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"Okay, so we didn't make it out in time when Apophis's new mothership blew, right?" O'Neill said. "That's what happened?"

Ferretti nodded. "Yes."

"The Atanik armbands had stopped working, and we almost didn't make it in the old timeline either," Sam reminded him.

Daniel nodded. "So, here, this time, the explosion killed us?"

"Exactly," Ferretti said.

"Since I was then not present when she arrived, Shau'nac did not manage to convince the SGC to contact the Tok'ra about a host, and Tanith did not take Hebron." Teal'c said. "He, in fact, did not get any host. Was that not correct?" He turned to Ferretti.

"It was, yes."

"Do you know what became of Shau'nac?"

"I'm sorry, no, I don't," Ferretti said.

Teal'c nodded. "Regardless. Without Tanith, Apophis made different choices."

"He should have made better choices - Tanith was fed misinformation by the Tok'ra," O'Neill reminded him.

"It's impossible to speculate - maybe Apophis made better choices, maybe not. In any case, there was a different outcome. Somehow Apophis and Heru'ur made peace - and much earlier than the attempt they made in the old timeline. They divided this part of the Galaxy, and Heru'ur got Earth," Sam said. "Right?"

"Yes, we learned about the agreement, and then it took maybe a few months, then Heru'ur attacked. That was... almost eighteen months ago now." Ferretti said, a somber look on his face. "Hundreds of millions were killed in the first few days. Some with poison gas, some with what we think was a disease spread by nanites - which have since become inert - and some by regular bombardments. After that he landed Jaffa troops. Lots of them. We didn't have a chance. Heru'ur stayed here in Colorado Springs for the first while, and he had everyone who had a connection to Stargate Command hunted down, captured, and killed. A few of us managed to hide, and some escaped to other parts of the country. Doctor Fraiser escaped with Cassandra, for instance."

"That's good to know." Sam smiled.

"Yeah, it is," Daniel agreed, looking relieved.

"Heru'ur is here in Colorado Springs?" Teal'c asked,

"No, not any longer. After some months he assigned a vassal to rule in his place. Her name's Anuket, and I'm told she's got a number of underlings taking care of whatever it is they want done here - gathering slaves and such. I have no idea if Heru'ur himself is even on the planet anymore or not! Nor do I care!" Ferretti spat.

The others were silent for a long time, not sure what to say.

"Previously, Anuket was a fairly minor Goa'uld, in the service of Heru'ur," Teal'c said. "She is known as his treasurer - and for the zealousness with which she carries out the task of making sure everyone pays as much as possible to Heru'ur."

"That sounds about right." Ferretti grimaced. "Her Jaffa sure bled everyone dry, and then there were the forced labour..."

O'Neill slapped his back. "I'm sorry you've had such a hard time here."

"So she's the one in charge of Colorado Springs? Guarding the Stargate, I mean," Sam asked.

"They don't exactly share their plans with us," Ferretti said. "However, Captain Griff's sister Tasha - you know, the hot one, ?" He smiled at O'Neill, who grinned back. "That one - she was 'hired' as one of Anuket's maids, so we got some info that way. It would seem Anuket felt there wasn't any places around here that was good enough for her. She found a palace somewhere in Europe and set up her court there, leaving some underling in charge of the Stargate. I don't know anyone working for him, so I couldn't tell you much aside from his name, but I can say that I prefer him to both Heru'ur and Anuket!"

"How come?" Daniel asked.

"Well, somehow he doesn't seem as cruel, or as interested in working people to death. At least it seems that way, but I guess he could also just be more lazy. As long as we meet the production quota and there is no open rebellion, he leaves us alone. I'd say that's a fair share better than the others!"

"What is his name?" Teal'c wondered.


Teal'c shook his head. "I have not heard of him."

"But you haven't heard of every minor Goa'uld, have you?" O'Neill asked.

"No, he could easily be a minor System Lord, even." Teal'c said.

"I remember Dad telling me that while there are only dozens of System Lords, there are more than a hundred minor System Lords, ruling only one or two systems. Then there are further thousands of minor Goa'uld, working for others, without any domain of their own," Sam reminded them.

