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"Everyone has arrived and the food is on the table, kids!" O'Neill told them.

Sam jumped up from where she was sitting on the floor. "Yay!"

"Wonderful! I am so hungry!" Martouf exclaimed.

Bonnie got up and started barking and running around.

"Yes!" Daniel sprang up as well. "Finally! This will be awesome! I saw some of the food, and it looked so delicious!"

"Bonnie want food too!" Anise picked up her hat and placed it carefully on her head, before she stood, smiling. "I agree. I saw it as well!"

"Hi, kids!" Jacob waved at them.

"Dad! When did you arrive? Why didn't you come and say hi?" Sam complained.

"Hello, Jacob!" Martouf said.

"I just arrived a couple minutes ago. I'd have come say hi to you in a moment. Don't worry, Sammie," Jacob told her. He ruffled her hair. He then leaned down to pet Bonnie, who licked his hand. "Hi, Bonnie."

Sam got a slightly miffed expression, not liking to get her hair ruffled. "Okay."

"Any of you want something to drink? Coke, maybe?" Cassandra asked them. She frowned. "I think we should take Bonnie and lock her up in my bedroom."

"Why? No! She wants to celebrate New Year's eve with us!" Martouf complained.

"It's calm and quiet in there, and soon people will start to shoot fireworks. Dogs don't usually like that. She could get scared, okay? It's better for her to be somewhere else - like a bedroom."

The children looked at each other and slowly nodded. "Okay."

"Will she get some food in there?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, I'll make sure she has food and water, don't worry," Cassandra assured them. "Come, Bonnie!"

"Okay, Bonnie is in the bedroom. Now, did you want something to drink, kids?" Cassandra asked.

"Do you have diet Coke?" Sam said, looking hopeful.

"Can I have Sprite instead?" Anise wondered.

"We do have diet Coke. No Sprite, sorry, Anise. We do have some 7-Up. Would you like that instead?" Cassandra asked.

Anise nodded. "Yes, I like that too."

Cassandra looked at the boys. "Martouf? Daniel? What do you want?"

"Coke is fine," Martouf said. He frowned. "Though Lantash wants 7-Up. Can I have a glass of both?"

Cassandra laughed. "Sure, no problem!"

"Do you have any Dr Pepper?" Daniel wondered.

"Uh, not sure. Teal'c?" Cassandra called. "Do we have Dr Pepper?"

"Yes, we do. I personally made sure that was purchased," Teal'c said. "Anise - I am sorry, but there was no Sprite in the store."

"That is all right, Teal'c. 7-Up is just as good." Anise smiled at him.

"What kind of food is there? Chicken drumsticks, maybe?" Martouf asked. "I really hope there are some of those?"

"Oh, there's deep-fried shrimp! That's awesome!" Sam squealed. "Can I have some? Please?"

"Sure. Just point to the things you want - I realize some of it is too hard to reach," Cassandra said, looking at the table. It was fairly high and broad, and much of the food was placed in the middle. "I think we need to move this out to the sides..." She did so, then took Sam's plate and put several shrimps on it. "Anything else?"

"I think I can reach the rest..." Sam told her.

"It's okay - I can do this for now, then you can take more yourself later," Cassandra said. "What else do you want?"

"Dipping sauce for the shrimps. And sausage rolls. And some of that ham." Sam stared at one of the dishes, pondering what it might be. "And some of those, uh, teh'kas."

"Some of those what?" Janet looked uncomprehendingly at Sam.

"It trans-lates to... spicy meat on sticks?" Martouf said. "I think that's correct."

"Ah, in Goa'uld?" Janet frowned. "Okay, these, then." She picked up one of the skewers with meat pieces on. "It's turkey, with a sweet and spicy sauce. Would you like one?"

Sam nodded. "Yes, please!"

"There are drumsticks!" Martouf exclaimed, happily. "Over there!" He pointed. "Please, can I have some? Or... many? Just like, five or six?"

"Don't you want any other food than that, Martouf?" Cassandra asked. "What about you, Sam. More?"

"Two drumsticks. Nothing more right now."

