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Fanfic, Junior's Diary, PG/PG-13, 16/24


3rd cycle, 214th day, Anhur era. (July 16 1999)

Our most recent mission came closer to disaster than any of our previous missions ever have! I am still feeling a little weak after the experience, but I am regaining my strength fast, of course. It was all due to the evil accursed Ma'chello! It is truly regrettable he is dead, and I am tempted to go through the bother of timetravel just to get to him so he can be punished for this further atrocity!

He tried to kill me! Well, not directly, of course. He was much too cowardly for that. Instead he set a trap for any random Goa'uld who happened to pass by, something which hit the nine members of Linvris.

Now, I do not mind that so much, the killing itself I mean - the Linvris was a minor league who challenged the System Lords. Rivals that I can do without. Of course, to have a mere human kill them is an outrage! Something like that is the prerogative of the Goa'uld!

What was even worse was that Ma'chello had not realized this danger would still be out there after his death, and after killing the Linvris it was lurking, waiting to kill other, completely innocent Goa'uld! How could he be so careless?

Unless he did it because he hates all Goa'uld. I would not put it beyond him, genocidal maniac that he was!

My team wandered into the room where the Linvris had died, and then Daniel touched something he should not have. That is a really bad habit he has, and this time it was almost fatal!

Fortunately he suffered somewhat for his mistake too, thinking he was going crazy. Not that I would notice - he always seems more than a bit unhinged.

So, they locked him up, and there would have been no further problems if not my other human teammates and my Jaffa had insisted on visiting Daniel. Why would they do that? It was obvious to anyone he was crazy and unsafe to be near.

But did they listen to reason? No. Did they listen to my warnings? No. Idiots!

We went to visit my servant Daniel in his padded cell. He raved on about this and that, he sounded truly insane, laughed like he was crazy, talked about seeing beings obviously not there - and then he lounged for the door, trying to escape to spread his insanity.

My Jaffa, as always vigilant, caught hold of him. That was a mistake and some devilry invented by Ma'chello crawled from Daniel into my Jaffa. It started immediately to wreck havoc to my system! Who makes evil devices like this? Ma'chello, of course, but what kind of being would do that?

I fought bravely against the nefarious piece of machinery, organism, or whatever it was, but it was designed to do one thing, and one thing only. Kill Goa'uld, and it was extremely proficient at this.

Damn thing! I am certain there are laws against inventing something like that! If Ma'chello was not dead I would torture him to death a thousand times in each way I know how!

I was weakening, and it was suddenly obvious to me that Ma'chello must had sold himself to some powerful god. Sokar, perhaps, or he would never have been able to invent something so devious! After all, only gods can kill gods.

I was near death, but fortunately Carter served me well - or rather her former symbiote did. She saved me, even after her death. How do you ask? Well, Ma'chello had made his devices to look for the leftover protein markers and pieces of code of life from a Goa'uld that is dead in its host, to tell it when to stop doing its killing. Jolinar had left such protein markers in Carter's blood, which we used.

Macaber and stupid! Hah! But the fact remains, I was saved by a symbiote, albeit a Tok'ra! Naturally - there is no way a human could do something like that!

I am recuperating, and we are all off duty for some time. My teammates are insisting they need to bring a sample of Carter's blood to the Tok'ra, so they can all be immunized against Ma'chello's devilry. That is what they are currently working on.

Fools! Do they not understand that they are removing one more opportunity for me to kill off the Tok'ra? Something I will do the moment they have outlived their usefulness?

Instead my team members are now making the heretics immune to something that will potentially kill all other symbiotes. Why would they do that?

If I were not so tired I would object, but for now I have decided it is not worth the trouble and I just let them do it. Perhaps it will turn out to my advantage at some point in the future. The Tok'ra should at least be extremely grateful to me for this!

3rd cycle, 228th day, Anhur era. (July 30 1999)

I have now done what many other Goa'uld have aspired to - I have travelled to another universe!

Yes, it is true! It all started when two persons came through the quantum mirror that my servant, 'Daniel' had found for me more than a year ago. I had intended to be careful with it and only use it for reconnaissance, gathering some technology and resources, and such. I had certainly not intended to make it widely known that I had it!

That also includes not keeping it open for anyone to just stop by from random universes! That is just too dangerous! I am sure there must be a setting for disallowing that, and that the humans looking after it was just too incompetent to discover it!

So, as I said, two humans came through. One was a double of my servant 'Carter', but in that universe she had not had the pleasure of meeting me. Thus lost and without a center in her life, she had married 'O'Neill'. That is illegal! Not just according to the Tau'ri military rules (yes, I realize that in that universe 'Carter' was not in their 'Air Force', but she should have been!), but I am not going to allow my underlings to marry each other! Or anyone else, for that matter. Teal'c was a special case, since he is my Jaffa, but others must keep their entire focus on me, and not waste their time and affection on any others!

Together with the other 'Carter'... by the way, I like the long hair, maybe my 'Carter' should change her hair style? Anyway, together with her arrived someone called 'Kawalsky'. I have not met him before, because some other symbiote took him as host in this universe. And was killed. By my Jaffa!

I will assume Teal'c only did this because he could not stand the thought of having to serve another god but me? Perhaps I should offer to take this Kawalsky as my host? Would that make my Jaffa happy?

While I was still toying with the idea, it turned out there was a nasty side-effect to travel between universes. Yes, I had heard rumours of this!

Fortunately, it only affected those who are also alive in the universe they travel to!

That meant I was safe. Wonderful! Nothing to worry about, then!

By the way, the Kawalsky from the other universe does not like my Jaffa. Apparently he leads the attack against the world of the Tau'ri over there!

So he never betrayed his god. Good for him! I wonder if he is my Jaffa in that universe as well? Maybe I am instead at my rightful place, beside my father Apophis? It is very possible. Likely, even.

Of course, as much as I would like to see that universe, I decided it would be too dangerous. What if that 'entropic cascade failure' affected me?

Teal'c did not heed any such warnings! He insisted on going - knowing full well that I had to come as well. Insensitive hassak!

At least I got to go to another universe. I know everyone reading this will be suitably impressed!

With the assistance of my Jaffa and I, the battle was quickly won. Yes, I will admit to some trepidation at battling Apophis in the other universe, but I will assume it helped the me there to achieve dominance much earlier than he would otherwise have.

Should I, against expectation, turn out not to be in a suitable position in the other reality, then I will at least have made the preparation for my own triumphant conquest there!

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