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"Alim! You promised me the electric installations worked correctly!" Osiris's exclaimed, angrily, as the room plunged into darkness.

"And so they did, my Lord. I do not know what the problem could be..."

"Find out! Fix it! Now!" Osiris screamed. "If you want to keep your position! And your head!"

"Yes, my Lord. At once, my Lord."

Lantash got up and hurried out of the room, as the servants lit more braziers and torches.

"This would never have happened at Bastet's court! She is a traditionalist, and always uses torches and burners as the main light source. Electricity is used only for secondary rooms and places," Horbaf said, arrogantly.

*He is an idiot,* Martouf observed as they thankfully got too far away to hear the Goa'uld arguing.

*Osiris or Horbaf?* Lantash wondered, rhetorically, as they half-ran through the mostly empty, dim corridors, in the direction of the holding cells. They could hear people moving about further away, and the sound of agitated speech.

They had just reached the door that led to the corridor to the holding cells when the explosions went off.

*Great timing!* Martouf sounded very relieved, as they would otherwise have had to go past the two guards by the door, and somehow explain why they were taking Samantha from the cell.

"Someone is attacking the palace! Go find out who! Raise the alarm! Guard Osiris and Henet!" Lantash ordered the two Jaffa - who were looking very uneasy.

"Yes, my Lord!"

Both Jaffa ran off quickly, not even hesitating for a moment.

Relieved, Lantash opened the door, grabbed one of the lit torches that was placed in a wall holder beside the door, and hurried through the corridor.

Sam was in the second cell on the left. All other cells were empty. "Samantha!" Lantash called out, in a low voice. *She looks all right - no obvious injuries, thankfully.*

*They have taken away her Tau'ri uniform and given her what looks like normal clothes for female servants. She looks good in them, actually,* Martouf observed, distractedly.

*Of course! She looks good in everything!*

Sam did not react at first, but just sat staring out into nothingness. Nervously, Lantash went to the door to her cell. It was open.

*Why has she not tried to escape?*

*The guards outside... perhaps.* Lantash frowned. "Samantha!"

Now she reacted, and turned to look at him. She had a dazed look in her eyes, and she did not seem to recognize them. "Mph?" She suddenly giggled. "I am not happy!"

*She has been drugged,* Martouf realized.

*Yes, probably something that will make her easier to interrogate.* Lantash sighed. *It also seems to make her sleepy.*

Before them, Sam had fallen asleep, leaning her head back against the wall.

*What do we do now?* Martouf wondered, frustrated. *We are in a hurry, and we need to run. She cannot run in that condition!*

*We must carry her then.* Lantash went to her. "Samantha! Wake up, Samantha!"

Her eyes opened for a moment. "It's darker today."

Lantash sighed and just picked her up. They would not be able to move as fast this way, and they would not be able to defend themselves, but there was no other way.

Lantash hurried through the corridors, quickly slipping into rooms or behind curtains, pillars, statues, or whatever he could find, each time they heard someone coming towards them.

To their own surprise, they made it to the back door without meeting anyone. Lantash opened the door, and adjusted the still unconscious Samantha against his shoulder before he went outside.

It was evening and dark outside. With the electric light not functioning, the only light came from the small, pale-green moon that cast a ghostly light over everything.

*No one seems to be around – let's hurry! It won't be long before they realize the explosion was a diversion, and come looking for us,* Martouf urged.

*I know! I'm surprised we have made it as far as we have.* Lantash looked left and right one more time, then hurried out across the open courtyard, towards the shed and the Alkesh that loomed about 100 feet away.

They had almost made it to the shed, when all the light suddenly came back on, bathing everything in a strong light.

*Mai'tac!* Martouf swore. *Why couldn't they have been just a little slower!*

Lantash had just gotten the door to the shed open, when an angry shout was heard from behind them. He crouched down and quickly placed Samantha on the floor, just inside the door, and turned to the enemy behind them, the crystal in his hand device glowing softly.

A small group of clearly furious Jaffa stood outside the palace. "Return at once, by order of Lord Osiris!" one of them yelled, while all of them activated their staff weapons.

"Sorry, but I'll have to disappoint him!" Lantash shouted at them, at the same time as he sent out a strong shockwave from his hand device.

