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Fanfic, Junior's Diary, PG/PG-13, 3/24


2nd cycle, 137th day, Anhur era. (Apr 20 1998)

Me and my team was given some time off after a 'hard' mission (it is amazing how the humans on this world always need time off when they have had to do the slightest amount of extra work).

Since my Jaffa cannot safely go home to his family, due to his despicable betrayal of his god, he had to remain on the base. The Tau'ri does not trust him enough to let him visit other parts of their world more than briefly. I can understand their hesitation, given his known problems with loyalty, but I am more than a little offended that they do not trust me to keep an eye on him so he does not do something stupid!

All of this meant that I had to remain on the base as well! Yet another example of how my Jaffa's ill-conceived decisions affect others than just himself!

It turned out 'Carter' and 'Daniel' remained on the base as well, no doubt wishing to share my misery. It is commendable. 'O'Neill', on the other hand, insisted he would not stay on the base when he did not have to, and claimed 'Daniel' and 'Carter' were wrong to do so. In fact, he accused them of 'having no life'. Whatever that means! They are obviously alive, so I do not know what he meant. Perhaps he is starting to lose it!

2nd cycle, 211th day, Anhur era. (Jul 3 1998)

During a mission to an insignificant planet called Nasya, the blond-haired female of my team (designated as 'Carter', as you will remember) was honoured with becoming host to a god. No one else but I noticed, dim-witted as both humans and Jaffa usually are!

I saw no reason to inform anyone, of course. The god clearly had her own reasons to wish to remain hidden until her plan could be set in motion. I debated whether she would be worthy of my allegiance, but I soon decided that any god that needs to resort to subterfuge cannot truly be great enough to deserve my services, even for a short time. A true god, such as myself, would never need to hide their greatness.

My decision was as always correct. It soon became apparent that this god was in fact a heretic – one of the accursed Tok'ra, so it was no wonder she was being such a coward! She was the traitor Jolinar of Malkshur, the one that my illustrious father Apophis once battled with great success.

Still, for a period there was a Tok'ra on the base, walking around freely and unhindered because of the incompetence of the humans and my Jaffa! It was most worrisome! It was pure luck that she did not decide to harm me, out of their inexplicable hatred towards the Goa'uld.

How can they hate their own kind? I mean, I know they claim to have forsworn their birthright, but it cannot truly be the case that they would want all the Goa'uld to live like them? Sharing the body with their hosts? *Shudder.* If that is even true. It sounds like a myth to me!

They do fight the Goa'uld System Lords, that is true, but my personal theory is that they are just envious of their skill and talent!

Regardless, the Tok'ra are strange and perverse, and cannot be trusted. Everyone knows that!

My Jaffa took me to her cell, in order to interrogate her. He did a very poor job of it, just as the humans did. I debated with myself whether I should take a host in order to handle the things these misfits are unable to, but it turned out not to be necessary. One of the System Lords had dispatched an ashrak who killed the heretic Jolinar. In my personal opinion it was much too easy a death for her, but no one ever asks me!

As another proof of the degeneracy of the Tok'ra, Jolinar then sacrificed herself to save her host! How low can you sink? Good riddance! If the System Lords do not soon remove this plague from the Galaxy, then I shall have to take care of it myself. We have gotten proof of at least some of the myths of the Tok'ra, and it is clear they are truly vermin!

2nd cycle, 232nd day, Anhur era. (July 24 1998)

Naquadah mines? Really? How low can you sink? Why would my Jaffa accept such slave work? Does he not understand that it is humiliating for a great god like me? It is not like the other 'Jaffa' there were even carrying symbiotes! Yes, that is so! They were false Jaffa. Imposters!

Such humiliation I had to suffer on this mission!

My Jaffa did not realize those other 'Jaffa' were fake, and as usual he did not listen to me!

The female designated as 'Carter' realized though, I suppose even the remaining essence of a Tok'ra will improve upon the abilities of a human. It would seem that same essence is too strong for her, and for a moment, it seemed, a ghost of Jolinar surfaced. It is no surprise, of course. The mind of any god, even a Tok'ra, would be so much stronger and more powerful than that of a human, that even their remaining essence would be overpowering.

The socially inept nerd - the one my other underlings call 'Daniel' - had gotten himself addicted to a sarcophagus. To be honest, it is no surprise the effect is too great for the simple minds of humans. We gods, on the other hand, can use its powers without problems.

Some treasonous humans had usurped the power from the god that had rightfully ruled that world, and that explained how everything had gone so wrong with that place, I suppose. They clearly had no respect for their gods, no respect for beings so much greater than them that they could not even fathom how fortunate they were to be ruled by them.

I considered removing these usurpers, but I was preoccupied, since, as usual, my Jaffa needed my fantastic healing powers. Of course, I provided these out of the goodness of my heart. When I had assisted him, I decided enough was enough. A god cannot be asked to work in the mines! So I then rescued us all, with minor assistance from the other members of SG-1.

After we returned to our base, 'Daniel' continued to suffer some aftereffects of the sarcophagus for a time, further proving humans are weak.

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