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Fanfic, Junior's Diary. PG/PG-13, 7/24


2nd cycle, 323rd day, Anhur era. (Oct 23 1998)

Theunderling 'O'Neill' - the one who fancies himself the leader of our team - was shot today. No, not killed. It was non-fatal. He was shot with an arrow! How embarrassing to be incapacitated by such arcane technology! Well, embarrassing to be incapacitated by such a small wound as well! If he had been a Jaffa, or better, a host, he would not heal so slowly!

Why must I be burdened by mere humans on my team?

Another question is; why are they not focused on the important event that happened a couple weeks ago? When we met the Tok'ra? The Tau'ri should be making plans and decide what to do with this information! There is not a single System Lord who would not value knowledge of the Tok'ra above anything else!

Tau'ri are fools!

O'Neill suffers, at least, from the arrow wound. He deserves that for his regular derogatory remarks about the Goa'uld, and not in the least for calling me 'Junior'. It is a continuing embarrassment to me.

Regardless, the mission continued, just with the underling 'Carter' in 'command' instead. I do not know why these humans continue to think they are in command of anything? It should be obvious to anyone that I am the team leader! As I am a god, how can it be different?

So, we went back to the planet with the primitive population - even more primitive than the Tau'ri, but I guess that is good. Humans should not be allowed to develop to the degree even the Tau'ri have done. They cannot be trusted with such technology, and it is a wonder they have not killed themselves off yet. To be honest, from some of the 'television programs' my Jaffa is watching, it would seem they are doing their best to do just that.

Perhaps they will be ready to accept me as their saviour in a few years. Then I will dazzle them with my awesome powers!

'Carter' wanted some Trinium from PXY-887 (by the way, why do they insist on using such names? They make sense only to machines, not to people!) and that is of course a worthy goal. Trinium is a strong, lightweight, durable metal, so I can certainly use that for my fleet.

I am not so sure the Tau'ri understand how to mine it or how to process it, though, but I can solve that problem for them easily. I will wait for them to ask, though. They must learn their place and admit their inadequacies!

But that is for later. We had barely arrived on the planet before we were caught. Why does this happen all the time? Why must I suffer these incompetent fools? I can understand they may get captured by the Goa'uld, but by such primitives as those on PXY-887?

By the way, scratch that name! I hereby name it Ha-Ba'a, since it will hold my first mine. So I have some Trinium. I need several gold mines as well, of course, and many naquadah mines.

A Goa'uld once owned this world, naturally, but he must have been incompetent, because some wimpy aliens calling themselves the Salish removed him from power. Granted, these aliens seem to have the ability to become invisible and to shapeshift - as well as to teleport themselves. No doubt all of this is accomplished through some sort of technology which we have not been made privy to. Perhaps it would be worth it to study these aliens more closely.

Of course, the Tau'ri managed to get a security breach - these Salish invaded their base and considered destroying them. While disaster was averted, I fear this incident may decrease the likelihood the Salish will trust us in the future. Regrettable, since I would like very much to get my hands on their technology before I exterminate them.

Foolish humans!

2nd cycle, 330th day, Anhur era. (Oct 30 1998)

Me and my team went on a mission to the planet Madrona, where the locals had a piece of technology that could control the weather. For some reason Teal'c felt the need to inform the Tau'ri that the Goa'uld does not possess such a device.

Not only is that not true! We do have the technology to control the weather, maybe not with such a single small device, but we can do it! However, more importantly, why would Teal'c slander the Goa'uld? The very gods who has given him life and continue to do so? Me!

It is unfathomable!

Then, upon learning of this device they thought so unique, they would not even take it with them! Why? Oh! Because a bunch of humans more primitive than the Tau'ri claim to 'need' it! Right! They could just wear some more clothing or move to another planet!

Lazy fools! But then that would describe most, if not all, humans!

Fortunately, there are actually a small group of humans on the world of the Tau'ri who has more sense. At least in this matter. They took the device - and then the locals blamed SG-1. Hilarious!

Unfortunately, that group is lead by Maybourne and his friends - people known to be highly untrustworthy and thinking only of themselves. They seem to have a certain amount of power, though.

Perhaps I should consider taking one of them as my host?

Question is, do I want to look like Maybourne? Well, better than Kinsey, I guess, but still - I shudder at the thought!

No, there is such a thing as too high a price! I do not need the NIDs power and I will take my rightful place in the Galaxy through different means.

My decision made, I helped my team recover the weather-controlling device. Not because I felt pity for the people of Madrona, but because I cannot allow an enemy to have such a thing.

3rd cycle, 1st day, Anhur era. (Dec 15 1998)

Happy birthday to me! I am now two years!

Again my team had either forgotten my birthday, or chosen to ignore it! Do they not understand I have feelings? That this complete lack of even the briefest mention of my big day hurts my feelings? I am just a child! They should be reported - I know child abuse is illegal here, and what they put me through during the missions certainly qualifies. But do I complain? No, not me! I bear it, silently - and now this! Complete disregard for me!

I feel a constipation coming upon Teal'c! And perhaps a persistent itch somewhere it is hard to reach. Yes, I think that would be suitable as the mere start of paying him back for his trampling of my feelings! He is my Jaffa! How can he not care!


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