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Fanfic, Junior's Diary, PG/PG-13, 15/24


3rd cycle, 211th day, Anhur era. (July 13 1999)

Preparations were made for the negotiations, and I will admit that my servants worked fairly fast and efficient this time. They also made the chambers chosen for this look... almost acceptable.

The colours of the base in general is horribly drab! Worse than the Tok'ra tunnels, in fact, even if the rooms here are not all so spartan as what they seem to think is right. And at least we have doors!

The Goa'uld System Lord representatives were announced - and why they did not just pick me, as I am already here... well that is anybody's guess, I suppose.

The choices were... not the best, to say the least. Lord Yu is at least respectable, I suppose, but Nirrti? She is completely untrustworthy! You can never have too many guards on her!

Then, the third choice... that I can only assume was done deliberately to spite me. Cronus! Of all the possible System Lords to send, they picked Cronus? He is a primitive brute! No civilized person would ever choose to in the same room as him. To decide to have him represent you... *shakes head*. I can only conclude that the System Lords are not taking this seriously and are sending these as a punishment - to the representatives as well as to me!

This insolence will be avenged!

To be honest, I had more than half a mind to tell the Tau'ri to not go through with the negotiations at all! Such insults are just not acceptable, and I am sure they would agree, even if it meant losing their lives and planet!

After pondering it for a while, I did decided to continue with the negotiations. Mainly because I would like to see what the System Lords were offering - and see if I could learn something new about these three Goa'uld, as they are no doubt future rivals. Nirrti and Cronus are among the most untrustworthy of the System Lords, so I cannot imagine we will not do battle!

And so the System Lords arrived on my base. They were not pleased by the presence of my Jaffa, and I do realize that some cannot see through the fact that my abode has betrayed Apophis. What they do not know is that he did it because he only wants to serve me! Yes, it was misplaced loyalty, of course, and he should have kept his place, but what can you do?

The Goa'uld representatives naturally complained about many of the offensive practises I have had to get used to from the Tau'ri. One of them is this incessant need for surveillance that these humans seems to have. They had even placed their 'cameras' inside the quarters of the System Lords! Such insolence! What did they expect to get out of this? Where they hoping to watch them pleasure themselves with their lo'tars, perhaps? The Tau'ri are more perverse than most - aside from the Tok'ra, I suppose - so I would not put it beyond them!

Well, the negotiations did not go well! The System Lords insisted that the Tau'ri would not be allowed to leave their world at all, if they should be accepted into the Protected Planets treaty.

That is unacceptable, of course! How can I gather enough naquadah then? Find the advanced technology I need for my fleet?

I made this clear to Hammond, but the fool was not certain he would listen to my suggestions! How could he not realize it was the only correct response?

I pondered how I should punish him for his disobedience, but I ended up not having to do so. Nirrti showed herself as the traitor everyone knew her to be, and she attempted to not only assassinate Cronus, but to make them suspect me and my Jaffa!

I was speechless! She even injured my Jaffa gravely during this shameful attack!

Is there no lower limit beyond which people will not go?

So, while I was working hard to heal my unconscious Jaffa, Cronus was brought mortally injured to the Tau'ri 'infirmary'/torture chamber.

I wondered, would another Goa'uld die there? Or pretend to die I mean, because Apophis obviously did not!

My diligent work paid off, and I succeeded in healing my Jaffa much faster than anyone could expect! I should really get some recognition for this, but all I got was another slur from 'O'Neill'. Yes, I realize he thought he was being kind, but calling me 'Junior' kind of negates anything nice he might say!

How can he be so stupid? So oblivious to common etiquette?

As an aside, my Jaffa apparently has 'history' with Cronus, as that System Lord killed his father. Now, I can see why my Jaffa might not like that, but he should remember that it is the right of any Goa'uld to do as he wishes with his subjects. Even if that Goa'uld is a primitive brute like Cronus.

I can understand why my Jaffa wanted to become First Prime to a better god, though. It is no wonder that he worked hard to earn the position with Apophis. A larger question is how he could abandon this position?

Such insanity!

Another thing is that I seem to have a vague recollection of the event... when Cronus killed my Jaffa's father, I mean. It is not clear to me, though, as is the case for many of my memories. They will become clearer and appear more to me as I mature, but it is annoying that I cannot access them all!

Anyway, I healed my Jaffa and allowed him to wake up, so he could recount the events for our team, since they regularly seems regrettably unable to understand me - or perhaps unwilling to listen to me!

Idiots! I am really too kind for such scum!

Knowing Nirrti was the culprit meant we could come up with a clever plan, and the disloyal Goa'uld was revealed and captured!

An interesting small event I should mention, is that Carter attempted to use the healing device to save Cronus, but the part of her that is still Jolinar would not let her, as Cronus sent the ashrak who killed her. Hah! I knew the powers of a symbiote were so great that even after death they can control their former hosts!

She eventually healed Cronus - but only after I encouraged her to do so, of course. And I did so only because I knew it would be a problem for us all if Cronus 'died' here.

So, because I caused Cronus to be saved, he agreed to vote for my preferred version of the treaty - the world of the Tau'ri would be included in the Protected Planets treaty, but we would not be forbidden from going out into the Galaxy!

Another great success for me! Now where is the medal?

No where to be seen. As usual. The world and everyone around me are so ungrateful!

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