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Warning: sex

Clean and dressed in fresh clothes, Sam felt much better. She looked around for Martouf/Lantash outside the bathhouse, but could not see the Tok'ra anywhere. Since she had spent quite a long time bathing, she assumed he had probably returned to their rooms.

When she got there, she found the rooms empty, but before she could become concerned, Martouf/Lantash stepped into the room, carrying a basket.

"I apologize for having left without waiting for you, but there were some things I wanted to get from a salesman we passed in the streets earlier."

"No problem." Sam looked at the basket. "So, what did you get? Or is it a secret?" She smiled.

"Maybe..." Martouf tried to look mysterious. "You will see soon, though."

Sam rolled her eyes at him, then suddenly yawned. "It's not that late, but maybe we should get some sleep soon. The hot water was really relaxing."

Martouf nodded. "That is a good idea." He smiled. "There is only one bed, though it is quite large. I assume you do not mind sharing?" He put the basket down and stepped up to Sam.

"We shared a bed a couple nights ago..."

"So we did, but back then we had not professed our love for each other. Sharing a bed now may lead to more than just sleeping... at least Lantash and I hope you will be amenable..." Martouf took Sam's hands.

Sam blushed and looked down. "Naughty rascal... but yes... I am... amenable." She looked up and into Martouf's eyes. "Very much so." She kissed him.

Martouf embraced her and returned the kiss. After several minutes, they pulled apart, both dizzy from the intensity of the kiss. His eyes flashed as Lantash took over, and he immediately pulled her to him and kissed her as well.

He slid his hands down over her back, caressing her lovingly, continuing to her ass, gripping it firmly.

"My wonderful, sweet Samantha..." He smiled and kissed her again and again, as he kneaded her butt, before sliding one hand up her side, to fondle a breast.

Sam closed her eyes as Lantash continued touching her expertly.

"Mmm, as nice as this is, maybe we should change to sleepwear and get to bed?" Sam suggested.

"Oh, I agree, but why bother with sleepwear? We are just going to remove that anyway," Lantash said, leaning in to give her another kiss.

Sam felt her cheeks grow red. "That may be so, but I'd still like to change first. I also need to use... the facilities."

Lantash nodded. "Then go and change, we have a surprise for you when you get back."

"That sounds interesting!" she smiled at him, and gave him a quick kiss before picking up her nightgown and going to the small bathroom to change.

When she stepped back into the bedroom a short while later, Martouf/Lantash had worked fast. They had placed several candles around the room and lit them. An open bottle of some kind of pale wine was standing on the bed table, together with two glasses – and a small bottle of something unknown.

"Wow. You've been busy!" Sam exclaimed. "It's really... really nice." She smiled.

"Thank you." Martouf said, giving her a warm kiss. "I need to use the facilities as well, but I will be with you in a moment. Why don't you lay down on the bed? Lantash and I would like to give you a massage, if you want?"

"That's too tempting to say no to." Sam grinned, feeling a bit self-conscious.

"Good," he said, ogling her shamelessly. The nightgown she wore was quite long, but made of a thin, figure-hugging material, and hid very little. "We will be back in a moment."

Sam looked up from where she was sitting on the bed, inclined against the pillows, when Martouf/Lantash opened the door from the bathroom. Her eyes widened, when she saw what he was wearing – or rather what he was not wearing. He was completely naked – and clearly aroused, as he had a very hard and large erection.

She felt her cheeks grow warm, but she did not look away. She swallowed and licked her lips as she let her gaze slide over his body, obviously enjoying the sight greatly. "Wow... I mean, weren't you supposed to put on sleepwear?"

"Why? You seem to like what you see... and as I said before, I would just have to take it off in a moment," Lantash said, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Sam blushed deeper, but nodded. "You're right... and I do like what I see." She sat up and reached for him. "Come, join me?"

Lantash smiled widely, and picked up the small bottle. "As tempting an offer as that is... we would like to give you that massage we promised first. Perhaps you could take off that beautiful nightgown so I can better access your very beautiful body?"

Sam smiled invitingly. "Sure... but what about the wine?"

Lantash nodded and picked up the bottle, and poured some in both of the glasses. "A local sparkling wine. I am told it is good – and strong. Do you want some of it now?"

"Yes, I think I'd like a glass of that." She leaned back against the pillows, allowing her flimsy nightgown to slide up, exposing her legs to her upper thighs.

Lantash handed her one of the glasses, looking at her hungrily. He swallowed. "Cheers... is that correct?"

"Yes. Cheers." Sam touched her glass to his, and they drank. "It's very good. Strong."

