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Title: A Changed Life
Rating: PG-13
Category: Drama, adventure, apocafic
Characters: Sam, Daniel, O'Neill, Teal'c, others
Pairings: Sam/Martouf/Lantash.
Summary: A quake causes SG-1 to fall down into underground ruins on the planet Kashi, and they find themselves trapped in an alien laboratory. In order to escape, they try to reset an alien device, but doing so seems to do little - except causing the door out to open. Upon returning to Earth, SG-1 find that everything is not as when they left it, and Heru'ur now rules the planet.
Prompt: 107. SG-1, any. SG-1 accidentally activates an alien device which seems to do nothing. When they return to Earth, the Goa'uld rule the planet. Also, SG-1 learn they were all killed years ago.
Season: Late fifth season, but before "Meridian".
Warnings: Character deaths mentioned/alluded to. Minor violence
Notes: Written for Apocalypse Kree! 2014.

They all stopped what they were doing and listened. The rumbling noise increased in volume and came closer, and then the ground started moving. The ruins all around them began to shake, and the sound became even louder.
"Quake!" Sam yelled, as the ancient buildings around them groaned and cracked.
"Get out of there!" O'Neill shouted at Sam and Daniel who were further inside. He frantically grabbed for something, anything to hold on to as the ground shifted and moved under him.
Daniel cried out as a falling stone narrowly missed him. Flailing his arms he tried to keep his balance, when the ground under him suddenly opened up and swallowed him.
"Daniel!" Sam exclaimed, just as a chasm appeared under her as well.
O'Neill and Teal'c wavered for a moment between running for safety and trying to save their teammates, but the choice was made for them when the crack that had opened under the others quickly widened. Suddenly, they were standing on air, and they fell, tumbling and sliding down among rocks and soil. Then all became dark.

