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Fanfic, Junior's Diary, PG/PG-13, 21/24


3rd cycle, 319th day, Anhur era. (Oct 29 1999)

My Jaffa and I - and the Tok'ra Aldwin - travelled back to Netu! Such insanity! Why did Teal'c insist on us going with Aldwin? The Tok'ra even offered to take care of it without our assistance!

Aldwin brought a bomb, created by the Tok'ra, which will blow up Netu. It was their hope it would kill Sokar in the blast.

The journey back to Netu was slow, even if my Jaffa ran the engines at a much higher rate than they could safely do (because the incompetent Tok'ra had not repaired them correctly, I must assume). My Jaffa had done the same on the trip back from Netu, so it was pure luck our ship did not explode or get stranded somewhere incredibly hostile!

Why does my Jaffa hate me so? Why does he submit me to such danger?

Aldwin and the rest of the Tok'ra, at least, had the sense to want to just blow Sokar out of the sky, without giving him a chance to escape.

My stupid Jaffa insisted on staying and allowing my Tau'ri servants and the Tok'ra trapped on Netu to attempt to get to the ring transporter and onto our teltac.

I mean, that was insanely dangerous! Not to mention it was highly unlikely they would manage to escape.

Nonetheless, It turned out they did, but it was certainly pure luck! My Jaffa admitted as much to the Tok'ra Aldwin! Not that he was angry at Teal'c! I wonder if he likes risking his life for others?

Of course, we already have the example of the Tok'ra Martouf (Lantash) that went to Netu willingly to save another Tok'ra, though I assume (hope) he is intelligent enough that he did it mostly for the information about Sokar. But you never know, given their weirdness.

I am obviously beginning to wonder if the Tok'ra are defective in some manner, and not just perverted. True Goa'uld would never risk their lives for others of their kind.

One more thing needs to be mentioned; my servants - including the Tok'ra servants - were exhausted, weak, and dirty. Yes, they smelled exactly like I imagined it would on Netu. Disgusting. They should have been transported to a stasis chamber until they could be properly washed and scrubbed. The capacity of the onboard bathroom was much too low to enable effective and fast cleaning. It took hours before all were clean, and the stench will probably hang in the air for the rest of the journey!

No one thinks of how much I suffers from this!

Oh, and now there is a horribly long journey back, because my Jaffa ran the hyperdrive engines at a much too high velocity. To make things worse, my human and Tok'ra servants are bonding after their 'horrible' shared experiences, with even O'Neill slapping Martouf on the shoulder and insisting he come to the next team night.


3rd cycle, 326th day, Anhur era. (Nov 5 1999)

Our most recent mission was another clear example of how not only my team and base, but the entire world of the Tau'ri would have been overrun by ugly aliens, had it not been for me!

We had been looking for the planet Kheb - which any Goa'uld knows the coordinates to. My team could just ask me, but perhaps they do not want to admit their ignorance?

Aside from that, in this case at least, 'any Goa'uld' would also include the Tok'ra. They would absolutely know the address, so why my servants do not just ask them if they feel it is too embarrassing to ask me, I do not know. Stupidity or stubbornness, I guess.

Regardless, they think my sort-of-brother (half-brother?) is on Kheb, and they are very much set on finding him. I fear it is not just because of Daniel's promise to Sha're and Amaunet that he would look after the child, but also because they want to use his genetic memory from Amaunet and Apophis.

That is an outrage if so! It is not for mere humans to know such Goa'uld secrets!

*Takes a deep breath.*

But that was not what I was going to talk about.

When we returned from our most recent mission, we were immediately attacked by beings that were masquerading as humans. In fact pretending to be a great many of my servants on the base.

Fortunately, I protected my Jaffa from the full effects of the vile fluid they injected us with, and Carter turned out to have some immunity as well, from the enhancements made to her body chemistry after hosting Jolinar.

Me, my Jaffa, and Carter fled, and my Jaffa and I then helped Carter escape through a secret passage so she could run for assistance.

Of course, I considered handling it all myself, but since I was unfamiliar with the alien attackers and their abilities, I decided to allow my servants to help. It is also beneficial to let your servants do some real work now and then and train their abilities, so they do not just slack off and expect me to do it all for them, every time!

While Carter was gone, my Jaffa managed to get himself captured, and we were interrogated. Later we were tortured! I was tortured! This is child abuse! Who tortures a little child? Or uses him for medical experiments?

Those aliens are amoral, evil!

I decided there was nothing to be gained from keeping any of these accursed beings alive, despite the fact that they had some potentially interesting technology - even if it was primitive compared to Goa'uld technology, of course!

So I ordered my underlings to dispatch of the aliens, and to my satisfaction it did not last long before most of them were killed. Unfortunately, no doubt due to incompetence on behalf of the people at my base, some of the aliens escaped.

We must dearly hope they do not return again, and in greater numbers and with enhanced technology, because that would be most unfortunate. They are greatly bothersome!

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