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"I realize that I am the best operative for this job - especially since we may need the assistance of Doctor Jackson to translate the technical manual for the mines. However, I would really prefer to stay and see if any information shows up regarding Sam," Jacob said.

"There is no one else available who has worked well with the Tau'ri. Particularly since Major Carter is missing. We need someone who can... avoid a confrontation with Colonel O'Neill, particularly," Per'sus admitted, trying to be diplomatic.

Jacob snorted, but decided against commenting on that. "What about Aldwin?"

"He will not be back for another couple of weeks. By then Apophis and Heru'ur may already have allied, and our opportunity gone. No, it must be now - and it must be you, Jacob," Per'sus said.

"We have no information about the whereabouts of Osiris yet, and it is unlikely we will get that anytime soon - even with our operatives doing their best," Garshaw pointed out.

Jacob sighed, then nodded. "Very well, but as soon as we get any information about Sam, or Osiris, I want to know!"

"Of course," Per'sus promised.

"I also need a scientist for this mission," Jacob said.

"Tonak is available. He should have the skills needed to work on the mines," Garshaw told him.

"Good." Jacob nodded. "Now, for another matter. Have you considered what I said about Martouf and Lantash? I believe Lantash has a... good chance of healing Martouf, and that he should be allowed to try!"

Ren'al, who had said little during the meeting until then, now spoke up, " You know how I feel about that. It is too dangerous to risk the life of another Tok'ra."

"Especially when so many have died in recent years," Delek added.

Jacob groaned at hearing the expected words. He threw a look at Sina, who seemed to do her best not to be pulled into the discussion, and then at Thoran, who looked with great interest at his nails. So no support from them, but at least no opposition either.

He was about to speak, when a Tok'ra stuck his head into the room. "I apologize for the interruption, but I have important information about Osiris."

"No! We know where Osiris is! I need to go rescue my daughter!" Jacob insisted.

"Jacob! You cannot go! You know what will happen if Heru'ur and Apophis ally! It would be a catastrophe for the entire Galaxy!" Per'sus reminded him. "You must take this mission first."

"You will be back in a few days. Then you can leave to find your daughter," Ren'al suggested.

"You know as well as I do that time is of the essence in situations such as this!" Jacob exclaimed. "And that it'll likely be a week before I'm back from this mission!"

"Jacob cannot go to rescue Samantha Carter at all," Garshaw suddenly said. "Osiris is in the Tivek system. He conquered the minor Goa'uld in charge of that system, and that Goa'uld surrendered, becoming Osiris's underlord."

"So what?" Jacob asked.

"If the intelligence is correct, then Henet is that Goa'uld," Garshaw pointed out.

"And Henet was an underlord of Sokar, when I was captured and sent to Netu," Jacob realized.

"Yes. She would recognize you immediately." Garshaw looked apologetic.

"Then we must send someone else!" Jacob insisted. "Sam isn't just my daughter - she's also a member of SG-1. Of Stargate Command, our allies!"

"Yes, but who should we send? There are no other suitable operatives available," Per'sus said.

"Korra?" Garshaw suggested.

"No, he was undercover with Sokar, and will have met Henet," Jacob said. "We need to find someone else!"

"We do not!" Delek insisted. "As sad as it is, there are many innocents who have suffered due to the Goa'uld. Samantha Carter is neither the first, nor will she be the last. Jacob, as much as we understand your pain at the loss of your daughter, we cannot risk our operatives just for her. I am sure you - or at least Selmak - understands why."

Jacob bowed his head and Selmak took control.

Her eyes flashed in anger. "How dare you talk down to my host, or to me! Of course I know this! Jacob knows it. We all know it! However, the operative would not be endangered 'just' for Samantha's life - they would be going on a mission to give the Tok'ra further information about Osiris. He is a cunning, dangerous Goa'uld, and while he has been missing for millennia, he will work hard to make up for what he has lost. We must have an operative with him, you know this!"

"Yes, that is very true." Garshaw nodded.

