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"Does that mean the Ori are defeated?" Sam asked. "Gone?"

"Yup! Completely. I mean, turns out the Ori themselves were killed by Merlin's weapon - the Sangraal - but the ascended Adria is gone now too. As is the Priors and followers," Mitchell explained.

"You killed them all?" Daniel wondered.

"No, we convinced them their beliefs were erroneous," Teal'c said.

"With a little help from an Ancient device we found," Soltof added.

"That's awesome! Does that mean we don't have to stay on the base all the time?" Martouf asked.

"No - because that's mostly due to what the Trust are doing, and they're still active on Earth... and some of them are working with Ba'al," Mitchell said.

"That sucks. When will you get the last System Lord?" Sam wondered.

"Everyone is doing their best. We'll get him," Mitchell assured her.

"Can we just take a moment and enjoy that we got one big bad guy? Party?" Vala asked.

"Yay, party!" Daniel agreed.

"Yes, I think we can do something like that." Hailey smiled. "A pizza-party, maybe - and a couple of movies. How does that sound?"

"Okay, Teal'c has picked a couple movies for us adults - do you want to find two for you, kids?" Hailey asked.

"Yes!" Sam exclaimed.

"We'd be happy to!" Freya said.

"I know one movie we absolutely need to see!" Daniel insisted.

"And which one is that?" Martouf asked, looking cautious. This was not the first time Daniel had suggested a movie that the others had ended up not enjoying.

"300!" Daniel exclaimed.

"Nope - it's R rated. You're not getting that. Way, way too violent for you," Hailey said. "Besides, I'm sure it's not out on DVD yet."

"But it's a history movie!" Daniel got a begging look in his eyes.

"Did you even read the plot? It's based on a comic," Hailey said.

"It's based on the battle of Thermopylae!" Daniel insisted.

"Yeah - very loosely. Believe me, you'll hate it when you do get to watch it. But that's not today. Find another movie," Hailey ordered.

Daniel grumbled, but gave in.

"I want to see this one! 'Deep Sea'!" Sam said. "It sounds awesome..." She read aloud some of the text on the back, "'The beauty and mystery of life beneath the surface of the ocean'! Doesn't it sound great?"

"No, there are probably big predatory fish in it. Lantash doesn't like that - even if it's the ocean and not in a lake," Martouf told them. "Pick something else."

"Why don't you suggest something, then?" Sam asked.

"Okay. Then let's watch 'The Wild'," Martouf said. "According to the back of the DVD, it tells the story of a band of animals led by a lion, who escape from the Zoo in New York City."

"That sounds pretty good," Sam agreed.

"Yes, I would like to watch that," Freya said.

"Daniel?" Sam wondered.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's do that. Can I find the second one?"

"Sure." Sam said, and looked at Martouf and Freya. They both shrugged.

"Great! What about one of these, then?" Daniel held out three DVDs, titled 'King Arthur', 'Gladiator', and 'Alexander'.

"Fine with me," Martouf said.

Sam picked up another movie and read the back of it, not paying attention to Daniel. "Or maybe this one?"

Hailey walked over to look at the movies the children had found. "Those three are all for older kids, Daniel. They're too violent. Let me see the one you have picked, Sam."

"Here." Sam held it out to her.

"The Curse of King Tut's Tomb - nope. For the same reason as the others. Try again!"

"Maybe this one?" Freya gave the DVD to Hailey. "It is called 'Over the Hedge'."

Hailey nodded, pleased. "This one is acceptable. Okay - you've found two movies. Let's get going! We need to pick up the pizzas!"

"Can we have soft drinks too?" Sam asked.

"Yes, since it's a party, you can have that." Hailey smiled at them.

The pizza-party was a big success, but soon it was time for everyone to return to their daily business. The SGC, the Tok'ra, and the Free Jaffa all worked on capturing the last System Lord, Ba'al - and the clones he still had many of.

Aside from Ba'al, there were a great many minor Goa'uld who tried to take advantage of the situation and secure a domain. There was a power vacuum after the fall of most of the System Lords, and the fall of the Ori - and on many planets the people were desolate, afraid, and confused, and looking for guidance. Many turned to their traditional gods - the Goa'uld - in that situation.

The minor Goa'uld already in hosts were not the only problem. There were also still many Jaffa who carried symbiotes, and some of those did not want to use tretonin. With the difficulty of getting new symbiotes, as the ones they had matured, the Jaffa carried the symbiotes longer than usually. Now and then a symbiote would take either their Jaffa or a nearby human as their host, when they had matured to the point where they could no longer live in the Jaffa pouch they had grown up in.

It was unknown how many Goa'uld queens were still out there, but the Tok'ra had intelligence saying there were at least a handful. Now and then they would run into Jaffa who had gotten new symbiotes, but the source always proved elusive, and most of the Jaffa did not want to speak of it - and those who did, spoke of secret meetings with priests or traders.

The Tok'ra suspected someone was taking advantage of the situation, and were smuggling symbiotes. Either they were keeping a queen imprisoned, or they were cooperating with one.

It was something that would need to be explored further, but for now they had to settle for keeping an eye out for Goa'uld trying to take control of various worlds.

The Goa'uld that the children had happened to meet some Jaffa from earlier in the year was already on the list - and the Tok'ra had managed to get an operative in at his small court.

For the children, the rest of the fall was filled with school work. The new teacher had gotten used to working on a top secret base, teaching children who were born on another world - as strange as that had seemed in the beginning.

Christmas was celebrated on the Tok'ra base that Jacob and Selmak were stationed on, just like it had been the year before. The children had arrived there a couple days before Christmas, and had stayed for about a week, returning to Stargate Command the day before New Years Eve.

Janet/Rhiva went back to Stargate Command together with the children, as she had agreed to help the members of SG-1 arrange a New Year's party.

It would be held at her house, and the participants would be herself, SG-1, Sam, Daniel, Martouf/Lantash, Freya/Anise, Malek, Jacob/Selmak, Cassandra, and Jack O'Neill.

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