins out there."

"What? What about Soltof and Gimbad? Are they okay?" Hailey asked, worried.

"They're contacting the Tok'ra now, but they're probably fine. I can't imagine the Lucien Alliance would succeed tracking down and attacking the Tok'ra." Janet threw a look in the direction of the children who seemed to be about finished picking their toy. "They think there's probably an assassin out for you too, so we should get back as fast as possible!"

"Of course." Hailey nodded. "Kids? We need to leave. Have you found what you want?"

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