None of them knew how long they had been unconscious, but when they woke up all was quiet, and the ground were no longer moving.
Sam groaned as she sat up and looked around in the semi-darkness. Far above she could see a glimpse of the sky. They seemed to have fallen into a hollow that was under the ruins - along with a whole lot of rubble and soil. "You okay, guys?" she called.
"I am unhurt," Teal'c answered. "I have, however, lost my radio and most of my ammunition."
O'Neill pushed some small rocks and dirt away and sat up, wincing a little. "Mostly okay here - I think I've pulled my left shoulder. Lost some gear too - probably buried under all the rubble."
Sam rose slowly, supporting herself against a large boulder that luckily had missed them all. She carefully put weight on her right foot. "I think my ankle is twisted, but nothing worse." She looked around. "Where's Daniel?"
"Daniel!" O'Neill shouted.
A voice came from maybe fifty feet away - too far to see in the dusty darkness. "Over here!"
"Are you hurt?" O'Neill asked, getting up with the intention of going to check.
Teal'c and Sam were already on their way towards Daniel, picking their way carefully among the rocks and rubble.
"I think my arm's broken... and my head hurts!" Daniel complained.
"Take it easy!" Sam exclaimed, when Daniel tried to get up. "Let's take a look at your injuries first."
Sam and Teal'c helped Daniel to sit on a large piece of wall that had fallen from the ruins above.
"What is this place?" Daniel wondered, frowning at the surroundings. "Why would they build their city on top of a hollow?"
"Most likely water dug out an underground cave - slowly over the millennia," Sam speculated, as she examined Daniel's arm. "I don't think it's broken - just banged up."
Teal'c had begun exploring the place, and spoke from across the opening. "I do not believe this structure was created by nature, Major Carter. The wall over here is completely smooth."
Just as he said that, light came on, flooding the place.
"What the..." O'Neill mumbled.
"Probably some sort of motion sensor..." Sam speculated, turning towards them. She became quiet as she noticed what the others had already seen.
Before them was a huge room, wall, roof, and floor made from some kind of metal. Along the sides were counters and racks, filled with a variety of things, much of it unrecognizable to Sam and the others. Here and there stood various larger devices and apparatuses.
Lining the back wall were something that looked like a long row of control panels.
"A subterranean structure!" Sam exclaimed. "Nice!"
"I wonder what it was?" Daniel said, curiously.
"Right now I'm more worried about getting out of here," O'Neill said. "How are you doing, Daniel?"
"I'm fine," Daniel said, carefully lifting the arm Sam had wrapped in a support bandage.
O'Neill winced. "I hope she's gotten better at that! I remember when she put a splint on my leg - it hurt like hell!"
"That was more than four years ago!" Sam complained. "Besides, Daniel's arm is not broken."
There was another rumbling noise, much like the one that had preceded the earlier quake. The ground again started shaking.
"Get back!" O'Neill exclaimed, as dust began drizzling from a crack just above their heads.
They all jumped back just as an avalanche of stones and debris fell from the roof.
When moments later the aftershock was over, they carefully stepped closer to the room before them.
"You think it's safe to walk in there?" O'Neill asked.
"No idea," Sam admitted. She looked up towards the surface, up from where they had come. "There's no way we're going to get back up that way, so I guess we don't have much of a choice."
"Is it a lab, or what do you think?" Daniel wondered, when he had stared at it for a while. "It doesn't look like it's from the same culture as the ruins topside. This is much more advanced. I wonder if it could be from a later time frame?"
"I agree. It's not the same culture," Sam said. "And I think you're right - it could very well be a lab."
"What's up with that console over there?" O'Neill pointed to the corner furthest away.
"Looks like one of the shelves fell on it during the quake." Sam frowned, as a shower of sparks flew from the console. "There's clearly still power going through it - we'd better be careful."
"No problem! I'm not going to go anywhere near that - or anything else in there if I can avoid it!" O'Neill insisted.
"The room looks like it is mostly undamaged," Teal'c observed.
"Yeah, seems to have been sealed until now. I wonder what's causing the quakes?" Daniel said. "They must have started recently."
"The locals we spoke to yesterday mentioned that the Goa'uld Kali was here on Kashi about a month ago. There had been several huge explosions, each causing the ground to shake and craters and cracks to form," Sam reminded them.
"Weapons tests, most likely," Teal'c said. "She is battling Anubis, and is losing badly."
Sam nodded. "So she needs better weapons. Makes sense."
"Could she be back?" Daniel asked, worried.
"She hasn't been seen recently, so it's more likely the explosions caused some sort of instability along natural fault lines. That could lead to the quakes we're seeing now," Sam suggested.
