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"So none of you have ever taken part of an egg hunt before?" Janet asked. "Not even you Daniel? Or you, Sam?"

Daniel shook his head. "No, not that I remember. I was being sent from one foster family to the next most of the time, you know."

"I haven't either. We moved around a lot, when dad got different postings, so I've never had a lot of friends back then. I wasn't usually invited to stuff." Sam got an unhappy expression on her face.

"Poor Samantha and Daniel!" Martouf exclaimed, pulling both of them in for a hug.

"Yes, it sounds awful!" Anise agreed, hugging all of them. "Not that I got to go to a lot of parties!"

"It's hard when you live in a lake, Anise, but I'm sure they would have held some parties otherwise," Janet reassured her.

Martouf dipped his head, giving Lantash control.

"There was one good party... about a year before I took my first host," Lantash said.

"Yes - just after I took my first host! I helped arrange it!" Anise complained.

"Well, then I'm sure you'll all enjoy the egg hunt!" Janet said, hoping to get them to think of something else.

"Yes... what is it? What's an egg hunt?" Lantash asked.

"It can be done in many different ways, but we are going to do it like this... you each get a basket, and then you'll search for painted eggs..." Janet showed them one. "Like this - but they will be many different colours. We've hid them inside the house, and outside in the garden. We have prizes for you, depending on how many you find!"

"That sounds great!" Daniel exclaimed. "Can we start now?"

"Yes, you can. You may search for one hour. Jennifer and Teal'c will be back with the stuff I sent them to pick up by then, and Cam, Vala, and Soltof and Gimbad will have arrived as well. They have a surprise, by the way," Janet told them.

"Surprise? What surprise?" Sam asked, eagerly.

Janet laughed. "No, I'm not telling! If I did, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?"

Sam looked unhappy. "I suppose..."

"Bonnie can help me look for eggs, right?" Lantash asked, looking eager.

"No, I don't think this is a game for puppies. She might eat the eggs," Janet said. "It's better she stay in here with me."

"But she wants to search for eggs!" Lantash insisted.

"I promise to take good care of her, okay?" Janet petted the puppy on the head, then handed Lantash a basket. "Now, go search for eggs, all of you!" She gave the other children a basket too.

"Wait... this is unfair to me and Freya - and to Martouf and Lantash! We each have to search for two people!" Anise said.

"That's right - do we get twice as long to search, then?" Lantash asked.

"No, in this case you get to share. Martouf and Lantash look together, and you look together with Freya, Anise," Janet decided.

"Then that's unfair to us! To Daniel and me, I mean!" Sam insisted. "One person can't find as many as two!"

"But we have to share whatever prize we win! Isn't that unfair?" Lantash asked.

Janet sighed, starting to regret she had decided on this game. Rhiva 'hugged' her. "It's not really about how many eggs you find, okay? It's just for fun! Now... go and search for those eggs!"

"How many eggs have you found?" Daniel asked.

"Seven," Sam told him. "You?"

Daniel looked in his basket. "That is a secret!"

"You only have a few, isn't that right?" Sam grinned.

"Maybe..." Daniel tried to look secretive.

"Have you looked under the porch?" Martouf shouted, as he came running towards them.

"No... I better do that." Sam turned to look under it. "It's dark in there, and there's not much room." She sighed. "I better crawl in there - you never know..."

"There's very little room..." Martouf said, evaluating the space available. "But I'll go with you."

"I'll just stay out here and... uh, keep watch," Daniel told them, sending the dark, narrow space under the porch an uncomfortable look. "Oh, and Martouf? How many eggs have you and Lantash found?"

"Fifteen," Martouf said, looking smug.

"Fifteen?" Sam looked at him. "How can you have found that many already?"

"Tok'ra are very good at following tracks - and it was Jennifer, not Janet and Rhiva who hid the eggs!" Martouf grinned.

"Gah!" Sam rolled her eyes and turned to crawl under the porch. "Are you coming?" She pressed herself through the narrow opening.

"Of course!" Martouf followed her, managing to wriggle through as well.

"There's more room further in!" Sam shouted from somewhere under the porch. "But it's very dark. I can't see much of anything in here!"

"You need a torch!" Daniel yelled after them. "I'll go get one, but only if you share the eggs you find in there with me!"

Freya came running from the other side of the house. "What are you doing?"

"Sam and Martouf are looking for eggs under the porch. There's room for lots of eggs in there!" Daniel told her.

Freya looked sceptically at the narrow opening. "I do not believe Jennifer can get through there."

"She could have rolled the eggs in there," Daniel said. "I'll go get a torch!" He ran off.

Taking care not to get dirt on her clothing, Freya kneeled down and looked under the porch. "Have you found anything in there?"

"No - but I... I don't think there's room enough for us to turn around! Not with both of us in here!" Martouf said, barely controlled panic in his voice.

"You have to crawl out first!" Sam insisted. "Now!"

"I can't! Not without turning around!" Martouf complained.

"I have a torch for you guys!" Daniel yelled, as soon as he was out the door. He jumped down the stairs from the porch.

"Stop that!" Martouf exclaimed. "It sounds like a horde of elephants down here when you trample like that!"

"What?" Daniel asked, not having caught much of what was said, since it was muffled unless you sat directly in front of the opening.

"He says it sounds like a horde of elephants when you walk," Freya dutifully repeated.

"What? No it doesn't!" Daniel said, an insulted tone in his voice.

Freya took the torch from him and turned it on, shining the light under the porch. She could only see Martouf's backside. "Are you all right in there?"

"No we're not! We need to get out, but there's no room!" Martouf sounded close to tears.

"Are there any eggs in there?" Daniel wanted to know.

"I don't care if there are! I just want out of here!" Sam exclaimed. "Help!"

For several moments, Freya and Daniel pondered what to do, while looking at each other.

"We had better go and get Janet," Freya decided. "She will know what to do!"

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