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The piñata turned out to be very sturdy, so even if the children eventually all managed to hit it several times, it had not fallen down or broken yet.

"Okay - let's increase the time of each round to three minutes!" Janet decided.

"I'm next!" Sam shouted eagerly.

"So you are." Janet put the blindfold on her and spun her around, before giving her the bat.

Jacob had again set the piñata to swinging, and Sam ran almost straight for it - but passed it when it swung aside just as she got there. She stopped after a few more steps, then stood still and listened. She slowly turned around - and hit the air several times.

"Crap!" she grumbled to herself, and took a few steps closer, then made a half-turn before swinging the bat again. She again hit nothing. She waved the bat ahead of her, as she slowly walked around in a circle. Suddenly, the piñata swung past her so closely she felt the wind from it.

"Careful!" Lantash yelled.

"Hah!" Sam exclaimed, and turned around and struck the piñata, hard. It did not break. She hit it several more times, before Jacob called out that the time was up. She took off the blindfold and looked at the piñata. It now had a deep dent - and the beginnings of a crack. "I almost got it!"

"That's great, Sam! Now come back here - it's Lantash's turn," Jacob told her.

"But I would have gotten it! I just needed to hit it one more time, I think!" Sam complained.

"It's not about who cracks it open, Carter - you all win when you get it open, okay?" O'Neill said.

"Hm... but I did crack it open!" Sam grumbled, but handed the bat to Lantash, and the blindfold to Janet, who put it on Lantash, before spinning him around.

Lantash hurried out on the open place around the piñata, a bit unsteady on his legs after being spun around. He started swinging the bat as he turned, taking small steps in first one direction, then another.

About two minutes passed, without him hitting anything. Then, suddenly, he just grazed the edge of the swinging piñata with the bat. "Yes! I've got it!" Lantash exclaimed. He moved a little closer, and made as hard a hit as possible. Then he hit the piñata again, and again, before it finally, suddenly broke open. The candy and the other things inside it started pouring out. "Yay! Can I take off the blindfold?"

"Yes, you can. Congratulations!" Jacob offered.

Lantash tore off the blindfold and looked happily at the mountain of candy and small gifts. "It's awesome!"

"Nicely done, Lantash!" O'Neill told him. "All of you!"

"You can all go get at the candy and gifts - but make sure everyone gets some!" Janet told them.

"Yes - remember to share!" Malek called after them.

The children ran for the bounty, laughing and happy.

"Anyone want more ice cream?" O'Neill asked. "Teal'c?"

"Yes, thank you, O'Neill," Teal'c held out his bowl.

"Are there more pis-tachio?" Anise asked.

O'Neill checked the box. "Yes, there is some. Would you like it?"

"Yes, please!" Anise pushed her bowl closer to him.

He gave her the rest of the pistachio ice cream, then picked up another box of ice cream. "Anyone else?" He waved the box invitingly. When no one said anything he put it aside. "Okay. When people are finished eating, I think it's time for the gifts, don't you?"

"Yes, gifts!" Sam exclaimed.

"That's a great idea! Yes, time for gifts!" Martouf said, eagerly. "Pleeease?"

"Yes, pleeease!" Daniel repeated.

Anise shoveled down the rest of the ice cream that was in her bowl at a lightening speed, then pushed the bowl away. "I have finished my ice cream now!"

O'Neill laughed. "That was fast!"

"You shouldn't eat that fast! It's not good for you!" Janet told her. "Especially food that's so cold!"

"I am fine!" Anise assured her.

"Jacob, do you have the bag of gifts?" O'Neill asked.

"It's in my quarters. Just a moment." He turned to Teal'c. "Would you go with me? It's not just one bag."

The children looked on with rapt attention as Jacob and Teal'c came into the room, carrying one very large bag each. They went to the table, and placed the sacks on the floor.

Jacob grinned at Teal'c. "Do you want to find them a gift first, or should I?"

Teal'c smiled, and inclined his head. "You may have that honour."

"Let's see..." Jacob pulled a gift from the bag. "This one is for Freya. Here you go!" He handed the package to her. "It's from me and Selmak."

"Thank you!" Freya happily took the gift - a large box - and started to tear off the wrapping paper. "A huge puzzle! With... 3000 pieces! That is so great!" She hugged Jacob. "Thank you! Both of you!"

"You're very welcome!" Jacob smiled. He rummaged in the bag and pulled out a gift for Daniel. "This is for you from Janet and Rhiva."

"Haha! Yes! It's a detective finger-printing kit!" He smiled widely. "Thanks, Janet and Rhiva! I look forward to use this on the base!"

"Lantash - this one is for you. Careful - it's fairly heavy," Jacob said. "It's from Jack."

"Thank you!" Lantash took the package, and began removing the wrapping as fast as he could.

"What's in it?" Sam asked.

"It's... a construction set! 825 parts!" Lantash looked excited. "I look forward to building a lot of stuff with it! Thank you, O'Neill!"

"You're very welcome!" O'Neill grinned.

"Wow! That's so great!" Sam looked at it, clearly very jealous. "Can I borrow it? Sometimes? Or build something with you?"

"Sam? Before you turn completely green with envy, why don't you unwrap this?" Jacob smiled mysteriously, handing her a similar package. "It's also from Jack."

"Thanks!" She tore off the wrapping. "Yes! I got an identical set! Thanks, General!"

Jacob continued handing out gifts to the children, and when he had emptied his bag, Teal'c took over. There were quite many gifts, as O'Neill, Janet/Rhiva, Jacob/Selmak, all the members of SG-1, Cassandra, as well as several of the Tok'ra, all had contributed gifts for them.

Finally, the children sat studying the contents of a whole little mountain of gifts each.

The members of SG-1 left later that day, to return to Stargate Command. The hunt for a weapon to kill the Ori was still ongoing, and took up much of their time. Soltof/Gimbad wanted to study a tablet that SG-11 had found, which he suspected spoke of something that was hidden on Dakara, something which might turn out to be another weapon.

O'Neill stayed until the next day, then he left for Edora to spend a couple days with Laira and their son, Jack Junior, before he had to return to his work in Washington.

Sam, Martouf/Lantash, Daniel, and Freya/Anise remained on the Tok'ra base for the next week.

Janet/Rhiva stayed as well. They would not go back at the same time as the children, but stay at the Tok'ra base for some weeks. They divided their time between Stargate Command and the Tok'ra - and now when they were also in a relationship with Johan/Malek, they were considering increasing the time at the Tok'ra base.

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