"It is, and I agree, but such an operative should be focused on gathering intelligence, and not on rescuing endangered Tau'ri," Ren'al said. "Having to do so would increase the danger for the operative greatly."

Jacob and Selmak both wanted to yell at her, but then Selmak suddenly got an idea that almost made her laugh out loud. An idea that might force the Council to give in on two matters.

"In that case I have a suggestion for the ideal choice of operative for this mission. Someone who I am sure would volunteer for the mission, and you would not be risking the life of any of your current operatives," Selmak told them.

"Really? And how would you accomplish this feat?" Ren'al asked, suspiciously.

"Yes, who is that operative?" Garshaw added.

"Martouf and Lantash," Selmak said.

Delek scoffed. "They are in stasis - and as good as dead."

"If that is the case, then what do you have to lose? If, on the other hand, they can be healed, then you can send them on this mission and not risking anyone you did not already think dead," Selmak pointed out.

"That is... not a bad idea, actually," Garshaw said.

"I agree. We should consider it," Per'sus added.

"You cannot be serious!" Ren'al sounded appalled.

"Why not?" Thoran wondered suddenly. "It would solve the problem."

"It is unlikely Lantash can heal Martouf. We would lose them both. Do you want that?" Ren'al asked.

"Healers can assist him with healing devices. It is worth making the attempt, at least." Per'sus decided.

The others still look unconvinced, so Jacob asked for control, and threw in his trump card. "If you agree to make the attempt - and send them to rescue Sam, if successful - then I'll take the mission to Rilva VII when I return. You know, the boring, but oh so important one you've been bugging me about," Jacob said, smugly.

"That is a most generous offer," Per'sus admitted.

"It is," Delek said. "Very generous."

"Then you agree?" Jacob asked, feeling close to winning.

The others all nodded slowly. The vote was held, and the Council overwhelmingly voted in favour of making the attempt to heal Martouf/Lantash, and sending them on the mission if they were successfully healed.

They also decided that for now, no one else would know of the plan to heal Martouf and Lantash - and as few as possible would know of the plan to send them to rescue Sam. With Tanith on the base, everything had to be kept a secret.

Satisfied, Jacob and Selmak left to find Tonak, before going to recruit the help of Daniel, O'Neill, and Teal'c in stopping the alliance between Apophis and Heru'ur.

"You know where Osiris is? Why haven't you left to save Carter, then?" O'Neill demanded.

Jacob sighed. "There's nothing I would rather do, but unfortunately I cannot go. Osiris conquered a minor Goa'uld, Henet, and she has become his underlord. She knows how I look."

"So send someone else! Better yet, let us go!" O'Neill insisted, looking to Hammond.

Hammond slowly shook his head. "I'm sorry, but there is just too little information to go on. I cannot send you in without at least knowing you'll have a chance of succeeding! Jacob, do you know where in the Tivek system Osiris is holding Major Carter?"

Jacob shook his head. "Regrettably not. Henet and the Tivek system have not been a priority to us before, and little is known about it. I can't tell you things like strength of their armies, how the fortress looks - or even where it is located." He bowed his head, giving Selmak control.

"It would be very dangerous for an SG team to go in without more information. A Tok'ra operative would be a better choice."

"Then why aren't you sending someone? You are our allies, aren't you?" O'Neill demanded.

"Jack..." Daniel began.

"I will inquire among the Rebel Jaffa. Perhaps there is some information to be found there," Teal'c said.

Selmak nodded. "We are your allies, and I agree. A Tok'ra operative should be sent, and we have high hopes that one will be. Very soon."

"Very soon may not be soon enough! How do we know Osiris won't kill Carter? Or make her a host?" O'Neill asked. "Almost a week has passed already!"

"It has, but in this case Osiris's weak position will work to our favour. He has spent all the time until now on securing the small power base he now has in the Tivek system, and will not have had much time to interrogate Samantha. He will not kill her before he has tried to get as much information from her as he can - information about the Galaxy and the state of the Goa'uld empires is what he needs, more than anything."

"Like Hathor," Daniel observed, shuddering a little as he thought of her.

Selmak nodded. "Yes."

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