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Title: The Rescue
Characters: Samantha Carter, Martouf/Lantash
Pairing: Samantha Carter/Martouf/Lantash
Summary: Sam has been captured by Osiris, and no one knows where he has taken her. The rescue comes from someone unexpected.
Category: Adventure, Angst
Rating: NC-17
Notes: AU from "The Curse". Having watched "Divide and Conquer", "The Curse", and "Serpent's Venom" is probably a good idea. Or you should at least know what goes on in the episodes.

Written for the third rare shipswap, for galfridian


"Why aren't you willing to even consider it? Their chances - if the healers help them - is at least fifty-fifty!" Jacob exclaimed.

"That is rather optimistic, I think. Regardless, even that would be an unacceptable risk. We have lost too many symbiotes in the recent years - especially after meeting the Tau'ri. We should not risk Lantash's life," Ren'al insisted.

"Not risk Lantash's life?" Jacob slowly shook her head. "How will you accomplish that?"

"By removing him from the host, of course," Ren'al said. "We have scanned Lantash. He is uninjured."

"Well he will not be 'uninjured' when you've managed to remove him! If you manage to remove him! You know him - he would never give up on a host that he believed there was even a small chance he could heal, and this is Martouf. Their relationship is closer than that of any other host-symbiote pair Selmak has even seen. Ever. Besides, even if you succeeded, you know as well as I do that the likelihood that an injured symbiote in a healing tank survives long enough to heal and take a new host is very low. They die from loneliness. Give up. You know that!" Jacob exclaimed.

"You are not a healer. I prefer to get my advise from people who know what they are talking about," Ren'al said.

Jacob was about to scream at Ren'al for her thoughtless remark, but Selmak managed to stop him. They did not need to antagonize yet another Council member. Instead, they would try again later - perhaps talk to some of the other members on the Council. Garshaw would surely support them. Per'sus might. Who else they did not know.

Jacob sighed. He had just really hoped he would have some good news to bring to his daughter, when he visited her in a couple days.

"Listen, could you at least..." Jacob was interrupted before he had time to say anything else, when Jalen entered the room, looking agitated.

"Jacob! We have received a message from the Tau'ri. You daughter has been captured. By Osiris!"

Delek walked into the room, having followed Jalen. "The Council is having a meeting now. You are expected, Selmak."

"What happened!" Jacob demanded. "Wait... Osiris? Isn't he dead... no, Selmak says 'missing'... how the Hell did he just show up and capture Sam!"

"Unknown," Jalen told him, an apologetic look on her face.

"Most likely the Tau'ri found him on some long-forgotten world and now they - and the rest of the Galaxy - will have to suffer for their incessant meddling," Delek said.

"All right! That's enough!" Jacob roared. "My daughter has been taken by a Goa'uld, and you're complaining about our allies? My people?"

"I thought your people were the Tok'ra now? For normal hosts that is how it usually is after blending. Of course, as you are a Tau'ri..."

Delek was interrupted when Jacob's eyes flashed and Selmak took control. "You would be wise not to say anything further on this matter!" She glared at him, then took a deep breath. "Let us go and hear what the Council has to say - and then Jacob and I are leaving for the Tau'ri homeworld!"

Jacob/Selmak stepped out of the wormhole at Stargate Command, looking sternly at Hammond who waited at the bottom of the ramp.

"Osiris has my daughter?" Jacob asked.

Hammond gave him an unhappy, apologetic look. "Yes, unfortunately. Come - let's go to my office."

Daniel, O'Neill, and Teal'c came running into the gateroom, and followed Hammond and Jacob/Selmak to Hammond's office.

"This means Osiris is truly back again," Selmak observed, not looking pleased.

"Yes, and he has a ship. It was buried in the sand, and Osiris escaped in it," Daniel explained.

"According to rumours, Osiris had a special made alkesh. It was never found after he was captured, and disappeared. If that is the ship he left in, then he has a vessel which is about as good as the standard model today, and which may have special abilities, Selmak told them."

"Meaning?" O'Neill wondered.

"Meaning he could have travelled far, quickly, and may even have been able to take on a minor System Lord successfully. He will want to reclaim his empire," Selmak said.

"Yeah, good luck with that!" O'Neill snorted.

"It may be easier than it normally would, with the upheaval there has been among the System Lords in the recent years," Selmak warned. "In addition, Osiris is intelligent. We must not underestimate him."

"But you don't have any useful intel?" O'Neill asked.

"Not yet, regrettably," Selmak told him. "We did not know Osiris had returned, until you informed us. We will send out notification to our operatives to look for him, and for any information regarding him - and Samantha Carter. Hopefully, we will soon have success."

"I will talk to Master Bra'tac, and have the free Jaffa look for Major Carter and Osiris as well," Teal'c told them.

"General! With all due respect! We can't wait for that! Who knows what the snake does to Carter in the meantime! He may make her a host! Let's get out there, and look for her!" O'Neill exclaimed.

"Look for her where, Colonel?" Hammond said. "We have no idea where Osiris took her. I can't authorize a rescue mission when we don't even know what planet Major Carter is on!" He sighed. "I'm sorry, but as long as we don't have any intel, there's nothing we can do."

"Can't the Tok'ra send an operative to look for her?" Daniel wondered.

"When we know where Osiris is - and which System Lord he choses to ally himself with, if any - I am more than willing to go myself," Selmak told them, tiredly. "Right now there is little we can do." She gave Jacob a soothing 'hug'.

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