"Could there be more?" O'Neill asked. "Quakes, I mean."
"No way to know, but there could certainly be aftershocks for days to come."
O'Neill nodded. "Okay, then let's get the Hell out of here." He looked around the presumed laboratory. "Looks like there's something that might be a door back there."
"Wait... we should check out this place first. It doesn't look like any culture we've come across before," Daniel said. He looked eagerly at the alien laboratory, seemingly having forgotten his injuries.
"Now!?" O'Neill exclaimed, staring at him in disbelief. "Most of us are wounded for God's sake! There could be another quake any time!"
"We can probably come back and study it later?" Sam suggested. "When the seismic activity has quieted down again, I mean."
O'Neill rolled his eyes at Sam and Daniel. "We're leaving. Now!" He began walked without waiting for a response, and the others followed.
"There is no obvious way to open the door," Teal'c observed, when he had studied it for a few moments.
"Let's check around it," Sam said. "Maybe there's a button, or a special place you're supposed to press."
They began searching the door and the area immediately surrounding it.
"Perhaps it's opened from one of the control panels?" Daniel suggested, looking at the closest one. He swiped his right hand over the smooth surface, wiping away the dust that had settled. The panel lighted up with a humming sound. "Whoa!"
"Daniel!" O'Neill exclaimed.
"I... I don't think it did anything..." Daniel said, looking nervously at the panel.
"It lit up like a damn Christmas tree!" O'Neill pointed out.
"Yeah, I guess..." Daniel eyed the control panel unhappily.
"Well, since we haven't found any other way to open the door, we're going to have to try something else," Sam said. "Maybe it's supposed to just open when you walk up to it, and right now it's locked?"
"Okay, how do we unlock it, then?" O'Neill asked.
"Maybe that can be done from the panel?" Sam suggested. She stepped over to it.
"Just be careful!" O'Neill warned.
"I'm always careful, sir."
"Hah," O'Neill snorted, but let her examine the panel without any further comments.
"Daniel... do these markings make any sense to you?" Sam asked after a while. "I'm fairly sure this one is on and off..." She touched a spot on the left side of the smooth surface, and the lights on the panel went out, then came back on. "However, that's all I can think of. I have no idea what any of the rest of the markings mean!"
Daniel went to take a closer look. "You know, now when I look at it again... those glyphs or markings or whatever, they kind of resemble Furling a bit.
"Furling?" Sam asked.
"Yeah... but it's not quite the same. An offshoot, maybe. Interesting."
"Okay, can you read it?" O'Neill wanted to know.
"No. I mean, I only understand a few words in regular Furling. This... I have no idea... wait... maybe..." He shook his head. "No, it doesn't make any sense."
"What do you think it says?" O'Neill asked, patiently.
"Well, I guess it could say... 'your life will never be the same', but that doesn't exactly make any sense."
"You're right, it doesn't," O'Neill told him.
"The labels for the buttons, or whatever they are, they look like... wait, that one may work..." He stretched out his hand and touched a red spot with a glyph beside it.
Before any of them could react, a shimmering force fields sprang up around them. The area outside suddenly looked distorted and almost seemed as if it flashed for a moment.
"Daniel, dammit!" O'Neill exclaimed. "Don't just hit random buttons!"
"I'm not. It said 'portal' or 'door'... or I guess it could have meant 'activate'," Daniel said sheepishly. "Anyway..." He touched the same button again, and after a moment the force fields lowered again. "Now try the door again."
"Ah, you think it might have cycled the seal of the room and that it might trigger the lock on the door." Sam nodded. "Not a bad idea. Maybe you just rebooted the system." She stepped over to the door again, and it opened with a swooshing sound. "It worked!"
O'Neill grinned. "Great work, guys!"
They walked out the door and found themselves in a corridor. There were several doors along the sides, but they did not have time to check them out, because suddenly another quake shook the place, much stronger than any of the previous ones.
Something that resembled a ring transporter beckoned up ahead. "Move it people! Let's get out of here!" O'Neill urged.
They ran as fast as they could to the ring transporter, which fortunately turned out to operate the same way as the standard ones used by the Goa'uld, despite the superficial differences. The last they saw as the transportation rings wooshed them away, was the corridor collapsing.
The rings deposited them on the still shaking surface. Everything was moving and shifting, and they could barely keep their balance as they fled the chasm that opened when the underground facility crumbled under the stresses from the quake.
They made it to safe ground and lay there, panting, looking at the devastation the quake had caused.
"It's gone!" Daniel exclaimed, sounding devastated.
"Just be happy we're not gone with it!" O'Neill remarked. "Let's get back home before there are more aftershocks!"

