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Stargate SG-1, Advent Calendar, December 10


Lantash had landed the teltac without problems. Fortunately, it had cloaking capabilities, so they had not been seen by anyone without clearance.

They had used the communications console aboard the cargo ship to alert Stargate Command of their arrival, so there were several guards - and Teal'c who had returned from the Jaffa - standing by.

"Hey! They're in-capacitated. You don't need to worry!" Sam shouted, as she left the teltac.

"She's right, you know - all three of them are tied up." Hailey smiled, and ruffled the hair of Sam, and then of Lantash who stepped out from the teltac as well. "These are some very capable little soldiers!"

"We totally surprised them!" Sam grinned.

"I surprised them - and then we shot them!" Lantash told them. "And tied them up!"

"I am sure you all performed admirably," Teal'c said.

"Maybe we'll get a medal?" Sam suggested.

"Or pie," Lantash said.

"Pie is good too," Sam agreed. "Especially apple pie."

"I'm sure you'll get some pie. Now, come on guys - let's get you out of the way. Teal'c and the guards will take care of the prisoners," Hailey said, giving Sam and Lantash gentle pushes.

"Do you think Daniel and Freya and Anise have my plush elephant?" Sam suddenly asked. "Or maybe Janet and Rhiva?"

"And my stuffed tiger?" Lantash added.

"I'm sure they do. Now, come on!"

Fortunately, it turned out that Janet/Rhiva and the other children had taken Sam and Martouf/Lantash's toys back with them to Stargate Command.

The first thing Janet had done was call General Landry and report what had happened, and then they had returned to the SGC as quickly as possible.

Janet/Rhiva, Freya/Anise, and Daniel were all very happy and relieved to learn that Sam, Martouf/Lantash, and Hailey were unharmed and safely back.

The kidnappers were interrogated, and it was decided that there were probably no more that had been sent to either abduct or assassinate members of SG-1 or others on Earth.

Regardless, it was also decided that it was safest to be extra on guard. For the time being, SG-1 and also the children, would thus only be allowed to go outside of Stargate Command, on Earth, for shorter periods of time, and never alone.

About a month passed without any further attempts at assassination or kidnapping, and according to what the Tok'ra and the Free Jaffa had been able to learn, the risk had decreased markedly. Netan and the rest of the Lucien Alliance had other things to concern themselves with. The Ori was causing them problems, just like they did everyone else.

SG-1 concocted a daring plan, using Vala as bait to capture Adria. However, just as the plan looked to be succeeding, Ba'al had beamed the Orici away.

After some searching, they had learned that Ba'al wished to control Adria by implanting her with one of his clones. Adria/Ba'al-clone was captured, and the Tok'ra attempted to remove the symbiote, but he released poison before he died, and Adria ascended.

This removed the opportunity for her to lead the Ori forces, since as an ascended, she was unable to interfere without the Ancients taking action.

However, it did not stop the ordinary mortal followers of the Ori, or the Priors, from continuing their onslaught on the inhabitants of the Milky Way.

While the war against the Ori was not currently felt directly on Earth, it affected all of them psychologically. All the SG teams were under a tremendous amount of stress.

Sam, Daniel, Martouf/Lantash, and Freya/Anise knew some of what was going on, but everyone made an effort to not let them hear too much about it - or suffer due to it.

It was late March, and SG-1 was away on a mission, summoned by the Asgard. Several Tok'ra were accompanying them, including Janet/Rhiva and Johan/Malek.

"What do you think they want of them? The Asgard, I mean," Daniel asked.

"Maybe the Asgard will help some more against the Ori?" Martouf suggested.

"Yeah, that's possible, I suppose," Sam said.

"I heard someone mention they have engaged the Ori in battle a couple times," Anise told them. "Teal'c said it to Soltof."

"Yes, maybe that's why..." Martouf frowned. "But why do they need Janet and Malek? Janet and Rhiva are healers, and Johan and Malek are very com-petent bio-chemists."

"That is strange," Sam agreed. "Maybe it has something to do with their cloning issues?"

Daniel nodded. "That's probably it. We know the Asgard have problems because they have cloned themselves for too long."

"Hm. Let's hope they'll be okay," Sam said, worriedly.

"Anyone want to watch Narnia with me?" Anise suddenly asked.

"No, it creeps me out!" Sam exclaimed, shuddering.

"Narnia is not creepy! It's fun!" Daniel insisted.

"It's creepy!" Sam retorted.

"Why don't we watch something else then? Something we all want to watch?" Martouf suggested, diplomatically. "Lantash would like to watch 'Jurassic Park'."

"I thought he hated big scary reptiles?" Sam said.

"Or is afraid of them is probably more correct..." Daniel added in a low voice.

Martouf bowed his head, giving Lantash control.

"Not dinosaurs. They're awesome!"

"Okay, I'm fine with watching that. Daniel? Anise?" Sam asked. The others nodded. "Then that's decided! Let's go raid the rec room for candy and snacks!"

"And soda!" Anise said. "We better hurry. I think they just refreshed the stocks - it's 1500!"

"You memorized the times the staff replaces the candy and stuff?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, of course!" Anise said, looking important.

"Awesome - well let's get going then!" Daniel exclaimed.

They all ran off to complete their mission.

"So you managed to save the Asgard?" Daniel asked, looking hopefully at Malek.

"We managed to slow down their genetic degeneration, and we are hopeful we will be able to stop if completely, perhaps even reverse it. In time. We will need to study the problem further."

Sam nodded. "That's good. I would be sad if Thor died."

"They are currently evacuating their homeworld since the Ori is attacking it, but at least they have the strength to continue fighting now," Malek said.

Martouf smiled. "That's good news!"

"That's not the only good news. We got a copy of all the genetic research done by the Asgard, in order to help them. We believe some of it will be useful in our own attempts to change an ordinary symbiote into a queen," Rhiva said.

"Don't you think all that is a bit over the head for them? They're only nine - and five..." Mitchell reminded Rhiva and Malek in a low voice.

"Of course it's not beyond us!" Martouf said, an insulted expression on his face.

"I forgot about Lantash giving you enhanced hearing." Mitchell smiled apologetically. "Sorry. I know you're all a lot smarter than normal kids your age."

"That's awesome news, Rhiva!" Anise squealed.

"Yes, we may get a queen!" Martouf said, smiling.

Malek nodded. "May - and it will probably take us several years to do it... but it looks like it is possible, at least."

"I heard what you were talking about - and I've been told about the Asgard too!" O'Neill said, as he walked into the room, balancing two huge boxes. "I think this calls for a celebration. Who wants cake?"

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