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About a week later, it was time for the children's birthdays.

It was celebrated on the new Tok'ra homeworld. The city was large and shining, with crystal spires and towers. However, just as O'Neill had said, few lived there.

There were, however, many nice buildings, and several of them were constructed with the intention to use them for celebrations and official functions.

The crystals in the walls of those were made so they could change colour, and even glow. The walls of the hall where the children's birthday party was held had been programmed so it would slowly change between several soft colours. The room had only been lighted by the glow from the walls, and the children had loved it.

They had also had a fun time playing hide and seek in the many corridors of the building, the inner walls of which could be made partially transparent.

Now, home again at Stargate Command, it was time for their medical checkup. Janet and Rhiva insisted on examining them regularly, since no one had experienced what they had before. Until now, all had developed normally, though, and they were growing up just like normal children.

"Why do we always have to do this?" Daniel complained. "There's nothing wrong with any of us! You've said so each time!"

"True, but I still like to keep an eye on things. You are the first people that we know, who have been de-aged," Janet pointed out.

"I have complete control of Martouf's body. He is one hundred percent healthy and so am I," Lantash insisted. "He is a normal eleven year old human, and I am a normal seven year old symbiote."

"I'm sure you are. Just humour me, and this will be over in no time, okay?" Janet said. "Remember, three of you have naquadah in the blood, and we don't know what that will do to growing bodies... and yes, I know you don't have that, Daniel, but I still need to check that all is okay."

Daniel gave her an unhappy look. "Hm."

Sam grumbled something in a voice too low to hear.

"Freya and I are also in perfect health," Anise told Janet.

"Why don't you go first, then, Anise and Freya?" Janet asked, patting the chair in front of her. "Come here and sit down."

Anise got a defiant expression on her face, but still did as she was told. "Yes, Janet."

Janet and Rhiva examined her and Freya, and found that they were indeed completely healthy - just as Anise had said. Freya's breasts had by now started to grow a little bit, so her puberty was also starting as normal.

Daniel was next in line to be examined. He grumbled again since he still did not feel any need for him to be examined, as he did not have naquadah in his blood. Something which he pointed out, yet again.

"Okay, everything looks normal. You can go, Daniel," Janet said, when she had finished checking him over. "Martouf and Lantash - you're next!"

"Your turn, Sam!" Janet called, when she had dismissed Martouf and Lantash, after determining they were completely healthy and developing normally.

"Why do I have to be last? The others have already gone back to have fun!"

"Someone had to be last, Sam."

"Then please hurry, I don't want to miss too much of the movie the others were going to go and watch!"

"Relax. I'm sure you can watch the movie another time, if they've already started when you get back." Janet smiled at her, shaking her head a little. "You're no better as a child than you were as an adult. Never willing to spend much time on your health! Well, I suppose that could be said for all the members of SG-1 back then, when it was you, Daniel, Teal'c, and Jack."

"Then you're saying I'm developing normally, right? Just as expected? That means I can go, doesn't it?" Sam asked, hopefully.

"Not quite yet. Sit down, young lady!"

Sighing dramatically, Sam sat down, and allowed Janet and Rhiva to examine her.

"Well, you're healthy, but Rhiva thinks we should give you an MRI, and I agree," Janet said.

"What? I'm not a host!" Sam exclaimed.

"No, we know. That's not why. We want to look at the activity in your brain, particularly when you are remembering certain events. Rhiva will be asking you some questions while we do the scan," Janet told her.

"Why? Is there something the matter with me?" Sam suddenly looked scared.

"Not at all. It's just that you've been remembering more of Jolinar's memories recently than we'd expected you to do at this point," Janet said.

"It's not that many. And only sometimes. And not memory flashes or anything," Sam insisted.

"I know, sweetheart, but I've noticed you mentioning things you remember from Jolinar now and then, and there has also been the odd word in Goa'uld. The others have noticed as well."

"So what? You know I have her memories."

"Yes, but they shouldn't have surfaced yet. Since you didn't get them until you were an adult, and they seemed to be even deeper buried than many of your own memories, we thought you would not be able to access any of them yet. Or at least only very few of them, but it looks like it's becoming more and more."

Sam shrugged. "Okay. So? Does it matter?"

"It may. It might affect the formation of your personality. Until now it seems you are all mostly on track to become the same people you were - just with a few extra childhood memories. If you're affected by Jolinar's memories already now... even if it's only a few of them... it could change you. She's had some pretty bad experiences, and even ignoring that, she's got a lot of memories."

Sam sighed. "I don't feel different."

"Still, I think we should check your reaction to some questions about the Tok'ra and the Goa'uld - and make a few scans while we do so."

"What did you learn?" Sam asked, half-curious and half-worried.

Rhiva ran the Tok'ra scanner over Sam's head again, and compared the readouts with the MRI scans they had made earlier. "It would indeed seem that your memories from Jolinar is becoming accessible - too early, and too many of them."

"And that's bad."

"It is... unfortunate. You wish to remain you, and not become even more Jolinar than you had after the short blending with her." Rhiva smiled at her. "Do not be concerned, Samantha. The Tok'ra have the technology to block these memories again, so they will not surface before they were supposed to."

"Which is when?" Sam wondered. "Why does this happen?"

"We are not completely certain, but probably around your late teenage years," Rhiva said. "However, you will most likely end up being able to access more of Jolinar's memories than you could before you were de-aged - and you will be able to do so easier. That cannot be helped, but for now we can block many of them. As for why? Possibly due to the fairly large amounts of naquadah in your blood. That may also be why it is happening already - or maybe it is because you are going through puberty."

Sam nodded, not completely sure what, if any, consequences this would have. "You'll do that now? Block the memories?"

"No, I do not have the technology to do that here. We shall have to go to Malek's base."

It had taken some time to block Jolinar's surfacing memories, mostly because they had to take care not to affect Sam's own memories. However, all went well, and after about a week, she - and the other children who had accompanied her to the Tok'ra base - could return to Stargate Command.

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