"I can eat more than that!" Martouf insisted. "Also, I don't want to risk all of them being eaten, and then there aren't any more later... if I decide I am more hungry."

Cassandra grinned. "Greedy, aren't you?" She handed Sam's plate to her. "Don't worry, there is more than enough food - and there's even more in the kitchen. I don't think you need to worry about it all being eaten today, even!"

Martouf took a paper plate and held it out to her. "That is reassuring. However, I would like at least four drumsticks now, please!"

Cassandra shook her head, and took the plate. "Okay." She put four drumsticks on the plate. "Want any sauce for it? Or anything else?"

"No sauce, but I would like a few of the shrimps, and some of the red dipping sauce for them. And a couple of the small sausage rolls! And... and... some garlic bread... and... maybe some of that stuff with the green beans in?"

Cassandra shoveled all of that unto the plate, then handed it to him, together with a plastic fork. "I think that's all that will fit on the plate right now. You can come back for more when you've eaten that!"

"Okay." Martouf nodded. "Thank you."

"My turn!" Daniel said.

"And then me!" Anise put her plate on the table.

"Sure. What do you guys want?" Cassandra asked.

After everyone had eaten, there were some games that they all could participate in, and then there was music and dancing. Both the adults and the children had a fun time, with the children jumping around happily to the music.

About an hour before midnight, a light meal was served. It consisted of various cheeses, crackers, chocolate, and some fruit. There was a variety of fruit - grapes, bananas, kiwis, apples, and oranges.

The children were starting to become tired, after having run around the entire evening. Besides, it was after their regular bedtime, so it was not surprising. However, the food woke them up again, and soon they were munching on crackers and cheese, as well as a big helping of the grapes each.

Daniel grabbed several grapes and stuffed them into his mouth. "How long is it until midnight?"

Lantash yawned mightily, then looked at the clock on the wall. "Twenty minutes."

"Good. I am almost falling asleep," Freya said, leaning her head against the back of the chair.

"We need something to keep awake!" Sam decided, jumping down from her chair. "Come, let's go grab some of the chocolate. We didn't get any of that before."

"Right. Chocolate!" Lantash agreed. "Let's get some of that - and maybe some more crackers and cheese."

"We need something to drink. It's almost midnight. Do you think they'll let us have some champagne?" Daniel wondered.

"They will not," Janet told them, having heard them talk. "Go grab the snacks, while I'll find something for you to drink. We bought some sparkling cider for you, so you'll still get something bubbly."

"Everyone ready?" O'Neill asked, raising his glass. "Time to count down to the new year!"

"Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One!" they all counted together. "Happy New Year!"

Everyone cheered each other and kissed the ones nearby. Janet/Rhiva and Johan/Malek had retreated to a mostly private corner, and was kissing each other, and embracing tightly. The children all gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek, before drinking their sparkling cider.

"Time for fireworks!" Jacob announced. "Teal'c and I have it set up outside!"

They all grabbed a coat and hurried outside, where Jacob/Selmak and Teal'c had been preparing the fireworks.

Everything was ready, so it was barely minutes later when the first rocket streaked to the sky, where it exploded in a rainbow of colours. Then the next was launched, and the next, and the next.

"Wow, that is so pretty!" Daniel breathed.

"Beautiful," Martouf agreed.

"Very pretty." Sam leaned her head back as far as she could, and tried to follow the rocket with her gaze, as it flew high into the sky, then exploded, a silvery waterfall raining from it.

"Awesome!" Anise exclaimed. "Just as pretty as the fireworks I saw on one of Lord Yu's planets once."

The fireworks were over too soon, and everybody returned to the house.

Sam yawned, and tried to keep her eyes open. The other children mirrored her yawn.

"Time for you to go to sleep, I think!" Jacob said.

"I'm not tired!" Sam insisted.

"Not tired at all!" Martouf said.

"Me neither!" Daniel quickly added.

Anise shook her head. "Or me!"

"Liars!" Jacob smiled at them. "I know you have a room here with beds standing ready." He gave them a gently push. "Come on - time to get ready for bed!"

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