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It was late next morning when Sam returned to the holding cell, dressed in somewhat more modest clothes than she had been the evening before.

"Carter? What happened?" O'Neill asked when the door had closed behind her.

"I... talked a lot to Lantash. I have explained the situation to him, and he has told me much about this timeline. I'm convinced there were no changes up to the point where we went to destroy Apophis's mothership, wearing those Atanik armbands."

"Okay, good." O'Neill nodded. "That's good. What about that warehouse?"

"It is as we thought - they're turning humans into Jaffa. Apparently Heru'ur has problems holding Earth, and Apophis and Heru'ur aren't getting along so well," Sam explained.

"Uh, that's good news, right?" Daniel asked. "I mean, not that they're making Jaffa out of humans, but the other."

"It is indeed," Teal'c said.

"Yes. The Tok'ra are doing their best to make the alliance between Apophis and Heru'ur fall apart. If it does, and there's a rebellion on Earth at the same time, Lantash thinks Heru'ur may have to give up holding Earth!" Sam smiled.

"That could be our chance!" O'Neill said, enthusiastically. "If we can just get out of here!"

Sam nodded. "Yes. Lantash has a plan for that. Later today, when Osiris and Isis have left for some business, Lantash will make it so there is a small fire that causes a power failure. We must be prepared to escape while the Jaffa are directed to handle the fire." She smiled. "He'll take the opportunity to put the blame for the fire on that Second Prime that caught us. Apparently he is a bit too zealous in his loyalty to Heru'ur and is a problem for Lantash."

"Nice. Okay - we'll be ready." O'Neill smiled. "See, Daniel? Looks like we'll get out of this without any problem. No reason to be pessimistic!"

"Yeah, looks that way," Daniel admitted.

"Another thing - we need to keep in contact with Lantash. He'll give us information, and the Tok'ra needs to know how the planning for the rebellion goes," Sam explained.

"Well, I can see that, but I don't know how we'll handle it," O'Neill said.

"Um, well, Lantash suggested that he has a... part-time job for me here at the palace. That means I can be the contact, and I can still be out there and fight together with you guys."

"A part-time job?" O'Neill wondered, raising an eyebrow.

Sam took a deep breath, trying to come up with the best way to explain that she was to be a sex slave - even if she would only pretend to be a slave.

"Uh, you see..." Sam began.

She did not have time to finish, because the light suddenly went out. They heard the lock to the cell release, and somewhere further away, an alarm could be heard.

"Time to go! Come on, guys!" O'Neill said.

There were no Jaffa in the corridor outside the cell, and they met no one as they hurried through the darkness, feeling their way until they got to an area that had emergency light. They could hear the sounds of people running back and forth and shouting, but it was some distance off.

When they turned a corner, they ran into someone.

"Lantash!" Sam exclaimed.

"Yes - come this way. Quickly! The Jaffa are getting the fire under control faster than I had anticipated."

"Sucks when people are being effective and you don't want it, eh?" O'Neill quipped.

They half-ran through the corridors. Lantash took them to a back entrance, and quickly looked around to see if anyone was near. No one else was.

"You can escape this way. It is almost noon, so the servants are preparing lunch or eating." He handed O'Neill a bag. "Use this to pay for what you need. It should be enough to get you a place to stay, food, clothes - and weapons on the black market. I'm sure you'll find it - you're usually... crafty." He smiled.

"Thank you." O'Neill smiled back. "Um, Carter mentioned something about contacting you. Coordinating stuff. How do we go about that?"

"That's the, um, work I talked about," Sam said, a bit embarrassed.

Lantash nodded. "Yes, it would be best if you stay here for now, Samantha, then when I have placed you in a position, you can go meet with the others."

"Sam?" Daniel asked, surprised.

"Yes." Sam nodded. They had actually discussed it the night before, and they had decided it would be best if she stayed in the palace for a short time immediately, since it might seem more suspicious if she showed up later and somehow be 'discovered' by Lantash. She turned to the others. "I'll come to Ferretti's place in a few days. I assume he'll know where you are?"
"Yes." O'Neill frowned. "I don't like this. Wouldn't it be safer if you went with us immediately?"

"No, it will be harder to find an excuse for keeping her here. Samantha - I promise you, you will be safe here with me," Lantash said. "I will not let the Goa'uld touch you."

"I know." Sam said. "Don't worry, Colonel. I can take care of myself. Get going before someone shows up and sees us."

"Okay." O'Neill nodded. "We'll get started arranging things, and then we'll expect to see you soon."

"Good luck," Lantash offered.

"The same to you," O'Neill said. "Come on, Daniel, Teal'c."

"Bye - see you soon!" Sam told them, before turning to follow Lantash into the palace.

The next many months or possibly years would be very dangerous, but at least they had hope their planet would be free. They only needed to avoid getting caught. It was a good thing luck seemed to follow SG-1, because this time they would really need it.



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