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4th cycle, 52nd day, Anhur era. (Feb 4 2000)

A few days ago, one of my team members was lost on an alien world, called Edora. My missing servant is the one called O'Neill, who thinks himself the leader of my team. Leader, hah!

The planet Edora is rich in naquadah, so it is a planet well worth claiming. Unfortunately, there are cyclically occurring meteor storms, damaging everything on the planet and killing the workers. When I get control of the world, I will probably put up one of those handy shields that protects against things like this. Of course, the humans do not have them, and my Jaffa does not know about them either - knowledge of Goa'uld magic is, after all, forbidden.

I guess they should have asked their Tok'ra buddies! Or me!

Anyway, while Carter was prospecting for naquadah and O'Neill was following his interest for a local woman (even after I had explicitly made it clear to all my team members that they cannot 'date' anyone. Ever. They must keep their focus on me!) the meteor storm started.

Most of my team fled wisely, and many of the Edorans followed. However, some of them stupidly hid elsewhere, inside some mountain tunnels, I believe. O'Neill decided to stay and look for them. Probably because one of them was the offspring of the female he seems smitten by.


He got his due punishment, though. Carter believes the chaapa'ai was hit by meteors and that a layer of naquadah melted and formed a shield, much like the iris the Tau'ri use.

So there is now no way to connect to Edora, and we cannot learn what happened to O'Neill until someone can send a ship.

Of course, since the Tau'ri have no ships (primitives!), they have to wait for one of their pathetic allies to send one!

Meanwhile, I believe we should just get on with our lives! Assign me another servant already, and then - if and when - O'Neill returns, I shall consider if I will graciously allow him reentry into my service!

4th cycle, 150th day, Anhur era. (Apr 12 2000)

Very much against my advice (but when has anyone cared about that), my team was allowed to spend a large amount of their time on trying to find a way to rescue O'Neill. Why were they allowed to do this? Such a waste! Particularly since a ship would be there to check on him later this year. Surely he could wait a little time? Maybe he would even learn something - like how to be grateful to be my servant! I am sure he would miss me quickly!

But were they willing to give him this opportunity for personal growth? No.


Carter did create a particle beam generator, somewhat like the one Sokar used against our protective iris. I can probably find a use for it, so that was not completely wasted effort.

They think they can use it to heat up the shield across the chaapa'ai and then blast it with another opening wormhole. I suppose that might be possible.

Still, the time and energy gone into this could have been used much better on finding more planets, slaves, and resources for me, their god.

It took Carter three months to create this particle beam generator, and Hammond just let her waste that time! She only went on a few missions during that time, and some of those were with the Tok'ra, of all people!

She is my servant! Should I not decide what she does?

And Daniel? What did he do? As far as I can tell, all he did during this time was to whine about O'Neill being lost, and how they needed to rescue him. Except for the times when he was convinced my servant O'Neill was dead and it was all hopeless.

This is definitely a side of Daniel that I need to erase. He should stop being such a 'doom-sayer'! It is bad for morale!

My Jaffa was not much better! While he did not whine, he did volunteer for an insanely dangerous mission, in order to see if they could contact and rescue O'Neill.

Mind you, at a time when it was only a few months before a ship would be there to check!

That did not stop 'heroic' (stupid) Teal'c! Oh, no! He (and I - he volunteered me without asking!) went through the chaapa'ai after it had created a small opening. We had only oxygen for some hours, during which we needed to dig our way out, and if anyone should dial in during this time we would be killed.

Yes, that is how insane an idea it was! Had my Jaffa not succeeded in digging a path to the surface, we would have perished! So I helped him, boosting his strength greatly, and with that help it was possible.

We even found O'Neill, but was he grateful? Oh, no. He would rather stay with the local woman he had taken such a liking to!

Ungrateful cur! Also, he broke the absolute rule I have against any sort of relationships involving my servants!

