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Fanfic, Junior's Diary, PG/PG-13, 11/24


3rd cycle, 88th day, Anhur era. (Mar 12 1999)

We went to yet another planet, and at first glance all seemed peaceful. It did not last long. We were attacked by a mixture of Horus and Serpent Guards. Very, very strange! Their masters are mortal enemies, and naturally so are their Jaffa. Why were these working together?

My team failed me, and my Jaffa was critically injured. While I was pondering what to do, the Jaffa took my three human underlings, but left me and my Jaffa behind. I assume they felt my Jaffa was too damaged to worry further about, and also that they realized I was too dangerous an opponent to challenge further.

Then I was alone, with only my dying Jaffa for company. Who would do that to a poor child? Do they not realize that it would kill me as well? I needed a new Jaffa or a host, and they just left! Uncaring bastards!

Out of options, I fought bravely to repair the many internal injuries my Jaffa had acquired. It was very hard work, and even a more mature symbiote than I would have had problems.

Eventually, the chaapa'ai activated, and SG-3 and SG-7 appeared. I normally do not care much for them, but at least they realized I needed help.

A briefly considered taking one of them as my host, but I was feeling fairly tired and decided to wait and rest up some first. I know the Tau'ri have some rudimentary medical knowledge which might keep my Jaffa alive while I rested. Then I could decide at that time if I would take one of my human underlings as a host, or if it was worth the trouble to heal my Jaffa.

3rd cycle, 109th day, Anhur era. (Apr 2 1999)

My Jaffa has been unconscious for three weeks! His weakness often has made me doubt whether or not it was worth my while to even keep him, and so I have not done my best to heal him. Still, even just spending a little effort now and then on him is enough, due to my fantastic abilities, and he has now recovered. I am even more powerful than I knew myself!

Doctor Fraiser has kindly spent much of this time here with me, keeping me company. Some of the people on the base believe it is because she is dedicated to her job, or because she considers Teal'c a friend, but I know the truth. She is clearly enamoured by me, and I am flattered, even though she is only a human. She is part of the reason I decided to heal Teal'c - I could not let her down when she clearly trusts in my abilities!

During these three weeks I have spent some minor time considering the fate of my other underlings. Not that it really matters, of course. They may have been useful now and then, but I am sure I will get others who are as good or better than these.

I believe my Jaffa agrees with me, even if he claims he wants to leave Stargate Command and search for his teammates alone.

3rd cycle, 110th day, Anhur era. (Apr 3 1999)

My Jaffa and I set out alone, unencumbered by weak humans. I must admit that was a relief, for once.

We went back to Chulak before doing anything else, and I wondered if my Jaffa would go and pledge his allegiance to Klorel, who probably rules in his fathers place. My Jaffa has many failings to apologize for.

I was not certain Klorel would accept him, though, mainly because he is jealous of me, and fears I will claim my inheritance instead of him. I must also admit I was not really fond of the thought of serving Klorel, even if only for a short time. He is deeply incompetent!

It did not seem my Jaffa had any such plans, though. My Jaffa first went to see his master, Bra'tac. He is another untrustworthy Jaffa, perhaps even worse than Teal'c, who has repeatedly betrayed his god and is still influencing young Jaffa and making them want to betray their gods.

Bra'tac had been attacked by the remainder of Apophis's personal guard. I felt happiness at this. At least there were some Jaffa who were still loyal to their god! The universe has not come to an end completely!

I was then again reminded that my Jaffa is a fool! He decided to assist Bra'tac instead of joining the side that would naturally win! They decided they wanted to rally the Jaffa on the planet, and then they arranged for a meeting that will be held tonight.

I honestly fear it will turn bloody, and I just hope the Apophis loyalists are intelligent enough not to allow their rightful anger against Teal'c and Bra'tac to hit me, who is completely innocent.

3rd cycle, 111th day, Anhur era. (Apr 4 1999)

As I had foreseen, the tone was quite hostile at the meeting, but there was no battle as I had feared.

Strangely enough, the human 'leader' of Stargate Command, the underling that calls himself 'General Hammond', had finally decided to show his loyalty to me. I had almost given up hope that would ever happen!

He also brought the information that the Tok'ra had apparently found out what had happened to my underlings and reported that to Stargate Command. Hathor, had captured them.

It is truly strange to have Tok'ra serving me, but I suppose even they are able to recognize my greatness.

It amuses me greatly that the court of the famous Hathor has been infiltrated by the Tok'ra, and as long as the Tok'ra serve me, I approve of their work. I am not sure I can fully trust them though, but I will make use of them for now.

After pondering it for a while, I decided that freeing my captured underlings would not only show my great mercy, but also be quite an impressive feat, something that would only increase my fame. Hammond, Teal'c, and Bra'tac approved of my plan, and we set off for the planet Hathor has made hers.

I must admit I feel she needs to be put in her place. I care not for her stealing Horus guards - Heru'ur deserves it - but to steal Serpent guards is an offense against me! Their true master.

Perhaps I should insist on Hathor serving me as punishment? Of course, it would be more like an honour and a reward, so I am not sure if that is the right way to go. I should be careful about not showing too much mercy.

Question was, would she serve me well? I do need a hot Goa'uld queen, but there are others who may be more trustworthy and loyal.

It was not an easy decision.

It turned out that a long time ago Bra'tac had hidden a Chaap'Nema - one of those small death gliders that will fit through a chaapa'ai. He had stolen it from Lord Apophis, for his own use, I assume!

Intolerable! Such insolence! I should punish him severely, but I suppose I will make use of him and his stolen vessel right now and let him think himself safe!

My Jaffa and Hammond manned the Chaap'Nema with me, and I ordered them to fly through to Hathor's planet. The scheming harlot was in for a surprise!

On the planet, the illoyal Jaffa were standing by the chaapa'ai. They had some weapon's platforms, which we quickly destroyed, and the victory was soon complete! The rest of SG-1 was rescued - it was such an easy mission!

They claimed Hathor had been killed during their escape, but I am not sure I believe them. I may come back to look for her at some point. If I should decide I want her, of course.

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