"So we don't know anything about him. Too bad, it could be useful." O'Neill looked thoughtful. "For later, I mean."

"What's your plan?" Ferretti sighed. "Jack, you can forget about trying to take Earth back. It's not just a small group of Jaffa here and there - the planet is completely subjugated. So many people were killed, and those that are left are too afraid, or too weak to fight back. I'm afraid we've lost this time." He looked despondent.

"I'm not prepared to accept that! I'm not just giving up! There must be something we can do!" O'Neill exclaimed.

"Uh, what about the Asgard? They can't just have agreed to this!" Daniel pointed out.

"The protected planets treaty," Teal'c said.

O'Neill nodded. "Right, what about that?"

"Maybe that never included Earth in this timeline? I mean, we don't know how far back the timeline was changed," Daniel said.

"Probably no further back than mid-July 2000, when we blew up Apophis's new mothership," Sam said. "Earth was included in the protected planets treaty a year before that."

Ferretti nodded. "It was the same here, and we did contact the Asgard when we learned Heru'ur was going to attack Earth. However, it took a long time before the Asgard responded, and when they did, it turned out the war against the Replicators was going badly. Nevertheless, the Asgard called a meeting and tried to threaten the Goa'uld to follow the treaty. Unfortunately, somehow the discussion between Thor and General Hammond had been recorded and was leaked. The Goa'uld got their hands on it and now knew the Asgard did not have the resources to protect anyone in the Milky Way."

O'Neill groaned. "The Goa'uld called their bluff!"

"Yes," Ferretti confirmed.

"Who was responsible for the leak?" O'Neill asked.

"Someone from the NID, working for Kinsey. The irony was that they wanted to use the info to force us to stop using the Stargate because it was too dangerous." Ferretti rolled his eyes.

"Damn Kinsey! If I get my hands on him I'm going to..."

"He's dead. Heru'ur killed him along with most other Earth leaders." Ferretti looked up as a pendulum clock on the wall started chiming. "7 o'clock. I have to hurry now or I will be late. They've got us all working in farms, or logging, or building. Well, there's also mining - over at Lake City and near Boulder." He sighed. "We're damn slaves, is what we are, all of us."

"Aren't there any resistance?" O'Neill asked.

"Yeah, there's been some, but not a lot. At least not recently. Heru'ur, and later Anuket were pretty brutal. I think most people are just laying low and trying to survive right now." O'Neill nodded. "I guess I understand. Can we stay here? Just for now, I mean."

"Sure, and it's better you don't go outside. Lots of Jaffa about."

"Okay, we'll talk more tonight."

"What do you intend to do, O'Neill?" Teal'c asked, when Ferretti had left.

"Well, get some rest, first. Then, tonight we should start to gather as much intel as we can. I'll be damned if I'm just going to let the Goa'uld keep Earth without at least trying to do something!"

"We should attempt to contact the Tok'ra. They may have some information we can use," Sam said.

O'Neill snorted. "Right. I'm sure they'll be happy to help!"

"Why wouldn't they? It's not in their interest to have the Goa'uld own a planet with that many slaves and resources," Sam pointed out.

O'Neill sighed, then shrugged. "I suppose not."

"We don't know what has happened. If the large Tok'ra base on Revanna was bombed in this timeline too, the Tok'ra could be on the run," Daniel said.

"That's possible, but it's equally possible that event hasn't happened here. If nothing else, the Goa'uld doesn't have to fear the Tok'ra and Earth working together. The Tok'ra may be stronger in this timeline," Sam pointed out.

"Well, we won't learn anything from speculating. Let's get some sleep," O'Neill decided.

Ferretti had returned fairly late in the evening, exhausted from a hard day's work in the fields. He was so tired he did not even make any jokes about the food O'Neill had cooked for them all.

After spending a couple hours discussing the situation, Ferretti promised to make a list of all the people from Stargate Command that he knews was still living nearby. He was still not quite as enthusiastic about a resistance as O'Neill was, but he was starting to warm to the idea, and was willing to help.

