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It was early next morning. They had spent the night at a small guesthouse, and had set out on the journey just after breakfast.

"Martouf... there is something which confuses me..." Sam said slowly.

"Yes, about what?"

"While I was drugged... did I think I was Jolinar?" she asked, apprehensively.

"You were drugged. there is no point in thinking about what you did and did not say or do."

"I understand that, but I think I want - need - to know anyway."

Martouf briefly discussed it with Lantash. "Yes, you did... think you were Jolinar. For some time."

Sam groaned. "I'm really sorry. That must have been painful for you."

Martouf was silent for a moment. "Somewhat, yes. Not just because it reminded us of our mates's death, but also because... because it was not you. It was your body, but not your personality, not your... kalach. Your soul. Jolinar would not have wanted to... supercede you, take your body like that."

Sam nodded slowly. "I do understand." She stopped and took Martouf's hand. "I remember something else... talking about... my feelings. Jolinar's feelings. For you and Lantash. Did I... I mean, I didn't do anything... unwanted. Any sort of... advances, did I?"

"Samantha, you did nothing wrong, nothing Lantash and I did not want you to do."

Sam blushed. "I guess that can be taken in more than one way."

"You... said some things. Some things that we would really like to know if you meant... If it was you who said it." He looked hopefully at her.

"I guess... in a way, it was probably me who said all of the things. Or parts of me, anyway." She sighed. "I... suspect I said some things that I may... subconsciously have been thinking, particularly after I thought I had killed you. Martouf, there were some things I really regretted not telling you. Mostly because I was worried it was Jolinar and not me who felt it, but now I don't want to risk not telling you. I regretted it too much. I also think... that there is no real distinction between what is me and what comes from Jolinar. It's all me now, and it doesn't matter who feels what. Because I feel it." Sam shook her head. "I guess none of that made much sense."

"Yes it did." Martouf pulled her closer and when she did not try to move away, he kissed her.

The kiss started out soft and gentle, but soon became more passionate. Control passed from Martouf to Lantash, so he, too, could be in control while kissing the woman they loved.

After a few moments Sam pulled back. She had a very unsure, confused expression.

"What is it?" Lantash asked, worried. "If you only want to kiss Martouf, and not me, then I will not take control."

Sam shook her head. "That's not it! Of course, not, Lantash! I would never consider... well, anything with just one of you! It would be wrong. It would have to be both."

"Thank you, Samantha." Lantash looked relieved, but still worried. "Why, then? You don't like us? I thought you just said..."

"Of course I like you! More than that! I... Well, it doesn't matter what I feel, because I don't know what you feel! Are you even interested in me for me, or only because I was host to Jolinar?"

Lantash looked taken aback. "Samantha! How can you think we are not interested in you? We love you!" he admitted.

"You love me?" Sam looked at him with disbelief on her face.

"Yes!" he exclaimed.

Sam suddenly smiled. "You have no idea how happy I am to hear that." She threw her arms around him and hugged him to her. "I love you too!" she admitted in a low voice.

Lantash embraced her as well, and then kissed her deeply and thoroughly. "Our sweet Samantha." He smiled at her.

They held each other close for several moments, kissing again and again, before joining hands and slowly continuing to walk.

Now and then they stopped to kiss, walking along holding hands most of the time, and talking about nothing and everything.

They had passed several small villages, but no larger towns and no places they could rent a room. They had bought some food and a couple blankets from a farmer, and when dusk was falling, they looked for a place to sleep.

"What about over there?" Sam suggested. "Those large trees by the huge rock. There is even a small waterstream."

Martouf nodded. "It looks like a suitable place. There is not much wind, but what there is, is coming from that direction." He pointed. "So the large rock will provide shelter, and the trees will help as well."

They walked over to examine the place, and found that there was soft grass under the trees, and sand near the stream - ideal, as it meant they could make a fire without risking to burn down the grass or the trees.

After gathering firewood and setting the small fire, they sat down on some smaller rocks nearby and took out the food they had bought.

"This is really nice," Sam said, smiling at Martouf.

"It is." He put an arm around her, and they leaned against each other.

They had eaten and put the rest of the food aside, and now sat by the fire and watched evening dusk turn to dark night.

"It is strange. This planet looks so much like Earth - well, most planets with Stargates on do, I guess..." Sam mused. "But the sky is very different from the one I am used to."

"This world is located very far from your planet, Samantha, so it is not surpirising." Martouf smiled. "The sky here is quite beautiful, but I must admit I would very much like to see the sky of the world of the Tau'ri."

"I would love to show it to you. When we get back, I'll try and get a permission for you to leave the base and see some of Earth - at least Colorado Springs and nearby."

