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"What would you like to do to celebrate October break?" O'Neill asked. "I'm only here for a couple days, so we can't travel anywhere, really, but there's lots of stuff we can do locally."

"Like what?" Martouf asked.

"We could also go offworld," Sam suggested, throwing a tennis ball at Bonnie, who happily ran to get it.

"If you want, we could go see the Peterson Air and Space Museum. Did you ever do that?" O'Neill wondered. "I think I know one of the guides, actually."

"Yes, they have an ex-hibition about NORAD and the Air Force and stuff... and the base at Cheyenne Mountain. It's not like we haven't already seen the real thing!" Sam scoffed.

"Or we could go bowling!" Daniel said. "That was so fun when we did that last time!"

"When did we do that? I do not even know what bowling is!" Anise complained.

"It was... uh, some time ago." Daniel blushed. "For a team night, I think..."

O'Neill rolled his eyes. "If you're thinking of the same time I do, then it's at least seven years ago! Before you became kids again!"

"Then it's time to go there again, isn't it?" Daniel said.

"Bowling balls are heavy. I don't know if we can lift them?" Sam sounded worried.

"They have smaller balls for children, so don't worry about that," O'Neill said. He shrugged. "It's not a bad idea. I'll ask Janet and Teal'c and the others if they want to come."

"We need to go put on the special shoes!" Daniel insisted.

"Not yet, Daniel. We're eating first," Janet told him.

"What food do they have?" Freya asked.

"Can I have pizza?" Daniel wondered.

"I'm not sure they have that. They have something they call 'barbecue special menu' today," O'Neill said.

Mitchell nodded. "Looks like they've only got barbecued meat today - with various kinds of side dishes and sauces."

"What kinds of meat?" Martouf asked.

"Honey-glazed ham, sweet and spicy spareribs - thats pork ribs, sweet and spicy chicken kabobs, and spicy lamb kabobs," Hailey said. "Look for yourself."

"What are the side dishes?" Sam asked the lady behind the counter.

"Roasted sweet potatoes, potato wedges, coleslaw, garlic bread, and potato salad. You can pick two of them. We've got three kinds of sauces as well. Chili lime sauce, whisky sauce, and our special barbecue sauce."

"How many kinds of meat can I pick?" Martouf asked, stepping up to the counter as well.

"Only one kind."

Martouf looked unhappy. "I wanted to try the spare ribs and the chicken kabobs!"

"So do I!" Sam complained.

"Why don't you each pick one, and then share?" Janet suggested.

"That works, I guess?" Sam looked at Martouf.

He nodded. "Yes, good idea."

"I want the spare ribs!" Daniel exclaimed. "With sweet potatoes and barbecue sauce! Oh, and coleslaw!"

The lady behind the counter ladled a plate for him with the food he had asked for, and put it on a tray before him. "Here you go, young man!" She put a small plate on the tray as well, together with cutlery, and a paper cup. "You can go over there and take all you want from the salad buffet. There's also a soda fountain where you can pick what you want."

"Thanks! Uh, can I have a straw?"

"They're over by the fountain - together with napkins and various condiments."

Daniel nodded and left with his tray, and the next one of the children went to order.

Finally everyone had gotten their food, and the rather large group had found seats along two tables they had pushed together.

"Here are half of the chicken kabobs!" Martouf said, putting two of the four skewers with chicken on Sam's plate. "Now can I have half of the spare ribs?"

Sam nodded, picking up her fork and knife, and cutting the large spare ribs rack in two. She then speared one of the halves with her fork, and gingerly managed to balance it long enough to place it on Martouf's plate. "Here you go!"

"Thanks." He began cutting the spare ribs apart.

Daniel scooped up the barbecue sauce on his plate and dumped all of it on his spare ribs. He had filled a couple small cups with ketchup and cold barbecue sauce over at the condiment stand, and he now took these and poured over the spare ribs as well.

"Yikes, Daniel! Are you trying to drown your food? The ribs are completely invisible under all that!" O'Neill said.

"I like them this way!" Daniel smiled, and dug his fingers into the mess, and picked up the whole rack of spare ribs. He began gnawing at one end.

"Daniel!" O'Neill hid his face in his hand. "Could you possibly eat in a more disgusting way?"

Daniel looked at him, smiling. "I can try..."

"Please don't! You're eleven years old! Try to behave it!" O'Neill told him.

Anise speared a potato wedge on her fork, and carefully dipped it in the sauce. "What does his age have to do with his eating habits? Which do need to improve, I agree! He reminds me of Nerus!"

"Anise! Voice!" Janet warned. "Also, be nice!"

"Sorry!" Anise said, using Freya's voice.

Daniel scoffed, but put the rack of ribs down and started using his knife to cut it apart. He clearly did not like being compared to a Goa'uld - and particularly not someone like Nerus.

"Everyone got their bowling shoes on?"

"Yes!" Sam exclaimed. "I am ready!"

"They are a little disgusting. Lots of other people have used them before!" Anise complained. "How often are they dis-infected?"

"Probably never. Relax, you'll be fine," O'Neill said. "You can always cure yourself and Freya from whatever is in them."

"True, but the thought is still disgusting," Anise mumbled, in a low voice.

"We have three lanes. You kids are on the first one. Janet, Mitchell, and me take the next one, and Teal'c, Hailey, and Soltof are on the third," O'Neill told them. "I'm guessing the symbiotes want to play as well, so that makes us six on the first lane, and four on the other two."

"Of course we want to par-ticipate too!" Anise said, an indignant tone in her voice. She was still remembering to hide the distortion, though.

"As I said." O'Neill grinned. "Go grab yourself a bowling ball, and lets get started! There are different sizes and weights, and there should be some made for people with smaller hands as well, so take a good look."

"If I take one of the lighter balls, I'll have less of a chance of knocking over the pins, will I not? And that is what I should do, correct?" Martouf asked.

"Yes it is... and I suppose so, but they should all be heavy enough for to do the work, so don't worry about it. It won't matter that much, I think," O'Neill said.

"If the ball is too heavy you won't be able to make it move fast enough to hit the pins ef-fectively," Sam told him. "It's not just the mass of the ball, but also the acceleration of it."

Martouf nodded. "Right, because, uh, the ball will hit the pins with a force that equals the acceleration times the mass."

"Exactly," Hailey said, smiling.

"Now go grab yourself a ball that you think will work well, and we'll do a few trial throws, okay?" O'Neill told them.

After a very short learning time, the symbiotes all showed amazing abilities in bowling, hitting all or most of the pins every time. They all insisted it was because they were much better at controlling the motor functions of their hosts, than their hosts were themselves.

Teal'c was an excellent bowler as well, but none of them were actually bad at it, so all the teams ended up with good results.

They all had fun, and the time in the bowling hall went by much too fast.

"That was fun!" Sam exclaimed, as they were leaving the place.

"Yes, can we do that again soon?" Martouf asked.

O'Neill grinned. "Absolutely! Next time I visit?"

"Agreed!" Sam said, and the others all chimed in, sharing her sentiment.

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