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"How did they get stuck under the porch?" Janet asked, looking surprised.

"They thought there might be Easter eggs hidden in there," Freya told her.

"Why would we hide them under there?" Janet shook her head. "Never mind, I can see how this happened. I'll come with you."

She hurried outside, followed by the puppy Bonnie, who was missing her owners. Just as she had gone down the stairs, Teal'c and Hailey came through the gate in the fence.

"Hi, Janet!" Hailey waved.

"Greetings," Teal'c said, smiling.

Bonnie barked enthusiastically, and danced around the new arrivals - then turned around and ran directly to where Daniel was sitting. She gave him a lick, then tried to get in under the porch where she could hear Sam and Martouf - who were obviously in distress. She made small whining noises.

"You have no idea how glad I am to see you guys! Sam and Martouf have apparently managed to get themselves stuck under the porch!" Janet hurried to where Daniel was still sitting, gently pushing Bonnie aside and then looking through the narrow opening. "Sam? Martouf? Lantash?"

"We're still in here!" Martouf said, sniffling. "We can't get out!"

"Don't worry, sweetie. We'll get you out of there!" Janet told him.

Hailey looked at the hole Sam and Martouf/Lantash had entered through. "I don't think I can get in there - and I doubt it's possible to crawl out backwards... but maybe we can remove a couple of the wooden boards?"

"Let me take a look," Teal'c said. He spent a few moments evaluating the situation, before grabbing hold of one of the planks. He pulled, hard, and it came away with a loud crack. "I believe you should be able to escape now."

Martouf slowly crawled out, moving backwards until he was free. He quickly rose, with a relieved expression on his face - wet with tears. "Thank you, Teal'c!" He wiped away some tears with his hand. Bonnie jumped up and down, and licked him on the hand. He kneeled down and hugged the dog.

"You are most welcome, Martouf," Teal'c told him.

Sam crawled out after him, tears streaking her face as well. "Thanks, Teal'c. I thought we'd die in there!"

"There was never a risk of that. We would have gotten you out long before that was a danger," Teal'c assured her.

"Otherwise there's always the 'Odyssey' - you could have been beamed out if nothing else!" Hailey grinned.

"Yes... but I remember Jolinar once got trapped in a narrow dark place. It was nasty." Sam sniffled.

"We're very happy you're safe - don't do stupid things like that again, okay?" Janet said, giving both Sam and Martouf/Lantash a hug.

They clung to her, promising they would never do something like that again.

"Hi, guys! What's going on?" O'Neill called from just outside the fence. He opened the gate and entered together with Cam, Vala, Soltof and Gimbad - and Jacob/Selmak.

"Jack!" Daniel squealed, and ran to throw himself at O'Neill.

Anise smiled widely, and ran after him, hugging first O'Neill, then Jacob.

"Jacob!" Martouf exclaimed, and hurried to him, with Sam on his heels.

"Dad!" Sam grinned. "I missed you!" She turned to O'Neill. "So, was that the surprise?"

"We missed the rest of you too!" Anise proclaimed, happily.

"We've been hunting for easter eggs!" Daniel eagerly told the new arrivals. "Sam and Martouf got stuck under the porch, because they thought there were more eggs under there!"

"You thought so too!" Sam insisted.

"How many eggs did you guys find then?" Jacob asked.

"Seven!" Sam told him.

"Fifteen!" Martouf proclaimed, proudly.

"Nine," Anise said.

"What about you, Daniel?" O'Neill asked.

"Five... but only because I was unlucky!" he insisted.

"I think you've all found a lot of eggs - and I think Jack has some nice prizes for you all, don't you?" Janet said, smiling.

"That I do! Come - let's go inside!" O'Neill told them. "Because Jacob isn't the only surprise I have for you!"

"One bag of candy - including chocolate eggs - to each of you... and before you ask, Martouf and Lantash will share, as will Freya and Anise. No complaints!" O'Neill warned them. "Remember - you only have one stomach each! Well, one active stomach each." He handed a bag to each of the children.

For a moment, Lantash got a defiant expression, but then acquised - possibly after a discussion with Martouf. "I can increase our metabolism if needed... but, thank you."

