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During the last months of the year, a few minor Goa'uld made a grasp for a world or two, but these attempts were easily blocked by the Tok'ra and Stargate Command.

The rest of the galaxy, however, was struggling to adapt to the new situation. A new order had to be established, essentially from scratch and the obstacles were formidable, trade was stagnating, food shortages occurred and old disagreements, which had been suppressed by the Goa'uld, flared into existence and spilled into neighboring systems.

For the children, this was not a problem, of course. They spent most of their time studying. They were rapidly going through the curriculum, and keeping their teachers on their toes looking for new and more advanced material.

Now, however, Christmas was rapidly approaching, and the children were discussing what gifts to get for their friends.

"There is a new Simpsons DVD out - I think Jack would like that," Daniel suggested.

"Agreed. Let's get him that," Martouf said.

"Daniel, do you and Sam still have money in your accounts from when you were on SG-1?" Anise wondered.

"Yes. Lots! Don't you remember? We're still getting paid! They couldn't figure out how to register stuff correctly in their database!" Daniel grinned.

"Right. Yes, now you mention it, I do remember." Anise smiled. "Good."

"Since we're almost not using any money, we have lots and lots," Sam said. "Do you want any of it?"

"Maybe." Anise looked speculative.

"Yes, when we need it. Usually we're just here all the time, and we get free food and stuff, so we don't need it. Usually," Martouf said.

"What do we get Janet and Rhiva? And Teal'c? And Cassandra? And..." Anise asked.

"Stop!" Daniel interrupted her. "I'll get some paper so we can make a list. Okay?" He ran over to the box standing beside the printer and grabbed a few sheets of paper, then he took a pen from one of their desks. "Now I'm ready."

"Newest Simpsons DVD for Jack," Anise said.

"Okay. I have that noted down," Daniel told them.

"We should give Teal'c the newest Star Wars, on DVD," Sam said. "Episode three. Revenge of the Sith, I think?"

Martouf nodded. "Yes, that's what it's called."

"Does he not already have that?" Anise asked.

"He did, but it was lost after he took it to the rec room," Martouf reminded them. "He said no one would ever be allowed to borrow any DVDs from him ever again!"

"Right," Daniel said. "Okay, so we give Teal'c that one."

"Let's give Cassandra a new woolen red sweater, like the one she, um, had," Sam suggested, her cheeks turning red.

"You mean the one you spilled a whole jug of hot chocolate over?" Martouf grinned. "She said she couldn't get it clean again!"

"Ever!" Anise added.

"Yeah, ah, that one..." Sam admitted.

"I'll note that down. Let's hope we can find one like it..." Daniel chewed on the end of the pen. "What size does she use?"

"Uh, medium?" Sam suggested.

"We must not forget Jack's son, Jack Junior," Anise said.

"Right. JJ!" Daniel grinned. "He and Laira will be here for Christmas! What do we give him?"

"A computer game? He's almost seven, right?" Sam said.

"Yes, but what use is a computer game on Edora? They don't have electricity, do they?" Martouf pointed out.

"I think Earth has started making some windmills for generating power, for lighting... but only in the clinic and the school, I think. And maybe a few other places," Daniel said.

Martouf nodded. "Okay, but no computers, right?"

"No, no computers," Daniel agreed.

"Okay, we need a different gift then. Some toy that works without electricity. Maybe roller blades?" Sam suggested.

"With no paved roads?" Martouf said.

Sam rolled her eyes. "Okay, so if you don't like my ideas, then come up with some yourself!"

"A couple miniature cars?" Daniel almost immediately shook his head at his own suggestion. "Which he doesn't know what is. So, no, I guess."

"Okay, then something to build stuff with. Like, wooden LEGO or something, perhaps?" Martouf suggested.

"You can buy wooden building block sets, big ones, that you can build castles and bridges and stuff from," Sam said. "I've seen them in stores."

"Then we'll get him one of those." Daniel noted it down.

They continued going through ideas for each of the people they wanted to give gifts, and wrote down suggestions for presents for them. It ended up being a very long list.

The gifts had been ordered online, using one of the computers they had been given, mostly to use for school work. After about a week, all the gifts had arrived, and been wrapped by the enthusiastic children.

Now only three days remained before it was Christmas!

"JJ has never celebrated Christmas before! We need to make sure it's perfect!" Daniel insisted.

"JJ?" Anise frowned.

"Jack Junior - but it's so much easier to say JJ!" Daniel insisted.

Anise nodded slowly. "The Tok'ra generally believe it is disrespectful to ab-breviate someone's name - since names usually have a meaning. But I suppose it is easier."

"Well, we have a gift for him, and Teal'c said SG-1 would get the Christmas tree, so I don't know if there's anything more we need to do?" Sam said.

"Decorations for the tree?" Martouf suggested.

"And the room," Anise added.

"What about the decorations we made last year? Are they still on the Tok'ra base?" Daniel wondered.

"Yes, but Janet said there were plenty of stuff here, so we needn't worry," Sam told him.

"I still think we should make some decorations," Daniel insisted.

"And some cookies and candy," Anise said.

"Okay, but in that case we had better hurry. There's only three days before Christmas!" Martouf got a panicked expression on his face.

"What do we focus on, then?" Sam said, as she went to grab a pad of paper and a pen.

Bonnie got up from where she was lying on the floor, being petted by Martouf. She ran and picked up her favourite tennis ball and went back to him, dumping the ball in his lap. She looked at him expectantly.

"I need to help the others figure out some stuff first, Bonnie," Martouf told her. She nudged him with her nose. "But I guess I can throw the ball for you first." He did so, and the dog ran off to get it.

"We should make some of those glittery pine cones we made a few years ago, would that not be nice?" Anise suggested. "It is just putting glue on pine cones and sprinkling with glitter."

Sam nodded. "They're easy to make, so that's a good idea."

"We can also shape wires as stars or snowflakes and put something white on them," Daniel said.

"White beads, maybe?" Anise suggested. "For the snowflakes."

"Maybe... and we can make paper baubles - from papier-mâché, perhaps - and paint them." Sam grimassed at her own idea. "Not sure how good that will look, though."

Martouf shrugged. "We'll try. It might be fun to make them, in any case." He took the ball Bonnie dumped on him, and threw it again.

"We can also use salt dough to make figures and paint them," Daniel suggested.

"I guess we could use more of the glue and glitter for those?" Martouf said. "To make them more... festive!"

"Yes, and then we can either put those on the tree, or we can put all of the stuff on garlands and put up in the room!" Daniel suggested, getting enthusiastic. "And we can make tinsel - that was real easy with the shredder!"

"Okay. Let's say that's enough - what about cookies? Candy? What do we want to make?" Sam asked.

"Caramels - and march-mallows!" Martouf said.

"Gingerbread cookies!" Anise suggested.

"Chocolate chip cookies - and coconut macaroons!" Daniel added.

"I think that's more than enough." Sam wrote it all on her list. "Okay - let's see if we can get Teal'c to take us shopping?"

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