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Fanfic, Junior's Diary, PG/PG-13, 20/24


3rd cycle, 312th day, Anhur era. (Oct 22 1999)

A couple days ago the Tok'ra arrived on our base again. Why am I not surprised? They seem to have become really buddy-buddy with the Tau'ri. So disgusting!

Just as predictably, the Tau'ri allowed them access. Just like that. Friendly welcome and all!

So frustrating!

This time it was the smiling fool, Martouf. The one with the bad crush on my servant, Carter. He was less smiling this time, though. Seems he had failed in his promise to look after her father-Tok'ra.


Carter's father-Tok'ra had been spying on Sokar! Bold, but stupid. Sokar had discovered his treason and punished him - and thrown him down on Netu.

Netu! Just hearing the name of that place brings shudders through any sane being! I am not sure I even want a Tok'ra to experience such horror.

No, scratch that! I totally want that! Particularly the one who dares to pursue my servant!

She should dedicate her life to serving me, not waste even just some of her time on being in a relationship with a heretic Goa'uld - or for that matter with one of the various humans from the world of the Tau'ri or elsewhere. No, I absolutely refuse!

Now, what was I talking about... yes, the Tok'ra Selmak had gotten herself trapped on Netu. *LOL*

Apparently the Tok'ra wanted to free this Selmak - or at least they wanted to get their hands on some information she had gathered about Sokar.

Now, I would never risk my life for another Goa'uld, and certainly not for a Tok'ra! But I guess the Tok'ra are truly strange.

Important information, well, that may be worth some risk.

I suppose the Tok'ra are right when they say it would not be good if Sokar ruled the Galaxy. He was once the Supreme System Lord, and while I do not have access to many of my genetic memories from back then - yet - I do have more than a feeling that it was not good for the rest of the inhabitants of the Galaxy. Including other Goa'uld.

So, I grudgingly agreed to Martouf's plan. But only after being assured I would not have to go down to Netu. That I absolutely refuse! Only fools go there willingly!

Why did they need my team? Well, I had assumed it was because of me, of course, but apparently the Tok'ra Jolinar, which previously held my servant Carter as a host, is the only person known to have ever escaped from Netu.

Quite an impressive feat, I must say that! I wonder how she did it? Of course, if I set my mind to it I could figure it out! Easily.

On a side note, it is truly strange to call a Goa'uld by his host's name, but that seems to be the wish of this Lantash. He also leaves his host in control most of the time, so I suppose that may be why they are addressed as 'Martouf'.

I wonder if this Lantash is lazy or just sneaky? The Tau'ri did not react well to him last time he said something, so perhaps he is letting his host talk to avoid having to deal with the Tau'ri stupidity?

Understandable, but still weak. He should stand up to them!

Tok'ra are fools!

Regardless, me and my team followed the Tok'ra back to their world and to the teltac waiting for us there.

Since the Tok'ra are wimps who do not have a sarcophagus, the Tok'ra Martouf who was going with us, needed sleep. So do the humans, of course, so my Jaffa had to pilot the teltac. Meanwhile, the Tok'ra attempted to make my underling Carter remember more of Jolinar's memories.

I really hope it will turn out to be to my advantage, and not just turn her further towards the Tok'ra cause!

3rd cycle, 316th day, Anhur era. (Oct 26 1999)

My three human servants, and my Tok'ra sometimes-servant had left for Netu, using the escape pods to descend. I must admit I doubt they will return. I have pondered their decision, and it is foolish, but it is also brave, and I can understand their wish to do this in order to bring me the information.

I cannot permit Sokar to achieve dominance of the Galaxy!

When my servants had been down on Netu for several hours, they contacted me and my Jaffa to give us the information. When we had received that, I knew the only sensible thing to do was to leave. Immediately. There were several deathgliders chasing us.

But did my Jaffa obey me? No, he did not! He insisted on remaining, to risk not only his own life, but mine! Is he crazy? Evil?

I spent hours pondering how to properly punish him, constantly worrying that we would be killed before I had a chance of taking my revenge.

Then my servants down on Netu contacted us again, saying they had found a way to escape, but that my Jaffa needed to place the teltac exactly in the path of the matter stream. You see, they would use a ring transporter they had found, in order to escape. Not a bad idea but it depended on my Jaffa knowing what he was doing, and frankly, I am not always sure that is the case!

He is adequate in his flying skills, though, so perhaps it could work.

We never got a chance to test it, though, because my servants managed to get themselves captured again down there.

By Apophis!

Yes! I knew he was not dead!

*Happy dance!*

3rd cycle, 318th day, Anhur era. (Oct 28 1999)

My Jaffa finally made the sensible decision, now when my other servants were captured and he could see that he could do nothing more to free them.

Why would they even matter anymore? They had served their purpose and had gotten me the information!

My Jaffa did not travel to the nearest planet with a chaapa'ai, though, nor did he travel to my base. No, he went directly to the Tok'ra!

Is he insane? I do not want to share this information with the accursed Tok'ra! What if they use it to their own advantage? To take over power from Sokar? They could be the strongest System Lords in the Galaxy!

Yes, I realize they claim not to want that, but all Goa'uld want power. I cannot believe the Tok'ra are so depraved that they would turn down such a possibility!

Very much against my explicit order, my Jaffa travelled back to the Tok'ra base we had set out from.

There we were met by a Tok'ra calling himself Aldwin, and two guards. Also Tok'ra.

Aldwin is another Tok'ra who allows his host to speak for him. Actually, it is the name of the host. I have no idea what the name even is of the symbiote!

This is insane! What makes people behave this way?

My Jaffa gave a full report to Aldwin, who then left to inform the Tok'ra Council.


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