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(Chapter one is here)

It was not long before they walked into the city. They had ditched all the things they carried except the extra hand device and the valuables - which Sam carried in a bag, since no Goa'uld would carry luggage when he had a slave.

Sam wore a skimpy outfit made of blue silk, and Lantash wore clothing like what he had worn when he pretended to work for Osiris. He also wore one of the hand devices. Both Sam and Martouf/Lantash had Egyptian style makeup on, as well as jewelry. Lantash more than Sam, of course, since he was the 'god' and she was his lo'tar.

They went to one of several stores, which clearly catered to Goa'uld and important Jaffa and humans, perhaps. There they bought some beautiful and expensive clothes - in the same style, of course, since anything else would be suspicious. Particularly since the Goa'uld in charge favored the Egyptian style.

"Wow... people certainly react differently to us, especially you, when you're... Goa'uld." Sam observed in a low voice when they had left the store and were walking to the hotel they had been recommended.

"Of course. Any Goa'uld, even a minor one, is a god and infinitely above any human or Jaffa. Treating me differently would be an insult and I would be in my right to - and even expected to - punish them, even kill them," Lantash told her grimly, keeping his voice down. "Ah, there's our lodging. Samantha, I will now again have to behave like a Goa'uld..."

"And I will be your lo'tar, just like in the store. No problem."

"I hope the chambers are to your liking, my lord?" the hotel owner asked, nervously.

"They will do," Lantash said. He turned to Sam. "Lo'tar, go with the man and make sure dinner is brought here as soon as possible, then return and serve me."

"Yes, my lord." Sam bowed lightly to him. He had explained to her that as a lo'tar, she was a trusted servant in the highest position a human could have in Goa'uld society, and so only had to bow, not kneel, before her master.

She followed the hotel owner out of the rooms. He pointed her to the kitchen, and she went there to order what food where to be brought to her 'lord's' chambers.

When Goa'uld traveled like this, their lo'tar was in charge of all their personal needs, including bringing the food. A lo'tar was completely trusted, completely loyal, and would sleep in their master's bedroom or close by, both to protect him and to be there whenever he needed something.

"Leave us. My lo'tar will take care of the rest," Lantash ordered the servants who had just brought the food Sam had ordered.

"Yes, my Lord," the servants said as one, then bowed deeply and fled. No one wanted to remain in the company of a Goa'uld for longer than necessary. No one except for their lo'tar.

Sam locked the door after the servants, then went back to Lantash. "So, my 'lord', would you like me to pour some wine for you?" she asked, a glint in her eyes.

Lantash rolled his eyes. "I think I can do that myself." He grinned and grabbed the bottle, pouring wine in his glass. "There is only one wine glass, but there is also a water glass. Would you like some wine too, Samantha?"

"Sure." She pulled a chair up and sat down opposite him. "Won't they think it's strange you eat enough food for me too?"

"It's not their place to wonder. Besides, the lo'tar would often eat leftovers after their 'god' has eaten. As well as taste the food before, if the Goa'uld suspects foul play, and there is no official taster with him."

"Aren't Goa'uld more or less immune to poison?"

"There are a very few things that will affect Goa'uld - and Tok'ra, of course - but all of those will also kill a human, in doses far smaller than what will do anything to the Goa'uld."

"Cute. So they'll rather kill their lo'tar than risk indigestion, or whatever." Sam made a disgusted face. "Not that I am surprised."

Lantash nodded, somberly. "That is how Goa'uld usually behave." He took one of the glasses and sipped from it. "Not Tok'ra, of course. The wine is excellent, and while very strong, it does not contain anything harmful. For either of us."

Sam took her glass and touched it to his. "Cheers." She smiled at him.

"Cheers... I drink to our love for you, Samantha."

Sam looked very happy. "To our shared love!"

They drank deeply, then kissed each other, before settling down to eat the delicious food.

"Would you like more wine? Pie?" Sam asked, a mischievous grin on her face. "My lord..." She made a mock-bow.

Lantash grabbed her and pulled her to him. "No, Tau'ri... but I require your presence in the bath, and later in the bedroom!" He gave her a fiery kiss.

Sam moaned and returned the kiss, and for several moments neither of them could focus on anything but the love and desire they felt for each other.

When they finally pulled apart to get oxygen, they looked deeply into each others eyes. As one, they reached for each other, and soon tumbled to the bed together.

The bath would have to wait.

After a very fast, intense quickie, followed by a very loving bath, and a somewhat slower round of lovemaking, Sam and Martouf/Lantash fell asleep, snuggling closely together.

Sam woke early in the morning, when the first rays of the sun shone through the window and touched her face. She opened her eyes - and looked directly into Martouf's face.

He smiled. "Good morning, Samantha."

"Good morning, Martouf, Lantash." She sleepily returned his smile. "It's not time to get up yet, is it?"

"No, but I woke from a pleasant dream about you, and since the room is lighted by the sun, I spent some moments watching your beautiful face."

"Aw, that's cute!" Sam pulled Martouf in to kiss him warmly and thoroughly.

