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The children had worked hard, but they had managed to get all their projects done in time - including decorating the recreation room with the decorations they had made. SG-1 and Janet/Rhiva would decorate the tree, but not until Christmas.

"Should we hang Christmas socks this year?" Anise asked.

"Christmas stockings," Daniel corrected. "Yes, why not?"

"I thought maybe we were getting to be too old for that. I mean, both Sam and I have started to grow breasts - and hers are now so big she will need a bra soon," Anise said, matter-of-factly.

"No, they're not!" Sam exclaimed, hotly. "Stop talking about my breasts!"

"Then you two can just decide not to hang a stocking, if you want! I am going to get some extra candy and gifts, because I am not too old for that!" Daniel said.

"Neither am I - or Lantash," Martouf told them.

"Let's all hang our stockings and see if we get something - I mean, we haven't got anything to lose, right?" Sam went to dig the Christmas stockings out of a drawer. The dog, Bonnie, stuck her head down in the drawer as well, to 'help' look for whatever it was Sam was looking for.

"Hm, okay. I would like mine as well, then. If all the rest of you are doing it, I mean," Anise said.

They put up the six socks on the hooks by the door. Hooks that O'Neill had placed there for them several years ago.

"Why doesn't Bonnie have a stocking?" Martouf asked.

"She didn't have one last year," Daniel reminded him.

"No, and I think that was wrong." Martouf petted the dog on the head. "What if she feels left out?"

"She's a dog," Daniel said. "I don't really think she cares."

"I care. We should put up one for her," Martouf insisted.

Sam shrugged. "Okay - I'll see if I can find more of the material we used to make ours of. I think there were some left over."

The year before they had each made a 'personalized' stocking, instead of the generic ones they had before.

"We don't have time for that - it's almost bedtime, and I'm tired," Daniel complained.

"The bag with the stuff is here," Sam said. "There's enough fabric for another stocking. It won't take long to make - we just cut along the pattern and stitch it together."

"Okay - do you need help?" Martouf asked, getting up to join her.

"I'll cut the fabric, then you can sew it together?" Sam suggested.

Martouf nodded. "Yes."

"Do you want me to decorate it?" Anise asked. "I mean, we should at least put her name on it."

"I guess I should help too," Daniel decided. "If you give me the green, red, and white felt, I can cut out some stuff we can glue on. For decoration."

The children set to work, and together it did not take them long to make a stocking they were happy with.

"Now we just have to hope Bonnie will get some nice stuff in her stocking!" Sam said. She took down a picture that was hanging near their own stockings, and put the dog's stocking up on that hook. "Perfect. Don't you think?"

"Yes! There's something in Bonnie's stocking too!" Martouf exclaimed. "And candy in mine!" He grabbed his own and Bonnie's.

"What did you get? What did she get?" Sam asked, eagerly.

"I got candy, as I said... and also a small package." Martouf emptied the contents out on his bed.

Bonnie had noticed that something interesting was going on, and came running from her bed in the corner of the room, where she had been lying. She jumped up on Martouf's bed and started sniffing the candy there.

"Careful!" Daniel exclaimed, jumping out of his bed. "She'll eat it all!"

"No! This is my candy!" Martouf quickly scooped it closer to him and threw Bonnie's stocking to the dog. "This is yours!"

The dog made a happy yelp, and caught the stocking in the air. She started shaking the sock violently, and a couple handfuls of her favourite dry dog food, as well as several dog treats shaped as candy canes were spewed all over the room.

"Bonnie! No! Not like that!" Sam exclaimed, holding her hands up in front of her head to avoid getting hit by the flying goodies.

A chew bone plunked out of the stocking as well, and Bonnie happily picked that up.

Freya laughed, having just woken up. "What are you doing!"

"Looking in our stockings," Martouf said, while picking his own candy up from the bed and putting it back in the stocking. "Bonnie is just being very enthusiastic!" He picked up the small package. "I wonder what this is?" He shook it gently, listening, and trying to guess what it was from the sound.

Sam had grabbed her own stocking, and had stuffed her mouth full of chocolate. She, too, was now looking at a small package she had received.

"I am certain Janet will not like you eating chocolate before breakfast!" Freya told her.

"If I wasn't allowed to eat it, why did they give it to me?" Sam argued, sensibly.

Martouf had removed the paper from his gift. "It's a small Star Wars Lego model! With little figures!" He grinned. "It is awesome!"

Sam opened her own package. "I've got one too! Not the same one, but also a Star Wars model!"

Martouf dipped his head, and gave Lantash control.

Lantash looked sleepily around, having just woken up. He realized what was going on. "Gifts! Candy!" He hurried over to pick up his own stocking and look in it. "Lots of delicious candy - and a gift."

"Open it up and let's see if you got a similar Lego set!" Daniel urged, grabbing his own stocking.

Freya was picking up her own and Anise's stockings, and then returned to her bed. "Looks like we have all gotten similar gifts. Maybe we can put it all together in an epic space battle!"

"Could you give me the syrup?" Sam asked.

"Here," Teal'c said. "But did you not already pour a quarter bottle over your pancakes?"

"No, only a small amount. Far too small an amount," Sam explained. She quickly poured enough over her pancake to cover it.

"Christmas pancakes should be sweeter than other pancakes," Daniel said.

Teal'c smiled. "Of course."

"When are they ready in the rec room?" Martouf asked, impatiently, looking at the clock on the wall. "They only need to put up the tree, decorate it, and bring in the presents!"

"Yes, I so look forward to seeing what gifts we've got!" Daniel exclaimed.

"As I told you the last time you asked, Jacob will come to pick us up when it is time," Teal'c said, patiently.

"Do you think Bra'tac will come? Or Rya'c and Kar'yn?" Sam asked, eagerly.

"Jaffa do not celebrate Christmas - also, they have both joined the search for new Goa'uld, and will be away for the next month," Teal'c said.

"Aw, okay." Daniel sighed. "Who will be here, then?"

"All the members of SG-1, of course, and a few others from the base. From the Tok'ra - Jacob and Selmak, and Johan and Malek. Janet and Rhiva will be here as well, of course," Teal'c told them. "Also Cassandra, and Leira and Jack. And O'Neill, of course."

"What about Yosuuf and Garshaw?" Martouf asked.

Teal'c shook his head. "They will not be able to make it this year, but they promise to do so next year."

They all looked up to see O'Neill approaching, with Jacob/Selmak following.

"Hi, kids! Have you finished eating?" O'Neill asked.

"They've finished decorating the tree in the rec room - don't you want to come see?" Jacob grinned. "There's a lot of presents under it..."

"Yes! Of course we do!" Sam said, eagerly. She started scarfing down the rest of her pancake.

"I'm finished!" Daniel pushed his plate aside.

"Almost ready!" Martouf said - though it came out more as 'amost rud', since he had stuffed the last half of his pancake into his mouth.

Anise downed almost a full glass of milk, then set it down. "Ready!"

"Relax! I didn't mean you didn't have time to finish your food!" Jacob said, apologetically.

"They have been waiting eagerly to hear everything was ready," Teal'c told him.

Jacob rolled his eyes. "I'm not surprised. I hope it hasn't been too bad, Teal'c."

"Not at all. Have everyone arrived?"

"Yes, the last one came just a moment ago."

"Is JJ here?" Daniel asked.

"And Laira?" Anise added.

"Yes, they are both here. They arrived with me," O'Neill told them.

"We're all ready now!" Sam said, having emptied her glass of milk.

The others all nodded, and they got up to go and meet their friends, and unwrap the presents, eat Christmas candy, and have fun together.

It would surely be a great day!




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