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Fanfic, Junior's Diary. PG/PG-13, 13/24


3rd cycle, 170th day, Anhur era. (Jun 2 1999)

I had expected us to go on the third promised 'trip' immediately after the journey to the 'ZOO', but that was not the case. Apparently the weak humans desired a somewhat higher temperature in order to enjoy the trip they had planned.

So, three days later, they decided the temperature and weather was agreeable, and since they still had 'time off', we left on the journey.

I must admit that this trip has had me somewhat apprehensive. They had been talking about going to the beach, and to go swimming. Now, I like swimming, but 'the beach' sounded like it would most likely be located near the sea and that means saltwater. Do they not know how unpleasant saltwater feels to the skin of a symbiote? It dries out the skin, and makes you feel generally unpleasant, and it can take as long as a couple of days before the problems subside! Do they really think the pouch is water proof? Idiots!

Though to be honest, the more likely explanation is that they just do not care about poor me!

Fortunately, it turned out my worries were unfounded. The sea is too far away (with the primitive Tau'ri technology), for them to visit it during a 'day-trip', as they call it. Instead we were going to a place 'only' three hours drive from Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs. That is the name of the town our base is located in.

Oh, and we were going drive to this beach they talked about. By car. As I know I have mentioned before, cars are unsafe. Cars are also noisy and their exhaust smells bad. They also make me seasick.

I may have mentioned it before, but I truly hate them.

Anyway, we were going to something called 'Medano Creek', which is part of something called the 'Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve'. Now, to me that sounded boring. A creek in an area of large sand dunes? That does not exactly sound lush, right?

Turns out it is - somewhat - lush. Well, during certain parts of the year, at least. There was also a beach and plenty of water. Not saltwater, so that was an immense relief. I was beginning to get in a better mood. Perhaps this would not be so bad after all.

My team found a place that was not too crowded, which O'Neill claimed was a feat since it is apparently extremely popular. I cannot say I am that impressed. If this is one of the epic places on the world of the Tau'ri, then I must say I have memories of many places far more impressive.

Regardless, I suppose it was a nice enough place. After my team had eaten - they are always stuffing themselves - they decided it was time for a swim. My human underlings had even convinced my Jaffa that he should try it.

Then the expected happened. For some reason my team is always very concerned someone shall see my pouch!

It is really ridiculous how much they worry, but maybe the other Tau'ri are not used to such awesome beings such as myself, and might faint from the happiness of seeing me?

You never know, the Tau'ri are strange.

This quirk had given them problems ahead of this 'swimming exercise'. The swim wear for males - yes, Tau'ri wear clothes for swimming - does not traditionally hide the place where my abode is located. However, they solved this by letting my Jaffa wear a thin shirt until they were ready to get into the water. Since the place we had picked out was mostly hidden behind bushes and no one else was close by, it was deemed safe for Teal'c to wear only his 'swim wear' while going into the water.

I was ecstatic at that! There would be nothing to prevent my open view of the world! I did not even have to gnaw a hole in a shirt!

In my opinion, the distance to other visitors was not only an advantage. It meant I could not get good glimpses of all the attractive females who were spending the day at the beach - wearing very little clothing. Carter is quite good looking, by the way. It is too bad she has chosen a full bathing suit instead of the 'bikinis' many of the other females are wearing.

So many attractive women! Rawr! If I only had a host...


Well, my Jaffa and I went out into the water together with our team mates. Being under water is of course no problem for me, and I will say I quite enjoyed it. I opened one of the 'flaps' a little and let more water flow in immediately. It was nice to be able to clean my place a little more thorough too. That is so difficult when Teal'c usually only showers!

As my Jaffa waded through the water, I considered going for a swim. After thinking about it for some time, I decided against it, though, because I would not put it beyond my team to not discover I was missing until Teal'c was getting weak! Yes, he needs my constant help to keep his body working. It is tiresome sometimes, to be so needed, but I suppose that is how it should be.

So I decided to stay - also because I did not know those waters, and there could easily be large, predatory fish.

Then something very interesting happened. My Jaffa went in among some water plants to watch a school of small fish. Small delicious fish, and just the right size too!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to live only on the nutrients you get from your Jaffa? When you have the memories of countless delicious dishes? This is particularly hard when your Jaffa and the rest of your team insists on eating food which sometimes smells very good. They should be a little more considerate of their poor teammate!

So, these little fish... I decided it was worth trying to lure one or more of them into my puch, and I slowly opened one of the flaps of the pouch and moved my tail near the entrance. I waved it back and forth a little, and almost immediately one of the stupid fish approached, thinking it might be food.

Fish are stupid, and it swam right into the pouch. I quickly pulled the flap closed with my teeth, and the fish was captured. My Jaffa made the weird movement he always does when I nibble on him, but he really needs to relax. He knows I will heal him.

That was a later concern, though, because I now had a fish trapped in here with me. I felt my mouth water - even though I would of course not usually eat fish raw. I made an exception here, though. I quickly opened my fearsome jaws and with a lightening quick movement I caught the fish. It squirmed a little, but not for long. Having killed the fish, I ate it with relish. It was surprisingly good - it is amazing what you will accept as good when you are deprived for as long as I had been.

Pleased that the 'trip' had been quite a success, I decided to take a nap for the rest of the day.

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