He pushed his tongue into her mouth, tangling it with her tongue. Sam moaned softly and lay down on her back, pulling him with her. He smiled happily as he kissed her again and again, before thrusting into her willing body.

They did not get out of bed for several more hours.

After dressing up in their new clothes, and putting on jewelry and makeup, they ate breakfast.

"Are you ready, Samantha?" Lantash asked.

Sam nodded, giving him a half-smile. "As ready as I'll ever be, but I trust you, Lantash."

"Good." He smiled. "Just remember to stay in the role all the time until we are safe. Obey me immediately, without asking questions."

"I got that." She gave him a quick kiss. "Let's go?"

They walked at an even pace through the city, with everyone hurriedly getting out of the way when they saw them.

A group of eight Jaffa was guarding the Stargate.

Lantash walked up to them boldly, an arrogant expression on his face. He walked straight to the one standing by the DHD. "Move out of the way!"

The Jaffa looked uncertain, but stood his ground. "I... I apologize, my lord, but I do not know you. Who are you, and where are you going?"

"Insolence!" Lantash exclaimed. "Are you questioning me, Lord Alim? How dare you ask where I am going!" He flashed his eyes, and raised his left hand with the hand device, letting the jewel in the center glow strongly.

The Jaffa paled. "I... I apologize, my Lord Alim!" The Jaffa stepped away from the DHD with a frightened look on his face. "I would never interfere in the business of a god!"

"Good." Lantash quickly dialled the address of a stop-over world, and stepped through, Sam following him swiftly.

"Wow, that worked amazingly!" Sam exclaimed.

"I had not expected to be questioned at all. Khnum - no doubt ordered by his paranoid Lord Bastet - must have had the security increased." He walked up to the DHD, as soon as the wormhole shut down.

"Wait - where are we going?"


"Do you think my dad will be there?"

"Possibly, but it is likely he is on a mission. Anise mention he was going on one."

Sam nodded. "In that case, can we go to the Alpha site instead? I'd like to contact the SGC and tell them I'm back... I'll go with you to Vorash afterwards if I can. I don't know if they want to debrief us too?"

"They do... even though I have little news for them, I am afraid." He looked rueful. "But I would like you to come with me to Vorash in any case. Later, when you have time?" Lantash's expression turned hopeful.

"Absolutely. And I have some vacation time, so if you have the time, we can do some stuff together?"

"I would like that. I would also like to go with you to your world." He smiled. "To spend time with you. I hope being brought back from certain death, and then immediately take on a dangerous mission helping our allies, will earn me some time off."

Sam grinned. "It should. I'd say that you've certainly earned it. So, Alpha site?"

Lantash nodded. "Yes, but I do not know the address there."

"I do." Sam stepped up and started dialling, then hesitated for a moment when she was halfway through. "I think the address is meant to be secret, but you guys are our allies, for god's sake!" She quickly dialled the rest of the address, and the wormhole activated.

"You have nothing to worry about. We would die before betraying the position of your secret base," Lantash said. He then pulled Sam to him and they kissed warmly before stepping through the Stargate.

The guards raised their weapons as the Stargate activated. Through it stepped what looked like a Goa'uld, dressed in Egyptian style clothing, and behind him came his lo'tar.

Another group of soldiers came running towards them, and Sam recognized her team mates.

"Stop right there, Goa'uld! Surrender at once!" one of the soldiers shouted.

"Stand down, soldier! I'm Major Samantha Carter, and this is Lantash and Martouf of the Tok'ra," Sam told him.

"Hi Sam!" Daniel waved at her, a relieved expression on his face. "I'm happy to see you got away from Osiris."

"Interesting... disguise, Carter!" O'Neill grinned. "And welcome home!" Then he noticed who was with her. "Marty? Can't say I'd expected to see you. Ever again." He paused, then smiled at the other man. "For a Tok'ra you're not too bad - I'm glad you made it."

Lantash raised an eyebrow. "Thank you, O'Neill. Martouf and I are most pleased to be alive - and to have been able to rescue Samantha."

"Welcome back, Major Carter, Lantash." Teal'c inclined his head to them, a pleased expression on his face.

"Thanks, I'm glad to be back." Sam smiled at her teammates, and gave Lantash a fond look. "What are you guys doing here at the alpha site?"

"We actually just arrived. There were some problems with Earth's Stargate, so we went here instead," Daniel said.

"Nothing too bad, I hope?" Sam wondered, looking concerned.

"No, turns out they've got some technical difficulties. Nothing major, but we're stranded here for a couple days." Daniel explained.

Sam nodded. "Okay."

"So, tell us, what's up with the Goa'uld-y clothes?" O'Neill asked.

Sam and Lantash gave each other a long-suffering look, then followed O'Neill and the others back to the local headquarter, so they could report what had happened. Well, some of what had happened, at any rate. They were quite certain there were some things that Sam's teammates did not need - or want - to know.

Though they may have guessed some of it, when Lantash took Sam's hand!



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