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Fanfic, Junior's Diary, PG/PG-13, 19/24

A/N: It has come to my attention that I should probably explain that a "little black book" seems to have quite a different meaning in the US from what it has here. Here it alludes to a book that school teachers had in the old days, and used to make marks in when students did something bad. When they had a certain number they would be punished. It is now used to mean that you remember that someone wronged you, and that you will keep remembering it/keep a tally. It is that kind of 'little black book' that Junior is keeping.


3rd cycle, 266th day, Anhur era. (Sep 6 1999)

We have just returned from a combined 'picnic' and 'barbecue'.

'Picnic' is apparently a word that means 'to bring food with you to some place outside and then sit there and eat it'. Well, why do they not just say that, then! 'Barbecue' means to cook or grill food over fire, also outside. At least, that is what I have gathered from previous such occasions. It seems to be a way they like making their food, particularly 'O'Neill'.

Yes, as you may have guessed, this was another one of their 'day's off'. Something called 'labour day', to celebrate the work the labourers do. Or something like that.

Now why would you need to do that? They work for their god, of course, and that should be reward enough in itself! The Tau'ri are so strange!

Well, they would work for their god, if there was a Goa'uld ruling them. I am convinced many, if not all, the problems on the world of the Tau'ri stems from the fact that they have no Goa'uld to take care of them.

They caused Ra to leave their world, with their unspeakable insolence! I have no doubt that he only left because he felt they were more trouble than they were worth, but that was obviously a mistake. A mistake that the rest of us now have to suffer for.

At least the Tau'ri suffer as well, so that is something I guess.

Soon I shall become their god, and all will be well! How happy they shall all be!

3rd cycle, 298th day, Anhur era. (Oct 8 1999)

I am furious!

There was just so much which were done wrong on our most recent mission! We went to a planet called P8X-873 by the Tau'ri - and Nadura by everyone else.

My team insisted on going there to rescue the Abydonians who had been taken there as slaves.

Rescue the Abydonians! Why would you do that? The Goa'uld who took them obviously had a good reason to do so! Besides, they are the property of the Goa'uld - like all humans! Even the Asgard recognize that in the treaty between my people and them.

But did my team care about that? No, of course not! They never care about following the law!

The prisoners were well protected, of course, by numerous Jaffa. My team fought them and eventually succeeded in winning - but only because I decided to assist them, even if it was a difficult decision.

You see, it was Horus guards there. I have no problems killing them. They belong to the accursed Heru'ur (and his father Ra, before the Tau'ri caused his death). I hate the Horus guards!

The only reason I was unsure if they should be killed was that Amaunet was there, apparently in control of them. Amaunet is my illustrious father's queen (though not my queen mother, nor Klorel's, as far as I know).

I wonder if she had betrayed Apophis? Why would she be working with Heru'ur? Or was she fooling him? Had she, perhaps, lured away some of his Jaffa?

It was all unknown, and this made it so much harder!

I did learn that she had apparently hidden the harcesis she and Apophis had created.

That is something else I do not know how to react to. That they have created a harcesis, I mean. It is forbidden, and for good reason; to think that a mere human would have the knowledge of the gods... it is both offensive and troubling, to say the least.

On the other hand, I suppose the being is not truly human since it must obviously have symbiote code of life? Is it even... my brother, I wonder?

Regardless, my unfortunate perhaps-brother is not a symbiote, he cannot take a host, will most likely have a lifespan only a little longer than a normal human, and so on. That means he is a lesser being. I should not need to worry he might become my rival.

What I do not understand is how the Horus guards could be so incompetent when they battled the Tau'ri! I mean, I realize my team had me on their side, so of course they would win, but the Jaffa were also not doing too well before I helped my team.

So that must mean Heru'ur has incompetent warriors! That is a most useful piece of information! Maybe he has sent all his skilled warriors to fight Sokar?

If that is so, then his domain may be easier to conquer than I had expected! Since I will have to fight Heru'ur at a later date, I suppose it is good that these Jaffa were killed now. That means there will be fewer for me to bother with later.

What is not good is that my Jaffa shot Amaunet! Yes, he shot a god! How dare he! Only gods may punish other gods!

Besides, if he truly wished to save Daniel from Amaunet's kara'kesh, then he could just have shot her with a zat'nik'tel, knocked her out, or even asked me to take care of it. He only shot her with a staff weapon out of spite or stupidity. There is no doubt about that!

They now claim Amaunet is dead! Apophis would not like this! Even if she has betrayed him, then he alone had the right to punish her!

Of course, I no more believe Amaunet is dead than I believe Apophis is dead! They will rise again, and then the Tau'ri and my Jaffa will regret their errors!

I so very much look forward to that day!

3rd cycle, 302nd day, Anhur era. (Oct 12 1999)

My servant Daniel has spent some time being depressed and sulking, and thinking he will leave my team. All because his beloved Sha're is dead.

Well, I can reassure him that she is not! Of course not, since she is the host of a goddess! That means she cannot be dead unless Amaunet has taken another host, and I think she will not. Apophis likes her current one too much.

I am just waiting for their return! I am certain it will happen soon, greatly surprising everyone else, apparently.

Of course, even if Daniel's wife should turn out to be dead, then he is apparently forgetting about his duty to me, if he thinks he can just retire from my team! I own him, just like I own all my other servants!

I would not let him leave as long as I have a use for him!

Fortunately, he seems to have convinced himself he will continue his duty - even if he says it is because he wants to find the Harcesis as he promised Sha're. I am offended he will not openly admit it is because he cannot bear the thought of not serving me any longer! 

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