"You have no need to be ashamed of your body, Samantha. You are beautiful... perfect." Lantash sat down on the bed beside her and pulled her to him, and they kissed deeply.

"Thanks." She smiled, a little shyly, then reached out and touched his chest. She let her hand glide down over it. "You are not so bad looking yourself."

"I am pleased you approve." Lantash grinned and touched his glass to hers again, and they drank. He put his own glass on the table and took hers from her and put it beside his. "Please, let us pleasure you?"

"How can I say no to that?" She smiled, and slowly pulled her nightgown off, then lay down on her stomach, wiggling her ass a little. "All yours!"

Lantash made a soft groan, but grabbed the small bottle and poured a bit of massage oil from it. He then straddled her so he sat across her lower back, but making sure to keep most of his weight on his legs. He rubbed his hands together to warm the oil, and began massaging her.

Sam moaned and wriggled a little as Lantash kneaded her shoulders and neck, then down over her back, working on the sore muscles she had there, from sleeping on the hard and cold ground.

"You like this?" Lantash asked, teasingly. "You want me to continue?"

"Oh, god, yes!"

Lantash grinned as he slowly worked his way down to her ass, pulling her panties down and off before focusing on her firm butt, massaging it thoroughly. Sam moaned steadily now, moving her hips and ass as she grew more aroused from his touch. Lantash and Martouf had to use all their self control to continue just massaging her, while watching the erotic sight.

He moved down her legs slowly, giving her sore muscles there his full attention.

"Turn over." Lantash ordered, and she did so immediately, lying before him with her legs spread a little. He groaned softly as he saw her stretched out before him like this, completely naked. "You are so beautiful, Samantha," he said, his voice rough from arousal. "So very attractive. Martouf and I want you so much."

Sam moistened her lips as she looked at him, biting her lower lip as she allowed her gaze to linger here and there. His desire was very obvious - his hard cock was pointing almost straight up. "I want you too." She moaned and arched her pelvis. "Come, fuck me."

Lantash closed his eyes for a moment and breathed in deeply. "In a moment. I promised to massage you, and... and I am not stopping only half-way through." He grinned. "Besides, I so very much look forward to the feeling of your skin under my hands again. The feeling is addictive... and your breasts and thighs, and the area between your legs... is calling to me."

He took some more massage oil and started working it into her skin, as he slowly moved up her legs. His shaft was getting so hard it hurt, and he longed to plunge it into her wet pussy. Soon. Very soon, he promised himself and Martouf.

From her thighs he moved directly to her stomach, making Sam moan in frustration when he did not touch the area between her legs most in need of attention.

"Scoundrel!" she told him, then gasped as he filled his hands with her breasts and fondled them lovingly.

"Perhaps, but would you want me different?" Martouf asked - proving that host and symbiote had switched control at some point, without Sam noticing.

"No..." Sam admitted, then bucked under him, her need growing desperate. "Please fuck me! I need you!" She pulled him to her and kissed him deeply, plunging her tongue into his mouth. At the same time she wrapped her legs around him and rubbed her wetness against his hard erection.

Martouf groaned, too aroused to wait any longer. Any plan he and Lantash might have had to wait until they had made her come at least once first, disappeared in the heat of their lust. He kissed her again, before slipping a hand down between her legs and spreading her folds.

"You are so wet, Samantha," he said hoarsely. "So wet for me!"

He slid his thumb over her clit, causing her to gasp and buck against him. Not able to wait any longer, he pushed the tip of his cock into her pussy, then thrust hard, sinking deeply.

They both hissed from the sensation, and he held himself very still for a moment, suddenly very close to coming. Sam closed her eyes and moaned, enjoying the feeling of fullness.

He pulled back a little, and pushed into her again, repeating. He kept making long, slow thrusts, trying to keep himself from losing control too quickly. Sam wrapped her legs around him and pulled him towards her, arching upwards at the same time, trying to get him to move faster, harder.

Instead, he continued thrusting with the same slow, deliberate movements, keeping the stimulation at a level that was almost, but not quite, enough to make them come.

He changed the angle and began moving faster, now making short, hard thrusts.

"Martouf!" Sam moaned. "I..." She suddenly cried out and bucked under him, as she climaxed hard.

Martouf gasped as her pussy contracted around his cock, almost pushing him over.

His eyes flashed as Lantash took control, and the symbiote immediately started pounding into Sam. It took only moments before he made a hoarse sound and rammed into her one more time, spilling his seed inside her.

After recovering for a few moments, he kissed her deeply before rolling off her. He pulled her close and they snuggled before falling asleep, closely cuddled together.

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