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They had barely left the building, before they were approached by two men and a woman, all dressed in black.

The woman pointed a small, ring-like weapon against Hailey's neck. "Move - all of you. If you try anything, I'll kill her."

The men pulled zat'nik'tels from their clothing and aimed them at Janet/Rhiva. None of them paid any attention to the children.

"Hey! Leave Jennifer and Janet alone!" Sam insisted.

"Shut up, kid! If you do anything stupid, I kill your friend here!" the woman snarled.

"We're only here for Captain Jennifer Hailey - the rest of you can go," the nearest of the men said.

"Where are you taking her?" Martouf demanded.

"We just need to talk to her..." the woman grinned evilly.

"You're assassins! You're going to kill her!" Sam said. "We won't let you!"

"Stop arguing with the kids!" the man who had been silent until now told them. He gave Janet a push so she stumbled and fell away from them, then did the same to Daniel and Freya/Anise. "We're leaving!"

The three attackers pulled Hailey to them and stood closely together. The man who had just spoken - probably the leader - hit a button on a device on his wrist.

"Rings!" Martouf yelled, and threw himself at the kidnappers.

Sam reacted quickly as well, and jumped in among them. Moments later the rings from a ring transporter came down around them and the three attackers, Hailey, Martouf/Lantash, and Sam were gone in a flash of light.

"Why did you bring those kids?" the leader of the kidnappers asked, sounding irritated.

"Do you really think it was on purpose? The little leeches jumped me and Villa, and stuck to us!" the other male kidnapper said, in an offended tone.

"Do not be disrespectful, Golar. I am the leader here!"

"Yes, N'tovo, of course." Golar looked less than happy, but obeyed. "What do you want me to do about them?"

"What do I care? Get rid of them! Netan only pays us for Captain Hailey here!"

"Get rid of us? How dare you!" Sam kicked Golar's leg.

"Ouch! You little pest!" Golar gave Sam a push.

"Leave Samantha alone, or I will kill you!" Martouf insisted, angrily.

"Let the children go!" Hailey demanded. "If you do that, I'll go with you."

"Like you have a choice!" N'tovo laughed.

"What does Netan even want with me?" Hailey asked.

"I have no idea, and I do not care - you and your friends have clearly angered him, and now you will suffer! We will get paid - that is all that matter to me!" N'tovo said. "Villa, lay in a course for the Sillia system."

"Immediately, N'tovo." Villa left for the fore of the ship.

N'tovo took hold of Hailey's arm, and pulled her along. "Better tie you up so you do not cause trouble."

"Come here, you little wretches!" Golar grabbed Sam by the neck, and would have done the same with Martouf, if he had not moved aside very quickly.

Martouf's eyes flashed as he let Lantash fore. "You will leave Samantha alone! I told you!" He threw himself directly at Golar, and the surprised man let go of Sam.

"The child is a Goa'uld!" Golar exclaimed.

"No I'm not! I'm a Tok'ra!" Lantash shouted, pummeling Golar with his fists.

Sam used the confusion to grab Golar's zat'nik'tel, and jump aside. "Let go of him, Lantash!" she yelled.

Realizing her intent, Lantash let himself fall to the floor and rolled aside. Sam fired a shot at Golar immediately, stunning him.

Hailey had elbowed N'tovo in the solar plexus the moment he was distracted by Lantash flashing his eyes. She snatched N'tovo's zat'nik'tel the second he doubled over, and pointed it at him.

"Surrender at once, N'tovo!"

"You better do as she says!" Sam said, grinning widely.

"Watch out!" Lantash called, as he dove for safety behind a box. "Villa is shooting!"

Sam swirled around and fired at the female kidnapper, stunning her just as she was about to shoot with the ring-like weapon on her hand.

"Yes! We are invincible!" Lantash exclaimed happily, and made a little victory dance.

N'tovo - the only one of the kidnappers still conscious - glared angrily at Lantash and Sam.

"We'd better tie them up," Hailey said. "Good job, by the way!"

N'tovo suddenly lunged for Hailey's zat'nik'tel, but she moved out of the way quickly and fired at him, stunning him as well.

"I think you're right - we need to tie them up!" Sam agreed. "I'll find something."

"I shall guard these two," Lantash told them, indicating Villa and Golar, both who were lying on the floor, unconscious. "There may be some re-straints in the storage box beside the door to the forward section. If this teltac is stocked as is normal."

"The Goa'uld have restraints on their teltacs?" Hailey wondered. "On a cargo ship?"

"Yes, it is not un-common to transport people. People who aren't always coming along willingly." Lantash gave her a wry smile. "Cargo can be people, you know."

Hailey nodded, an unhappy expression on her face. "Of course."

Sam checked the storage box, and after some time she found something which she thought might be restraints. "These?" She held them up in the air.

"Yes." Lantash nodded.

"Okay." Sam walked over to the nearest of their enemies and kneeled beside him. "They look weird. How do I do this?" She looked at the restraints, which looked mostly like a rigid metal band, or perhaps even a bracelet.

"They are somewhat similar to the Kor mak brace-lets that Vala used to bind Cam to her," Lantash said. "Do you remember those?"

"Yeah, they showed them to us afterwards. So I just slap them on?"

"Yes, but around both wrists. Give me some for Villa?"

"Maybe you should let me do that - that one is waking up!" Hailey said.

"I can do it!" Sam insisted, and threw one pair to Lantash, then slapped another pair of the restraints on Golar, who was groaning as he was recovering from the zat'nik'tel shot.

The restraints worked as intended, and molded themselves around his wrists. A few feet away, Lantash had secured Villa's hands in the same manner.

"Nice!" Hailey grinned. "Hand me a pair for this one!"

"Sure." Sam walked over and gave her the restraints. "They're awesome!"

Hailey put them on N'tovo. "He can't wiggle out of them, can he?"

"No, ab-solutely not!" Lantash assured her. "They cannot be forced open, and the metal is im-pervious to anything!" He frowned. "Well, anything that won't kill him."

"Wow, how do we get them off, then?" Hailey asked, a bit worried.

"Depends. There is usually an un-locking device, but many of these will also open for someone with naquadah in their blood. If they know how to issue the command." Lantash shrugged. "These criminals don't have any naquadah in their blood, so they can't open them regardless."

"We better find that unlocking device," Hailey said.

"I can probably open them," Lantash insisted.

"Yeah - it's just to be safe. I mean, if you find you can't open them." Hailey went to the box Sam had found the restraints in.

"You will pay for this!" Golar hissed, having now fully regained consciousness.

Hailey just scoffed, and did not deign to answer him. "I hate to ask this, but can either of you kids fly this thing? Or at least use the communications or the rings?"

"I can fly any Goa'uld ship!" Lantash told her, proudly. "I will land it!"

"Just be careful, okay?" Hailey said, not really feeling comfortable with a little child piloting a spaceship - even if he did have experience doing so.

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