He then went to bed, while SG-1 went out to do some recognossaincing. In particular, they would be checking out a place that Ferretti had noticed and thought might contain something important.

"Ferretti mentioned that this place is always heavily guarded, and that it regularly gets supplies from an alkesh that rings stuff down. Lately, there's also been some activity around it, with large groups of people arriving," O'Neill whispered when they were hiding in the bushes outside a large building. "I vote we take a look at what's inside it."

"He was certainly right about it being heavily guarded. Are you sure this is a good idea?" Daniel said, keeping his voice down as well.

"Weapon's check?" O'Neill asked.

"I only got my sidearm," Daniel said.

"One zat," Sam added.

"I have a zat'nik'tel, as well as my P90. I have little ammunition for it, though," Teal'c told him.

"Okay, I've got my sidearm too, so we're... somewhat armed, at least," O'Neill said.

"We will not be able to succeed in a frontal assault. Perhaps we should examine the options from the other side?" Teal'c suggested.

"My thoughts exactly. Come on." O'Neill snuck ahead, and the others followed.

"I believe that would be the best place for our attack," Teal'c said, keeping his voice down. He pointed to an entrance in the building before them.

They were standing on a small hill hidden among trees, near the building Ferretti had suggested they check out.

"I agree," O'Neill whispered, standing on toes to look over the wall. "That door is only lightly guarded, and the shed blocks the sight from the Jaffa on the front, and the Jaffa at the back entrance are hidden behind trees and bushes. "Yes, that could work."

"There's also no door in the wall." Daniel complained. "And the entrance is just a backdoor for those working in the building who want to go out and get some air, probably."

"We can get over it," O'Neill said, confidently.

"We need some kind of diversion, don't you think? Even if the entrance isn't as heavily guarded as the two others, there is two guards, and probably some inside. We'll never be able to take out those Jaffa without alerting the others," Sam pointed out.

O'Neill nodded. "Right. I was thinking of the wooden house we passed on the way here. The roof had fallen in, and clearly no one lived there. If we set it on fire, it's close enough that the Jaffa will worry this warehouse might catch fire too, and if what's inside it is as valuable as we think, they'll have to put out the fire quickly."

"Even if we do get most of the Jaffa away, we need to scale the wall around the compound first - and the door is probably locked too." Daniel looked up at the sky and the thin sliver of moon that threw a weak ghostly light over the place. "Well be seen."

"The moon sets in about half an hour. If we wait until then, it will be almost completely dark," Sam suggested.

"There's probably no one around the ruin that we're going to burn, so let's get started on that," O'Neill decided.

"Perfect!" O'Neill grinned. "It's really burning now! It can't be long before the Jaffa sees it. Let's get out of here!"

They hurried back towards the warehouse, and the relative safety of the small group of trees and bushes that stood along part of the side of the wall around the compound. They had only gotten halfway there when they heard shouts. The Jaffa had discovered the fire.

Fortunately, the Jaffa did not see them, as they crouched down behind the wall, just at the corner. If the Jaffa had turned and looked, they would almost certainly have seen SG-1, but the fire held their complete attention.

"That was close!" Daniel whispered.

"Too close," O'Neill agreed, keeping his voice down. "Come on."

The moved as fast as they could, while still taking care to not make much noise. Soon they were back among the trees.

"It's really pretty high. Sure we can't get in through one of the two entrances?" Daniel wondered, looking at the wall before them.

"No, there are still a couple Jaffa guarding each of those, but there aren't enough to go frequent rounds, or to guard the back door here," O'Neill said.

"Anyone wishing to enter or leave through that door would normally come through the large ports in the wall. The Jaffa will not expect anyone to crawl over the wall," Teal'c pointed out.

"My arm is still sore," Daniel grumbled.

"So is my shoulder, I'm not complaining! Do you want to wait out here?" O'Neill asked.

"No," Daniel decided. "I guess I can do this."

