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There is still almost a month left of prompt claiming for the Tok'ra Kree! fanworks challenge.

Go here to claim a prompt if you haven't already (or if you feel like claiming another): DW | LJ

All sorts of fanwork equally welcome, as long as there is some focus on the Tok'ra from Stargate SG-1.

Note that the fanwork does not have to (only or at all) use characters from SG-1 - SGA and SGU, as well as crossovers are equally welcome. OC Tok'ra are very welcome as well.
  • Fics just need to be 500 words or more!
  • Art could be
    • 1 banner, which should be at least: 500x150.
    • 1 large piece of art, at least 600x400.
    • 1 picspam containing at least 20 pics.
    • 1 iconset or gifset, containing at least 5 icons/gifs.
    • 1 comic, which should be finished/have a finished story.
  • Vids should be at least 30 seconds.
For anyone who wants to create icons, wallpapers, banners, manips, etc. for the challenge, you can download screencaps for all episodes in seasons 1 through 5. Links to downloads can be found at the bottom of this page: http://tokra-kree.livejournal.com/20902.html

The same page has a list of episodes with Tok'ra, and links to screencaps of those specific episodes.

CLAIM CLAIM CLAIM a prompt, and have fun creating something awesome! 

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