"That would be wonderful. Lantash and I would appreciate that very much," Martouf said. He looked at the sky. "As beautiful as this sky is, there are others I think you would find even more appealing. Lantash and I would like to show them to you."

"That sounds great!" Sam snuggled closer to Martouf and sighed contentedly. "I could stay here like this forever!"

They kissed, and remained sitting there, close together, for a long time before snuggling up together on the ground, with blankets wrapped around them. They slept soundly.

Next morning, they woke up when the sun crawled higher in the sky and shone down on them.

Sam stretched and turned to face a sleepy Martouf and Lantash. She had slept in their arms tonight, and she could not remember ever sleeping better, despite the ground being hard.

She smiled and kissed him. "Good morning, Martouf and Lantash!" She gave them another kiss.

Martouf pulled her closer to him again and returned the kiss. "Good morning, Samantha." He bowed his head and nudged Lantash awake.

Lantash took control, and gave Sam a sleepy smile. "Good morning, Samantha." He kissed her warmly. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, very." Sam's stomach rumbled. Now she could also feel she had a kink in the neck from sleeping on the hard ground. She still smiled at the thought of falling asleep, snuggled close to Martouf - she just hoped they had a bed to cuddle in tonight.

"It sounds like you are as hungry as we are." He gave her a naughty smile. "Of course, our hunger is not merely for food..."

"Scoundrel!" Sam blushed. "Though if we find a nice warm hotel... or an inn, with a bath... and some clean clothes. I feel more than a bit sweaty and disgusting."

Lantash grinned. "Then we will make sure to find you that, though I can assure you that you are not disgusting. On the contrary, you are beautiful, and very attractive."

"Thanks." She smiled. "I'd still like a hot bath - also because my legs hurt quite a bit from walking, and my back is somewhat sore too. Yeah, I know. I'm whining. Sorry."

"Not at all. I can give you a massage. Would you like that?" Lantash offered.

Sam gave him another kiss. "That sounds tempting, but I think I'd like to get something to eat, and then continue on. Can I have the massage later?"

"Of course, Samantha. We would be delighted to do so anytime."

"You're such a sweetheart." Sam smiled at him, as she got up.

Lantash rose as well. They got the lunch pack and ate the rest of the food from yesterday for breakfast.

There was still around 4 days journey more before they got to the Stargate.

"This town looks more than large enough to have both an inn or a guesthouse, and some stores where we can get clean clothes," Martouf observed, smiling.

"Yes, it does," Sam agreed, looking happy.

It was late afternoon, and the small town was bustling with activity. There were people returning from work in the fields around the city, people buying food from street vendors, and yet others haggling over prices of various goods at a small market place.

"I believe we can get clothing over there." Martouf nodded in the direction of a stall.

"Okay. Let's take a look. Do you have any of the local currency?"

Martouf shook his head. "No. I do have some shes'ta, but I do not believe they accept that here. That is usually only good closer to the chaapa'ai, unless there is much trade on the world in question."

"Shes'ta... Ah, yes, that's Goa'uld currency. So you're going to trade them something instead?"

"Yes. I have brought much jewelry for that specific purpose. It is accepted everywhere. The only problem is that most of it is... too valuable for what we need."

Sam nodded. "I guess you usually go to larger markets and buy more expensive stuff?"

"Not always, but I expected to pretend to be a Goa'uld on this mission - not a peasant."

They walked over to the clothing salesman and looked at his goods. Sam picked out a couple dresses and some other things, and Martouf choose clothing for himself - and a dress for Sam, that he really liked.

After buying these things, they went to an inn which the salesman had suggested. It was supposedly built beside a spa or thermal bath, which was highly praised - one of the reasons the town was as large as it was.

"Do you want to eat before bathing?" Martouf asked, when they had dropped off their things in the room they had rented.

He was hungry, but he knew Sam was looking forward to a bath - and to be honest, so was he and Lantash.

Sam thought it over for a moment, but then her stomach rumbled, just as a delicious smell from the inn's kitchen vafted past their noses. "Gah! I think my stomach just made the decision for me!"

Martouf grinned. "My stomach agrees with it. We have not eaten anything since morning, and the food smells wonderful." He pulled her to him and gave her a kiss. "But so does you!"

"No I don't. I need a bath - but let's get some food first!" She smiled at him and returned the kiss.

After eating, they had taken their fresh clothing and gone to the building attached to the inn, where there were pools that were fed with water from the hot springs.

Sam and Martouf/Lantash would all have liked for there to be private sections where they could bathe together, but the baths turned out to be divided in two sections, one for men, and one for women.

Bathing together and enjoying the warm water together would have to wait for some other time, but at least they would be clean.

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