He threw himself to the ground as soon as the shockwave was sent off, and just narrowly avoided the two staff blasts the Jaffa had gotten off before they were hit by his attack.

The Jaffa had been either knocked out or thrown into disarray with the shockwave, so there were no further staff blasts forthcoming – for now.

*Let's get out of here!* Martouf told Lantash.

Without even bothering to answer, Lantash picked up Sam and rand the few steps to the Alkesh. He opened the door and got in, then put Sam down.

He shut the door and raced for the peltak.

The damaged engines reacted sluggish at first, but soon they crashed through the roof of the flimsy shed, and then they were rising rapidly into the sky. Below them, Osiris's deathgliders were already scrambling to follow.

*It's going to be close!* Lantash worriedly checked the readouts. The screen only showed a distorted image, he hit it with his flat hand, and it surprisingly stabilized, giving a clear image of the danger below them.

*Looks like ten deathgliders...* Martouf observed.

*All Osiris has – but much more than we can fight, with no weapons. Let's hope he won't send his Alkesh too.* He manipulated the controls, getting a little more thrust out of the engines, and they started to rise faster through the atmosphere, finally clearing it just as the Alkesh was hit by fire from the first of the deathgliders.

*Jump to hyperspace!* Martouf urged.

*I will! Soon!* He slammed his hand down on the console. *Rok'tal sih'tac! This thing is a worthless heap of metal!*

*Relax, it will not fly faster if you destroy it.* Martouf gave him a soothing 'hug'.

*Samantha's life depends on us getting her away from Osiris's clutches!* Lantash sounded slightly desperate as he maneuvered the slow and unwieldy Alkesh, while the deathgliders zipped by and fired off their shots, several of them hitting.

*The shields will not hold much longer!* Martouf warned.

*Stop telling me something I know already!* Another attempt, and Lantash finally succeeded in getting the Alkesh to jump into hyperspace.

They were safe – for now, at least.

As soon as the Alkesh was flying stably through hyperspace, and no enemies were in range, Martouf and Lantash went to check on Samantha.

She had only moved minimally from where they had left her. Worried, Martouf kneeled beside her.

"Samantha?" He held his hand over her forehead, evaluating her energy signature, like the Tok'ra usually did to their own – as a former host, with plenty of naquadah in her blood, she had an energy signature as well. *She seems all right, except for being drugged.*

*Try if you can wake her – the ship may soon fall out of hyperspace, and if we do make it to a planet, we may well have to move fast. It would be better if she was awake and we did not have to carry her again.*

Martouf shook her gently. "Samantha! Wake up!"

She made a small sound, and turned towards him. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him, confusion clear on her face. "Who?"

"You don't recognize me?" He frowned.

"Martouf," Sam said slowly.

"Yes, that is me!" Martouf smiled, relieved. "You recognize me!"

"Of course I do!" Sam looked insulted. "Who is Samantha?"


"Samantha. Why do you call me Samantha?"

*Oh, no!* Martouf groaned. "It is your name."

"It is not my name!" Sam gave him a strange look. "You know that, Martouf!" She suddenly got a scared expression. "I cannot sense Rosha!"

"Rosha?" Martouf stared at her.

*She thinks she is Jolinar!* Lantash realized, a touch of anguish in his voice.

"Jolinar," Martouf said.

"Yes." Sam frowned. "What is wrong with Rosha?"

"She..." Martouf hesitated.

*I don't think this is the right time to explain that Rosha is dead. Or that she is not Jolinar. That Jolinar is dead. I really don't think so...*

"You have been drugged. By the Goa'uld Osiris."

"Drugged? I should be able to filter it out!" Sam frowned. "Osiris?"

"Yes, Osiris. He has returned. He has some drug that... is very difficult to filter out. You will be fine, though. You should relax."

An alert was heard. "What is that? Where are we?"

"On an Alkesh. We have escaped from Osiris. Please, I need to go and see what is wrong."

"I will go with you, Martouf," Sam said, trying to get up, but failing. "Mai'tac!"

"As I said... Jolinar. You have been drugged." He helped her sit up. "Stay here. I will come back soon." He hesitated, then leaned in and gave her a light kiss on the cheek, before he hurried to the peltak.

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