4th cycle, 158th day, Anhur era. (Apr 20 2000)

It has been about a week since my servant O'Neill returned from his extended stay on Edora, and I have felt he has behaved strangely. At first I wondered if he was missing the female he wooed there?

Well, that might have been part of it, but then he would just have to pull himself together if he wants to continue to be on my team! I only accept the best, and if that is not him, I will find someone else.

However, love was not the (only) reason. I will explain.

As you probably remember, some months ago me and my team went to Tollana in order to participate in a trial. Much against my advice, my team rescued the Tollan from Zipacna, thus cheating me out of all the technology of that world!


Now we were invited back, and thanked, but it did not seem like we would be getting anything useful. Not even one little ion cannon would they allow us to have!

O'Neill got angry, and we left!

Yes! He told them that we would not accept it! Stood up to them for me! And then he stole some Tollan technology!

I am so proud that he has finally started to come around! True, it was not the most useful gadget he took, but it is a start!

4th cycle, 168th day, Anhur era. (Apr 30 2000)

I... do not know what to say. I had thought my servant O'Neill had finally had enough of the insolence from the Tollan, and that he had taken some of their technology because he acknowledged I deserved to have it.

That turned out not to be the case. Instead he seems to have allied himself with the rogue section of the NID, which has troubled us earlier. I must say I had not expected that, mostly considering how much O'Neill hates Maybourne who is definitely one of them.

It seems he has decided he does not mind who he works with, as long as he gets what he wants. I can understand that, and I am in fact impressed. Still, it is insolence, since he is going against the word of his god, me, Anhur!

I am considering whether or not to punish him. For now I have decided to wait a little while, mostly because there is the chance that O'Neill is really doing this as a trick, to get some technology into my hands which his leaders will otherwise not permit. If that is the case, I should not stop him.

There is also another reason to wait; my other teammates are hilarious to watch! They are sulking big time and are clearly feeling betrayed by O'Neill, who has apparently told Daniel that he faked their friendship. Carter and my Jaffa are unhappy too, but not as badly as Daniel! Hah! Losers! What did they think? Anyone would sacrifice anyone else for power or whatever else they want. Anyone intelligent, that is, and apparently O'Neill is more intelligent than my other teammates.

I shall wait and see what the outcome of this is!

4th cycle, 170th day, Anhur era. (May 2 2000)

O'Neill's apparent treachery was all part of a plan between him and Hammond! The rogue NID people had been stealing technology from the Tollan, the Asgard, the Nox, and the Tok'ra, and some or all of those races had demanded that Stargate Command put a stop to it. Or else what? Who knows. Apparently we allow them to dictate what we do!

It is an abomination! I should put a stop to it!

But I was explaining. Well, O'Neill was tasked with finding the culprits, which he did. Some SG teams had been infiltrated by people loyal to the rogue NID, and they had a base off world.

There was some neat technology, but I hear it was all returned to the original owners.

*Shakes head.*

I am really unsure how to react, because on one side I am pleased that O'Neill had not dared betray me, but on the other side I am furious that he did not inform me! That no one informed me!

I can understand that the rest of the team was not informed, because it is obvious they could not be trusted with something as important like this, but why not informing me?

Why? Such insolence! I do not know when or if I can ever forgive it!

O'Neill is attempting to apologize and make it up to his teammates, but neither my Jaffa, Carter, nor Daniel seem to accept it readily.

He has not even started groveling for me and my forgiveness! It will be epic what he has to do!

Tonight he has promised to arrange a team night - movies, pizza, and beer at his place. I do not know if anyone is going, but I suppose the fools may do so. If my Jaffa decides - against my wishes - to go, then any pizza he eats shall give him indigestion!

I am furious! Such insolence! All of it!

The very least they can do is let me chose the movie! And it is not going to be Star Wars! Also, I demand they make it a barbecue instead of pizza - I want a steak!

Why is no one listening to me?




And that is the end for now. (Junior) Anhur will no doubt continue to write his diary, about his life and dreams for his glorious future, but this part is all he wanted to share with us now ;)


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