Sam jumped up and grabbed hold of the top edge of the wall, then pulled herself up. "It's pitch dark down there." She sighed and let herself slide over the wall, hoping she would not land in a thorn bush. She landed safely, on thankfully flat ground. She listened for a moment. "All clear. The ground is flat and good."

The others followed, and soon they were all over the wall.

"It's a bit higher on this side," Daniel remarked. "It'll be difficult to get back out."

"That's a problem for later. Did you bring the lock-picking tools, Carter?" O'Neill asked.

She smiled, fishing them out of her pocket. "Of course." She set to work. and it was a surprisingly short time later that the door was unlocked. "Piece of cake!"

"Nice work, Carter," O'Neill said, walking in ahead of the others. It was very dark, and he turned on a flashlight.

They stood in a corridor with doors on either side, and one at the end.

Daniel pressed down the handle of the first one on the right. "It's not locked."

O'Neill shrugged. "Great. Let's check it out. Teal'c you're with me. We're taking the two nearest doors. Carter, Daniel - take the two next. Then we can do the last one at the end together."

They soon found that none of the doors were locked. Apparently the Goa'uld assumed the wall and the locked outer doors - and the Jaffa guards - were enough.

"Okay, one room contains Jaffa armor, another one is full of weapons - zats, staff weapons, grenades, you name it," O'Neill said. "This could be very useful if we're starting a resistance."

"It will not be easy to remove the weapons without being discovered," Teal'c pointed out.

"We'll figure something out. Carter? Daniel? What did you find?"

"One room seems to be general storage. Clothes and stuff," Daniel said.

"The other one looks like a lab, or maybe it belongs to a healer. I'm not sure, but something in there gives me a bad feeling," Sam added. She frowned. "Something I can't quite remember - from Jolinar."

"Okay, we'll worry about that later. Come, let's make sure everyone has a zat and a couple grenades. It's too bad we can't take a staff weapon each," O'Neill said.

"Yeah, we can't really hide them if we meet a Jaffa patrol!" Daniel observed.

They grabbed the weapons and then returned to the corridor.

"Let's see what's behind door number five," O'Neill said. He opened the door a crack.

"Wait!" Sam suddenly exclaimed. "I sense an energy signature. Several, actually!"

"From a symbiote?" O'Neill asked.

"Jaffa!" Teal'c guessed.

They all raised their weapons and listened quietly for several moments. When nothing happened, they began to relax.

"Are you sure, Carter?" O'Neill asked.

Sam nodded. "I am." She took a hesitant step forward, into the room. The light came on instantly.

"Crap!" O'Neill exclaimed. "That's going to alert the Jaffa..." Then he saw the same as all the others. "What the Hell!"

"Not Jaffa - symbiotes in tanks - lots and lots of them!" Sam said, staring at the young Goa'uld, many of which had turned to look at the newcomers and were now making squealing sounds.

"They are very far from being ready to take a host," Teal'c said.

"Well, let's not tempt fate! Remember Kawalsky," O'Neill said, unhappily.

"We should leave immediately, before the Jaffa..." Teal'c began, but was interrupted when the door at the other end of the large room was opened and a Jaffa entered.

"Run!" O'Neill shouted.

They hurried back the way they had come, and made it outside. It was still completely dark, which might just be what would save them. They could hear the Jaffa behind them, and there were also sounds of someone approaching along the path that ran along the inside of the wall.

Running and then leaping, Sam just managed to jump high enough to get hold of the wall and pull herself up. Teal'c quickly helped Daniel up, then followed, remaining at the top of the wall.

"Do you need assistance, O'Neill?"

"No, I think I'm good..." O'Neill said, just as he jumped. He got hold of the edge of the wall, but then one of his hands slipped.

"Here, O'Neill!" Teal'c grabbed hold of him immediately, and almost effortlessly pulled him up enough that he could drag himself up on the wall, and slide down on the other side.

All of them had successfully scaled the wall.

"Move, run!" O'Neill urged, as soon as his feet hit the ground.

None of them needed the incitement. Hearing the Jaffa behind them, not very far away, they ran as fast as they could through the trees, across the thankfully empty street, and in among the smaller streets and alleys of the city.

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