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Sounded fun, so I snurched it from drewandian  

Don’t look at the questions under the cut before writing down your choices first.

Write the names of 10 characters of any fandom of your choosing, 3 technology devices, and 3 types of whump. Then look at the cut, read and answer the questions replacing the numbers with your choices.

My choices: (Fandom: Stargate SG-1)

1. Jolinar
2. Jacob/Selmak
3. Malek
4. Hathor
5. Anise/Freya
6. Jack O'Neill
7. Martouf/Lantash
8. Daniel Jackson
9. Samantha Carter
10. Egeria

1. zat'nik'tel
2. stargate
3. teltac

1. ribbonned with hand device
2. imprisoned by Apophis
3. tortured with pain stick

1) Paring Seven (Martouf/Lantash)/Nine (Samantha Carter) is now canon. What’s your reaction?

Happiness. It's as close to an OTP (OT3?) as I have.

2) Character Six (Jack O'Neill) suffers whump two (imprisoned by Apophis) and Character Three (Malek) has to care for him/her. They remain alone for one hour. What happens in this hour?

Haha - lots of bad language, sarcasm, and yelling I'm assuming. Hopefully their common enemy will make them start to understand each other, but...

3) Technology three (teltac) malfunctions and causes Character Four (Hathor) whump one (ribbonned with hand device). Character Nine (Samantha Carter) is there to help and both share nice bonding moments throughout the story until Character Three (Malek) comes to the rescue. What title would this fic have?

"Unlikely friends" - I would like to see this crack-episode!

4) Seven (Martouf/Lantash) and Eight (Daniel Jackson) are lost. Technology one (zat'nik'tel) is not working and Character Ten (Egeria) is on the way. How does the rescue go?

Um...Egeria arrives in an alkesh, scans the surface of the planet for our heroes and land just beside them (alkesh can land, right?) They then all flee in the alkesh. If weapons is needed I'm sure the ones on the alkesh are sufficient!

5) Character Five (Anise/Freya) is in the infirmary after suffering from whump three (tortured with pain stick). Deeply worried, Character Eight (Daniel Jackson) stays all night on his/her bedside. Five (Anise/Freya) wakes up and finds Eight (Daniel Jackson) snoring after the tiring night. Eight (Daniel Jackson) promptly wakes up smiling and happy for Five (Anise/Freya) being okay. What does Five (Anise/Freya) say to Eight (Daniel Jackson)?

If Anise is in control I'm sure she will be happy and give him a kiss - we know she is interested in him and will find him worrying about her endearing, I'm sure.

6) What’s the summary for a fic with the plot of One (Jolinar), Two (Jacob/Selmak) and Seven (Martouf/Lantash) having to work together to solve the problem caused by technology two (stargate) malfunctioning?

Well, they are all Tok'ra so they should know something about it and should be able to cooperate. However, except for Martouf/Lantash who would seem to have some scientific knowledge (he suggest to Sam that Sokar might be able to get through the iris with subatomic particles in "Serpent's Song"), neither are known for tech abilities. I'm guessing they will be able to fix it, though. So...

Martouf/Lantash fixes the stargate while Jacob/Selmak gives orders and complain a little about their predicament. Jolinar keeps guard. When they return to the Tok'ra tunnels Martouf/Lantash and Jolinar celebrate their safe return, so there will be smut as well ;)

7) Eight (Daniel Jackson) walks in on Seven (Martouf/Lantash) and One (Jolinar) having sex. What’s Eight’s (Daniel Jackson) reaction?

Daniel always walks in on other people in situations like that, so I'm guessing he will just stay there, looking funny at them.

8) Three (Malek) is sick. Six (Jack O'Neill) takes a chicken soup to him/her. It so happens that Three (Malek) gets food poisoning afterwards and Ten (Egeria) is accusing Six (Jack O'Neill) of it. Is it true?

Probably not. While O'Neill hates the Tok'ra I doubt he would go as far as giving one of them food poisoning (and it probably wouldn't be possible anyway). I also do not think Egeria would just accuse someone without reason - she seems much too kind and sensible for that.

9) One (Jolinar) is stranded and Four (Hathor) is feeling responsible. The angst gets worse after Two (Jacob/Selmak) rescues him/her after whump two (imprisoned by Apophis) happens. Four (Hathor) avoids One (Jolinar). After a long and painful recovery One (Jolinar) finally confronts Four (Hathor). What are the words exchanged?

I'm sure Hathor might be responsible, but I doubt she would worry about been guilty of stranding a Tok'ra. I am sure that Jolinar confronting Hathor about something like that, would not be a quiet matter.

Jolinar: "Goa'uld bitch! I will interrogate you for all you know and then I will extract you and kill you in the manner most painful for symbiotes! And I don't really care if you were the one guily for stranding me and getting me imprisoned by Apophis, or not. I know with certainty you are guilty of enough to have earned your punishment - and more! "

10) Nine (Samantha Carter) tries to fix technology one (zat'nik'tel), but fails and causes whump one (ribbonned with hand device) on Three (Malek). Does Nine (Samantha Carter) fell guilty or pleased?

Guilty! Sam would absolutely blame herself, even if it wasn't really her fault. And especially if it was.



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Dec. 28th, 2009 01:17 am (UTC)
Some of these work really well...and I love the "Daniel walks in and stands there looking at them funny" bit! LOL too true!
Dec. 28th, 2009 08:10 pm (UTC)
Yes, he tend to do that, though especially when Sam's with someone. Unfortunately. I wish he hadn't interrupted her in Tok'ra I...
Dec. 28th, 2009 08:22 pm (UTC)
I think Daniel's part voyeur....seriously...he's ALWAYS interrupting someone...sheesh!
Dec. 28th, 2009 01:51 am (UTC)
#7 = LOL! I would love to see that fic. I also liked the Martouf/Lantash/Sam and Anise/Freya/Daniel options. ;-)
Dec. 28th, 2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
Yes, so do I. Some of them worked surprisingly well. #7 would have to be AU, of course, if it is Rosha/Jolinar (well, also if it's Sam/Jolinar). Who knows, I might get inspired to write something - when I have finished the 7 or 8 half-finished ones I have right now *sigh*
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