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Title: Translations
Pairing: Daniel/Freya|Anise
Characters: Daniel, Freya|Anise
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Anise promises to teach Daniel some 'unusual' Goa'uld words, and takes him to a tropical paradise to do so.
Category: PWP
Notes: Written for Porn Battle XV
Prompt: Anise|Freya/Daniel Jackson, translations, satisfaction, kissing, exploration, linguistics

"All right, we're here - wherever here is. Now, tell me why we couldn't just have gone to my office and work through those Goa'uld words you wanted to teach me," Daniel said.

Anise smiled. "This is one of Ra's former pleasure planets, and it is a tropical paradise. Is that not much better than your office?"

"Well, yeah, the place is nice, but I still don't understand..." Daniel frowned, looking at the ocean and the pristine white beach. He turned to gaze at the lush jungle, full of birds and flowers, that they had just exited.

"Martouf told me the Tau'ri value their privacy, at least in certain situations..." Anise winked at him and set down the large basket she was carrying. She spread out the blanket she had brought as well, making sure none of the soft, white sand got on it. "Sit down... please."

Daniel frowned deeper, but did as he was told. "What's in the basket?"

"Fruit and sparkling wine. I thought I would teach you the names of various fruits - and we can eat it too," she told him, a mischievous grin on her face. "Actually, that was Freya's idea."

Daniel nodded slowly. "All right. That... that's actually a good idea. I don't know the names of more than a few fruits, or plants, or animals... or..."

"Daniel, you talk too much. Did no one ever tell you that?"

"Yeah. Jack does. All the time." He gave her a wry grin. "So, shall we start?" He looked in the basket and took out what looked like an orange. "What do you call this?"


"That very much resembles the Chinese name for the fruit. Interesting!" He unbuttoned his jacket and took it off, finding the temperature quite warm.

Anise shrugged, not looking particularly interested. "I was thinking we would start with something else. Do you know the names for body parts?"

"Uh... body parts?"

"Yes." She pointed at her butt. "Like this."

"Ah... um... mik'ta?" Daniel suggested, looking somewhat flustered.

She smiled widely. "Very good." She touched her ear. "This?"

"No idea, but I know mouth is called a'ra."

Anise nodded. "Correct. Ear is m'sedjir." She smiled. "And 'a'rap' is this..." She leaned down and pressed her lips against his, then quickly pulled back.

"Uh... to kiss?" Daniel asked, flushing.

Anise grinned. "Yes."

"But that... that's not a body part."

"No, but you did not know the word, did you?"

"No..." Daniel slowly shook his head, his eyes growing large as Anise started unlacing the back of her dress. "Anise?"

"I thought it might be easier to illustrate some of the words." She pulled the dress over her head and threw it aside, standing naked before him.

"Um... you're not wearing any underwear..." Daniel said, his cheeks turning a deep red - both from seeing her gorgeous body, and from realizing how stupid he sounded.

Anise giggled. "Of course not! That would just mean more clothing to remove!" She cupped both her large, firm breasts. "M'ndij." She pointed at the nipples. "E'sniq."

Daniel nodded. "Yes..." He swallowed, and continued ogling her.

Anise rubbed and tweaked at her nipples until they were both hard, then slid her hands down over her body, stopping at her stomach, then her abdomen. "Ra'ib and khe't." She smiled, sliding one hand lower. "Ka't. She spread her labia, dipping a finger inside her opening. "Qe'fen't."

"Oh, god..." Daniel gasped.

Anise slipped her other hand down between her legs as well, and rubbed suggestively at her clit, getting a heavy-lidded look. "Ka'nek."

"You... you know, many of those... words... are very similar to... ancient Egyptian." Daniel stammered, discretely adjusting his hardening shaft.

"Unsurpring. Do you wish to discuss the influence those languages have had on each other, or will you get undressed so I can teach you more words?" Anise gave him a naughty look, and pulled off her shoes.

"I... uh, undress? Yes! I'll undress!" He clumsily tore off his shirt, almost knocking his glasses off at the same time.

"Careful, Daniel!" Anise giggled. "Maybe you would like me to help?" She stepped over to him.

"No!" He gasped as she kissed him softly on the head, then slid her hands down over his body. "I mean... it's not necessary."

"I know it is not, but perhaps I would like to?" She kissed his shoulder. "Ram'n - shoulder." She caressed his nipples, and enjoyed the feeling of his skin under her hands. "You are very attractive, Daniel. I want you very much."

"Th... thank you." He frowned, trying to think clearly despite Anise leaning down to suck and lick at his nipples. It was not easy. "What... what about Freya? She..."

"We have talked about this. She does not mind." Anise kissed him. "In fact, she is more than willing for us to do this."

"Okay..." He gasped loudly as Anise cupped his hard cock through his pants and squeezed along it.

"Your aceh'en is very hard. You want me. Admit it!" Anise demanded, grinning at him. "You want to dew'n my ka't with your hard aceh'en, ne'pen it into me and nek passionately until your metwet floods my kehet!" She pulled down his zipper.

"I... I didn't catch all of that..." He blushed. "Uh, I mean, I did get the meaning, and the answer is yes!" He threw his arms around her and pushed her down on the blanket, kissing her with an intensity that surprised even himself.

"Tahrep'noc!" Anise demanded. "Fuck me!"

Daniel pushed his pants and underwear down together and allowed his hard shaft to spring free. With one hand on his cock, and the other between Anise's legs, he positioned himself and thrust into her. "Oh, my god! You're... so wet! And tight!"

Anise bucked upwards, meeting his thrust. She gave him a squeeze with her pussy muscles. "Tok'ra have perfect control of all their muscles. Do you like this?" She squeezed him again, making him gasp, then rotated her hips, grinding herself. "Move!"

"Yes, yes, Anise!" He pulled back and thrust into her again, then repeated, a little harder.

Anise moaned, and pulled him down for a quick kiss. "I have wanted you since I saw you. Now take me hard!"

Very aroused, Daniel did as she wanted. He thrust into her hard, quickly forgetting anything but the feeling of her under him, and her pussy enveloping his cock. He moaned and closed his eyes. "A... Anise, I'm going to... to come..." He cried out as he climaxed, ramming himself into her one more time.

Anise slipped her hand between them and rubbed her clit hard. She came seconds after Daniel, flashing her eyes from the intensity of the sensation.

She kissed him. "That was... very nice. Now... would you like to learn some more words?"

"Mmm... in a moment, perhaps..." Daniel answered, still half-dazed from his orgasm. He smiled at her. "I love your teaching style, though."

Anise grinned and kissed him again. "I thought you might!"

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