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After the sack race, the children had played hide and seek for almost an hour, and were by now very hungry.

"Time for cake, kids!" Janet shouted.

"Yaaaay!" the children all exclaimed, running as fast as they could to the mess hall, overtaking Janet on the way.

"You seem hungry, children," Teal'c remarked, smiling. "Should I fear there will not be enough for me?"

Martouf stared at the huge cake again. "Nah, I think you don't need to worry."

"Wow, lots and lots of candles!" Freya squealed.

"Yes, just like last time, we've divided it into six sections, and put candles for one of you on each," O'Neill said.

"Can I blow out my candles first?" Daniel asked, eagerly.

"Sure." O'Neill pulled up a chair for him to stand on, and he quickly climbed up on it.

"Don't blow out my candles!" Sam told him.

Daniel looked out over the large cake, then focused on the nearest part, which would be his section. "Ten candles!" he said, happily. He took a deep breath, and blew at the candles, getting nine of them. He quickly blew out the last one.

"Very nice, Daniel!" O'Neill said, holding out a hand to support him as he jumped down.

"Who's next?" Jacob asked.

"Me!" Lantash insisted.

"Okay - over here, then." O'Neill moved the chair to one of the sections with six candles.

Lantash jumped up on the chair and blew out the candles in one quick blow of air. "Hah! I got all of mine!"

"Sure, but you only got six! I had ten candles, and I'm sure you wouldn't have done better than me for that!" Daniel challenged.

"Oh, yeah?" Lantash said, starting to look angry. "Do you want to challenge me?"

"Stop that! Immediately! This is a party!" Janet told them, sternly.

Lantash and Daniel glared at each other for a few minutes, then both nodded.

"Okay. Sorry," Lantash said.

"Yes... sorry," Daniel repeated.

"Good. Now - who wants to go next?" Jacob asked.

When all the candles had been blown out, the children had each gotten a large slice of cake. While they were munching happily on their food, the rest of the Tok'ra at that base - as well as SG-1 - got their portions of the cake. When everyone had been served, almost half of the cake still remained.

"Great cake, Jacob!" O'Neill said. "I see the chef took my advice and made sure it was twice as big as he thought might be needed. People always want extra."

"Yes, they do." Jacob nodded.

"Especially when it's as good as this." Hailey smiled. "Do you think we could borrow your chef for the mess hall?"

"No, absolutely not!" Jacob grinned.

"Not even one day a week? Or once a month?" O'Neill asked, mock serious.

When everyone had eaten all the cake they possibly could, it was time for one more activity before the children would get their gifts.

"A piñata!" Sam exclaimed, looking happily at the colourful papier-mâché figure that was now hanging from the roof in the mess hall. "It's an animal, right? What animal is it supposed to be?"

"It is a cow, is that now obvious?" Malek asked, sounding a little peeved. "I made it myself."

"Uh, it's... it's a very nice cow..." Martouf said, quickly. "With large horns... or?"

"That is its ears!" Malek sighed. "Okay, I shall admit I am maybe not the greatest of artists."

"I think it's nice!" Daniel told him.

"Do they have blue and green cows with red legs on Su'ark? That is where Johan is from, correct?" Anise said.

"No they do not - and yes, he is from Su'ark." Malek sighed again. "I thought brown would be a boring colour."

"Oh, it's supposed to be colourful," Daniel assured him.

"Besides, it's pretty," Sam said. "It doesn't matter what it looks like."

"No, I agree. I also wouldn't like to hit something that resembled a real creature - and that's what we're supposed to do, right? Hit it?" Martouf asked.

"Basically, we love it, Malek!" Sam insisted, and gave him a hug.

"Yes. Yes, we do!" the other children agreed, hugging Malek as well. "Thank you so much for making it!"

"Okay, everyone make a large circle," Janet ordered. "Kids - you'll have a go at it once at a time. You'll be blindfolded and spun around, and the piñata will be made to swing, so be careful when you hit at it with your wooden bat. Try to listen for clues, see if you can figure out where it is."

Sam nodded. "How many times can we hit it?"

"You're each allowed to try for two minutes at a time - and you can hit it as much as you are able to in that time," Janet said.

"What's inside it?" Martouf asked.

"Candy and small gifts." Janet looked to Malek. "Right?"

He smiled warmly at her. "Yes. The candy and gifts you brought, as well as some I bought at the market on Erwona."

Janet nodded, smiling back at him. "Good." She turned back to the children. "Any other questions? No? Okay! Here we go, then!"

"Can I go first?" Sam begged.

"Me!" Daniel said, excitedly.

"No, me!" Martouf insisted. "Lantash and I both get to hit it, right?"

"Yes, you both get to try, of course - just as Freya and Anise," Janet assured him. "And don't worry - you'll all get a chance to try and hit it. Malek has guaranteed me that it won't break easily, so there is no reason to worry."

"That's good," Freya said.

"I'd still like to go first..." Sam insisted. "Please?"

"Sure. You can be first." Janet picked up the blindfold and tied it around her head. "Can you see anything?" She checked that it was snug all around. "You're not cheating, are you?"

"No, I would never cheat!" Sam assured her.

"Good, then are you ready for a little spin?" Jacob asked, taking hold of her shoulders.

She nodded. "Yes."

Jacob spun her around several times, then stuck a bat in her hands. "Ready!"

O'Neill gave the piñata a push so it started moving, and Jacob let go of Sam.

She staggered around a little for a while, still affected by the spin. She took a few steps in this direction, then a few in that direction, before she started to move purposefully in one direction - away from the piñata.

When she reached Garshaw - and started waiving the bat - Garshaw carefully stepped aside and grabbed Sam's shoulders, then turned her around and gently pushed her in the other direction.

"No cheating, no helping!" Daniel shouted.

"Hah! That helped, Daniel!" Sam exclaimed. "Now I know what direction my starting point is in!"

She carefully, slowly, walked in that direction, waving the bat ahead of her in half-circles, hoping to catch the piñata.

"Five seconds left, Sam!" Jacob announced.

Sam immediately started running, still waving the bat around her.

"Hey! Careful!" O'Neill exclaimed, when she almost hit him.

"Times up! Next!" Jacob proclaimed.

Sam stopped and took off the blindfold, an annoyed expression on her face. "But I didn't hit it at all!"

"Better luck next time, sweetie." Jacob ruffled her hair. "It's only you kids who are competing, so I'm sure it'll last another round."

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