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Fanfic, Junior's Diary. PG/PG-13, 6/24


2nd cycle, 302nd day, Anhur era. (Oct 2 1998)

After the recent ordeal, they let me rest for about a week. No more than that, but it is because they know it is enough for someone as awesome as me.

For some time the servant designated as 'Carter' have been doing her best to access the memories the Tok'ra Jolinar left in her. I still cannot decide if this is a good thing or not.

Of course, whatever she remembers can be very useful for me. The Tok'ra are without doubt the worst enemies of the Goa'uld. It has always puzzled me how anyone could be born a god, and have the opportunity for everything... be the top of the universe, and then turn it down and decide to fight those who are sensible enough to want to keep these gifts! Not only that, but according to the rumours, the Tok'ra seems to enjoy sharing the body with their hosts. I wonder if they are defective in some way? Physically I mean, since it is obvious they are mentally ill. And perverse, of course.

So I have decided it might be advantageous if she can access those memories.

Regardless of this, I cannot help but feel it is blasphemous. For a mere human to learn the knowledge given to the gods... It is... troubling, to say the least.

Whatever my feelings are on this, the result of my underlings efforts were that she managed to remember the address of a Tok'ra base!

This is a huge find! All Goa'uld have been searching for Tok'ra bases, mostly without any success at all, and now I have the opportunity to be the one to end this menace once and for all!

I must plan this well, and not move too quickly!

2nd cycle, 303rd day, Anhur era. (Oct 3 1998)

Today we left for the coordinates of the Tok'ra base. I was naturally very excited, as well as somewhat apprehensive. My team is not always the best at judging threats, nor did they listen to my suggestions to bring more forces! Why do I have to suffer these fools all the time?

We stepped out on the planet. It was a depressing sight. Barren wasteland. Desert. Why would anyone want to live there?

It really seemed deserted, and I pulled my head back inside, feeling convinced nothing would likely happen. I also felt more than a little disappointed, of course, as I had very much hoped to be the one to find and kill a large number of Tok'ra.

My team decided to check out "some dunes", and they had not walked far before I sensed the energy signature of several symbiotes. Before I could decide on a course of action, people jumped up all around us, surrounding us. It did not take long for them to focus on me and my Jaffa, of course, since the others of my team are mere humans.

They were Tok'ra! I believe I must be the first Goa'uld in a place with so many of these traitors!

My team quickly surrendered to them - as a ploy, I assumed - and we were taken down into the Tok'ra lair.

It was so strange! I tell you, there were Tok'ra everywhere! It was... somewhat frightening, and if I had not been so fearless, I might have panicked. As it was, it was... interesting.

I took many notes, all of the time, peeking out as often as I dared. Being the first Goa'uld in such a place, I know well the interest there is in my reports.

The Tok'ra live in underground tunnels, just like the rumours said. They live very spartan lives, with little furniture and they wear quite worn clothing that resembles what peasants wear. I would appear obvious they are not doing well. I suppose this is understandable, as they have forsaken their birthright and refuse to take their places among the gods.

The Tok'ra must actually be even stranger than what we had thought, because they also have no slaves! Who cooks for them? Cleans? Do they do that themselves? Freely? *Shudder.*

How can someone live like this? And when they have a choice? Are they insane? Defective? Masochists? All of it?

I do not know. For a moment I almost pitied them, but I know this is what they have chosen. Then this is how they shall live until I am ready to put them out of their misery!

In fact, as I thought it over, I realized this seems quite a fitting punishment, for someone who could have been a god. I mean, to live in such poverty, and have to endure such hard work.

I feel no need to report the location of their base to Apophis - in fact, I shall wait until I have my own army and then I shall be the one who will be credited with removing this scourge from the Galaxy.

If I am in luck, I can destroy the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra in one fell swoop, because they seem to consider an alliance.

An alliance! How can the Tok'ra have fallen so far? Allying with humans! It is truly disgusting!

But I am getting ahead of myself here, because there was another disturbing thing which happened. For a brief time we were taken prisoner of the Tok'ra! Prisoners! They dared capture me!

Only 'O'Neill' seemed to realize the true outrage of this and suggested that we fight them. It was so strange - even my Jaffa did not support me! He, he told Garshaw that the Tok'ra cause was honourable and just. Garshaw! Of Belote! And she in return told him that she admired him for breaking from Apophis and fighting him! She said it showed great strength of conviction!

Foolishness! Treason! That is what it shows! These Tok'ra are worse than anything you could ever have imagined!

And yes, I met Garshaw of Belote. The most hunted Goa'uld of all times. She is not deserving of that honour. She suffers from the exact same failings as all the other Tok'ra, and she has denounced her birthright as well.

What is wrong with people?

On a separate point, I must keep an eye on my underling Carter. She seems smitten by one of the Tok'ra, possibly due to the relationship he had with her former symbiote. He seems to share her interest. How disgusting - she is a mere human, but I suppose the Tok'ra are perverse in all ways.

Eventually, we returned safely to our own base - after Carter had given the Tok'ra her father to use as a host.

If she wanted this honour for him, why chose a Tok'ra and not a sane Goa'uld instead?

Humans are so strange! I do not know if I will ever be able to comprehend their erratic behaviour fully!

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