"That's not all - we've got one more small gift for each of you," Jacob said. "Here you go!" He handed each of the children a wrapped package.

"Thanks! What is it?" Sam asked.

"Open it," Jacob told her. He took out two more packages, and turned to Lantash and Anise. "Before you say guys anything, yes, I realize this is not a case where there is any reason why both host and symbiote shouldn't get a gift, so here's one more for each of you."

"Thank you!" Anise smiled at him, grabbing the extra gift.

"Thanks," Lantash said, eagerly accepting the package.

"Wow, it a small Star Wars spaceship with a little Stormtrooper inside!" Daniel exclaimed, having ripped the paper of his gift. "It's awesome, thanks!"

"It is a TIE fighter," Teal'c said, looking envious.

"Yes it is!" Jacob grinned. "And I knew you'd want one, so Selmak and I agreed to get you one. Here you go!" He took out one more package from his bag, and gave it to Teal'c.

Teal'c looked very pleased, and carefully opened his present. "Thank you, Jacob and Selmak."

"I brought my home-baked macaroons, and I know Jack has a couple big cakes in the car... yes, I saw them. Sorry!" Mitchell grinned.

"Hey! That was supposed to be a secret!" O'Neill complained, then smiled. "It doesn't matter, I'm hungry now - what about the rest of you?"

"That all sounds great! Did you hear that, kids?" Janet smiled at them. "Hey! Don't eat all that candy now - you want to leave room for the cake and macaroons!"

Sam reluctantly closed her bag of candy, as did the other children. "Yes, okay." She smiled at O'Neill and Mitchell.

"What type of cake is it?" Lantash asked. "Oh, and thank you for bringing it!"

"You're welcome - and it's chocolate cake. I know you all like that!" O'Neill said.

"Yay! Chocolate cake!" Daniel exclaimed. "Can we go in and eat it now?"

Janet shook her head at his eagerness. "Yes, sure."

"I think Bonnie likes chocolate cake!" Anise proclaimed.

"It's not good for her - but I have some other food for her, so don't worry," Janet told them.

O'Neill went to get the cakes as the children ran inside, ahead of the adults who followed at a more normal speed.

Sam made an unhappy sound and put on an extra shirt.

"What's the problem?" Daniel asked.

"Nothing," Sam said.

"Then hurry on! Janet's taking us on a trip to the stores so we can buy new shoes!"

"I'm coming..." Sam grumbled. She looked at herself in the mirror, then turned to the side, checking again.

"It's warm outside today - I don't think you need two shirts," Martouf told her.

"Yes I do!" Sam insisted.

"Why?" Anise asked.

Sam sighed, then pulled both shirts off and pointed at her chest. "See? I'm starting to get breasts! Dammit! Soon Janet will make me wear a bra!"

Martouf looked closely. "They are still tiny, but yes, you are correct."

"My breasts are not changing yet!" Anise said. "Janet will not make you wear a bra yet, do you think?"

"No, because she won't know about it! None of you are telling her, understood?" Sam insisted. She pulled both shirts on again.

"You can't hide it forever, you know," Daniel pointed out.

"I know, okay?" Sam rolled her eyes. "Just for now!" She rubbed her chest, nervously. "My breasts aren't noticeable now, are they?"

Martouf shook his head. "No... and we won't tell anyone. Promise!"

Daniel and Anise both nodded, solemnly. "Promise!"

The rest of the spring passed slowly, with the children spending their time on the base, going to school.

Except for short trips, they were not allowed to go outside on Earth. The danger of attacks from the Lucien Alliance seemed to have passed, but there were still trouble with the Trust, and there were other groups as well who had their own agendas, some of which were interested in acquiring a symbiote to experiment on.

The SG teams, the Tok'ra, and the Free Jaffa all continued fighting against the Ori soldiers that had come to the Milky Way galaxy. They did not seem deterred by the death - or rather ascension - of their leader, and fought with undiminished strength. Many planets were lost, either in battle, or when the population converted to Origin.

SG-1 kept on with their search for a weapon that could either destroy the Ori soldiers, or somehow convince them of the errors of Origin. In this search they were following any and all leads.

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