"What's wrong?" O'Neill asked.
"They're not accepting my iris-code," Sam said, typing the sequence into the GDO again. "Damn!"
"Why would that be? We haven't been gone long enough for them to lock us out!" Daniel pointed out.
"How long were we unconscious after the fall?" O'Neill asked.
"A few minutes, it can't have been more than that," Sam said. She frowned. "Something must have happened at the SGC."
"The Stargate connected," Teal'c pointed out.
"That's a good sign, right?" O'Neill said.
"Yes, I agree. The Stargate is there and it is not buried." Sam sighed. "Anyone got a radio?"
"No, I lost all my gear in the fall, except for my sidearm," Daniel said.
"Nope, sorry," O'Neill said.
"Nor do I," Teal'c told her.
"Crap. Okay, we're going to the alpha site, then," O'Neill decided.

"What happened here?" Daniel exclaimed, staring at the ruins.
"It would seem there has been an attack. The damage appears to be from both bombardments and staff weapons fire," Teal'c said.
"Yeah, but when!" Sam stared at the devastation, shock and disbelief on her face.
"Shouldn't it take months - or years for that much grass and weeds to grow over the place?" O'Neill said, his expression mirroring that of his team mates. "Okay, what's going on here?" he demanded. "Any ideas?"
"Could we have been unconscious for much longer than we believe?" Daniel wondered.
"No, as Colonel O'Neill just said, it would take many months or even years for this place to get so overgrown. The attack must have happened long ago. Which doesn't make any sense, I know," Sam said.
"Maybe some alien has captured us and is messing with our heads?" O'Neill suggested. "Like the Goa'uld who owns the planet we were on? Is on?"
"Kali is not known to employ trickery of this kind," Teal'c said.
O'Neill nodded. "Okay. Carter?"
"I... have no good explanation right now," Sam said slowly.
"But you've got some idea."
"Maybe." She shook her head. "No, that's even crazier. Listen, we need to find a way to get back to Earth if we're to figure this out."
"Sounds good to me." O'Neill turned on his heel.
"Okay, let's start by dialling Earth's Stargate again. Maybe whatever problem stopped them from acknowledging my GDO has been fixed," Sam said, hopefully.

"Any other ideas?" O'Neill asked when they had tried - and failed - to contact Earth.
"We could contact the Tok'ra, or Bra'tac, and borrow a GDO. Even if that one isn't recognized either, at least we can probably get an explanation," Sam suggested.
"Couldn't we just find a ship? I'd rather not have to explain our predicament to anyone else - when we don't know what has happened," O'Neill said.
"Possibly..." Sam thought it over. "The teltac we used to save Earth from the meteor is still on Earth, so that one is out. I think my dad mentioned the Tok'ra having one on Meira... that's P2X-479."
"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" O'Neill said.

"Do you know of somewhere else we can find a ship? Teal'c? Carter?" O'Neill asked, when they had been to the planet Meira and not found a ship anywhere near the Stargate.
"I am afraid I do not, O'Neill," Teal'c said.
"Carter?" O'Neill repeated, when his second in command did not answer and seemed far away in thought.
"Sorry, sir. Actually... I may have an idea... I suddenly remembered something. Jolinar hid a ship during her flight from the ashrak. Before she took Quinta as host. I doubt anyone else knows about it, so it should still be there. Unless it was found later..." Sam frowned.
"That's great!" O'Neill looked closely at her. "Yet something bothers you?"
Sam sighed. "It's probably nothing. The teltac should still be there. It's just... me trying to figure out what's happened." She indicated the overgrown ruins that once were the alpha site.
"Yeah, that would be nice. Okay, what do you think happened?"
"This is going to sound crazy, but I think... that something in that alien lab transported us to the future." Sam looked more than a bit sheepish. "That we were somehow kept in stasis while it happened."
"The future?" O'Neill shrugged, then winced as his shoulder pained him. "I guess I can see what you mean. That would explain this place."
"Didn't you conclude nothing had happened?" Daniel wondered.
"I may have been wrong," Sam admitted.
"Wouldn't the quake have been long over when we got out of stasis, though?" Daniel pointed out.
Sam nodded. "Yes, and that's what bothered me about it at first, but then I thought about it some more. What if the stasis field somehow affected a larger area than we thought - so the effects of the tremors didn't hit until the stasis field was turned off?"
"That's possible, I suppose," Daniel agreed.
"It could also explain why we're not getting a confirmation on the iris codes. They're long since recalled, and they may even be using another system," Sam said.
"Okay, assuming you're right, Carter. How far into the future do you think we've travelled?" O'Neill asked.
"At least a year or two. Maybe more. There's no way to know until we can contact Stargate Command - or maybe the Tok'ra or Bra'tac."
"Okay. Well, while this is troubling, of course, it could mean that there's no problem at Stargate Command, at least." O'Neill decided. "Carter - lead the way to wherever you think Jolinar hid that ship."

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