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Fic recs - Jack as host.

A number of fics I've come across where Jack O'Neill from Stargate SG-1 becomes a host, temporarily or permanently, to a Tok'ra or Goa'uld. Some are from the symbiote's POV, and some are Jack thinking about the experience, afterwards.

Be warned that some have violence, sex, or other adult content. Note also that many of them are unfriendly towards the Tok'ra (to the point where I stopped reading), and that most will have the symbiote die or leave Jack. That is really too bad!

Some are also Sam/Jack, a pairing I otherwise don't read. Pairings should be given everywhere below. Summaries are as given by the author.
  • Hope has a Place. Jack thinks about Kanan after he has left. PG
  • Symbiote. Jack gets a symbiote and hates her at first, but ends up keeping her. PG-13 Beware of really sad ending!
  • Consequences. After an accident Jack temporarily blends with a Tok'ra. Sam/Jack PG
  • The Enemy of My Enemy. A mission goes wrong and Jack becomes a Tok'ra. PG-13
  • An Old Friend. Jack meets Kanan again. S/J. PG-13
  • Mistaken Identity. Jack is host to a Tok'ra. There is some mix-up with Tok'ra and Goa'uld. S/J PG
  • Tok'ra Interference. What if Jack wasn't the only once who wasn't healed by Ayiana? S/J PG
  • Together for ever. What if Lantash ended up in Jack instead of Elliott. S/J PG-13
  • Jack the Tok'ra by Biltong. A futuristic look at what might have happened with our favorite team.
  • Jack the Tok’ra and Nbutu’s big mistake by Biltong. Sent on a political study course to the UN, Jack and Tofu somehow end up crossing swords with international terrorists.
  • Indefinite Fusion by Denise. Kanan's thoughts about his new host
  • Sharing Him, Sharing Her. O'Neill and Carter are badly injured during an ambush on a Tok’ra planet. Those ‘friendly snakes’ have a solution for everything. PG
  • Kanan. Drabble. Kanan's thoughts just before they are captured. G
  • Cold Fire. The episode 'Into the Fire' from the POV of the Goa'uld that takes O'Neill as host. PG-13
  • Snakiefied O'Neill. List of fics gathered by Rignach
  • Walked Right Out of the Machinery, by Rydra Wong. Goes AU at Abyss. Very AU. GEN
  • Sacrifice and Betrayal: What if Hathor succeeded in taking a host in Into the Fire…Jack. PG-13
  • At the Cellular Level. In the episode "Point of View," Daniel saw an alternate Sam who was still a Captain. She was waiting for Jack to come back from an *alternate* alternate reality, where there was at least one big difference. Sam/Jolinar/Jack/Lantash.
  • There He Goes Again. [JackKanaan blending] SUMMARY: Kanaan's at it again, but this time he just won't let it go. PG
  • Oh, Crap. PostFrozen, before Kanaan stole Jack's body. Jack and Kanaan meet up with mutual friends. PG-13
  • The Power Of A Kiss. [JackFreya] SUMMARY: a Tok'ra love tale about love naturally, devotion, happiness... PG
  • The Light In Your Eyes. Jack/Freya SUMMARY: this is a sequel the fics "Oh crap" and "There he goes again". You need to read them first to know what this is about. PG-13
These were recced by [personal profile] angelsallfire :
  • Possession by brainofck. SG-1's luck finally runs out. The ultimate mission failure. A month of possession. Jack/Goa'uld/Daniel. NC-17
  • Sinner's Grove by Martha. It's quite violent and there's noncon (poor Daniel) but I've always found so much hope at the end. NC-17
This is incomplete, but still being written, I think:

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