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The new year continued much like the old one for SG-1. Ba'al and his remaining clones kept eluding them, the Tok'ra, and the Free Jaffa. Aside from that, there were constant reports of minor Goa'uld attempting to take power, clashes between rivalling groups of Jaffa, as well as worlds where the entire structure of the people had collapsed after their 'god' had disappeared.

They had more than enough to do, especially with the IOA interfering more and more.

Teal'c got to travel to Atlantis, something Daniel was very envious about. He still tried to convince anyone that would listen that he should be allowed to travel there, particularly now when the Midway station had been constructed, and the journey could be done quickly. However, Daniel had yet to find anyone who did not think it would be too dangerous for him to go to Atlantis.

Daniel ran to meet Teal'c, as soon as he stepped through the door to the room.

"How was the trip? Was it awesome on Atlantis? I bet it was awesome!"

"It was quite interesting," Teal'c said. "However, I have been there before, as you know, and I saw few parts of the city I did not see then."

"Interesting? That's all? The main city of the Ancients?" Daniel looked at him, a disbelieving expression on his face.

Teal'c smiled. "I am sure you will appreciate it more than I did, when one day you get to go there. Much of my time was taken up by important things."

"Tell us? What is going on in Atlantis? They're at war with some replicators and some... beings called Wraith, right?" Sam said.

"The war with the replicators, the Asurans, is over. They are all destroyed." Teal'c smiled again. "However, the Wraith is still a problem, that is true. In fact, I was forced to do battle with some of them."

"Are you okay?" Sam asked, a look of terror on her face.

"Of course. I am an experienced warrior!" Teal'c said, getting a proud expression.

"Had they not created a drug that would turn the Wraith into humans?" Anise asked. "I heard Janet talking to Malek about it," she added, looking somewhat guilty at having been listening in on their conversation.

Teal'c nodded. "They had indeed created a retrovirus, but it is not of either lasting, nor complete effectiveness. However, the Tok'ra have been asked to help in developing a better retrovirus. They will be sending a biochemist there soon."

"Will it be Malek, perhaps? I mean, he's one of the best of our biochemists!" Martouf said.

"Perhaps. I do not know," Teal'c told them.

"But you can tell us something about Atlantis itself!" Daniel begged. "You didn't really say much last time you had been there. Please?"

Teal'c looked at him, then smiled and nodded slowly. "Indeed. I will give you my impression of the city."

As Martouf/Lantash had expected, Johan/Malek was indeed the Tok'ra chosen to go to Atlantis and help with the research into the Iratus Bug retrovirus.

Janet/Rhiva would be joining Johan/Malek in Atlantis, since they had complimenting skills that would help with the research.

"I'm not happy Janet and Rhiva leaves for Atlantis!" Daniel said.

"It's a great oppor-tunity for them - and they also want to be with Johan and Malek," Martouf told him.

"But I miss her!" Daniel complained.

"They will probably be back soon," Anise said. "They are very com-petent, so they will solve the problem quickly."

Sam nodded "I agree." She looked at the clock on the wall. "Time for school... and this afternoon Janet and Rhiva comes to pick us up so we can spend the weekend with them before they leave. That will be fun!"

Several months passed before Johan/Malek and Janet/Rhiva returned. Not only had it been more difficult than expected to get the retrovirus functioning completely as intended, but there had been many other things they had helped out with.

Now, however, they were back in the Milky Way galaxy. The retrovirus was working as intended now, and the Atlantis expedition was doing their best to disseminate it to the Wraith, turning them completely into humans, permanently.

It was perhaps somewhat morally ambiguous, but it would save the lives of a great many people in the Pegasus Galaxy.

After this success, the decision had been made to keep a constant Tok'ra presence on Atlantis. Korra would be going there immediately, and would be joining one of the Atlantis teams.

Later the Tok'ra would send Siva/La'etha - a Tok'ra healer/biochemist blended pair.

It was only a couple days after Johan/Malek and Janet/Rhiva had returned, when the last of the System Lords - Ba'al - had been captured. The Tok'ra would be doing a ceremony for his extraction, with several Tau'ri, as well as Free Jaffa, in attendance. Aside from that, half of the Free Jaffa fleet would keep guard, in case Ba'al attempted to escape or someone tried to free him.

"Why can't we come?" Sam looked unhappily at O'Neill.

"You're not currently active members of the SGC," Vala told her. "That's why."

"Neither is Jack!" Daniel complained.

"I'm a General - that's maybe not as active as I'd like, but I'm still 'active' active." O'Neill frowned. "If you get way I mean."

"I do, but it's not at the SGC, so that excuse doesn't hold!" Daniel said.

O'Neill nodded slowly. "True, but you still can't go! Too dangerous for kids, okay?"

"Besides, it's an execution. That's no place for little ones," Mitchell said.

"Extraction," Vala corrected.

"In this case I'm sure it will be followed by Ba'al's execution, though," Lantash told them. "I can't imagine the Tok'ra keeping the last System Lord alive!"

"Well, there you have it! Anyway, it won't be much fun. Soltof says there will be a long ceremony, with lots of boring chanting of Ba'al's sins." O'Neill grimassed.

"Of which he has plenty," Anise observed. "It will be a long ceremony."

"Yeah, I don't know why you would even want to come! I mean, I'm not sure I want to go!" O'Neill complained.

"It's the last System Lord. The Tok'ra have fought for two thousand years to kill the System Lords. It's an occasion all Tok'ra wish to celebrate," Lantash said, somberly. "But I get what you mean."

"Here. You can borrow my yo-yo!" Daniel handed the toy to O'Neill. "To keep you occ... occupied during the ceremony."

"Thanks, Daniel!" O'Neill smiled. "I doubt they'll let me play with it, but thanks!"

"So all went well?" Lantash asked. "Ba'al did not attempt to escape?"

"No. He said some weird things, and he probably hoped someone would free him, but that didn't happen. He's dead," O'Neill said.

"Good." Lantash nodded, satisfied. "No more Goa'uld System Lords."

"Unless he wasn't the last one," Sam said.

"Or another rises to take his place," Anise warned.

"Stop being so negative. Besides, the Tok'ra are supposed to keep an eye out for that, right?" O'Neill said.

"True. It will be all right." Lantash frowned. "I hope."

"Is it true the Tok'ra have built a huge city on the surface of a planet?" Anise asked, disbelief clear on her face.

"Yes, but few live in it. There are still many dangers in the Galaxy, and most doesn't feel safe on the surface. Most of the Tok'ra still live in tunnels - mostly on other worlds than their official 'homeworld'," O'Neill told them.

"That makes sense," Lantash said, nodding.

"Yes, I would not want to live on the surface!" Anise added, shuddering.

"How about the joint base the Tok'ra would help us build on the Moon? Will they start that now?" Sam asked, suddenly very interested.

"I have no idea. You'll have to ask Soltof and Gimbad. They probably know. Or Hailey." O'Neill ruffled her hair. "So, would you guys like some cake to celebrate?"

"Yay, cake!"

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